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Erzgebirgshotel Freiberger Höhe


Borstendorfer Str. 62, 09575 Eppendorf, Deutschland Show on map

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Feeling adventurous and spontaneous - just pack your bags and find yourself exploring legendary region of Ore Mountains, famous for its silver rush. The nitty-gritty of life will be taken care of by the Erzgebirgshotel’s staff, who will go out of their way to meet and exceed expectations of the guests and confirm the high ratings of this really all-inclusive hotel offering 4-star service at 3-star prices.

Stone and chocolate massage in-house
Golf for beginners and experienced players using partners’ venues
Free access to 100 institutions and about 34 discounts at museums, castles, open mines, spas or historical steam trains with your ErzgebirgsCard
All-inclusive catering
All those packed into a number of really attractive deals. Why should you try them? Because according to a peculiar German sense of humor “greed is good“.

Facilities and Amenities

Being the biggest hotel in Saxon, on the outside it looks very solid. There is a parking lot opposite the Erzgebirgshotel, but you can get to the entrance if your luggage is heavy. Inside, it’s spacious, modern and comfortable, with wide staircases and a convenient lift, which will take you to one of excellent rooms, boasting of their sophisticated design, quite an impressive size, and of course cleanliness.

The beds are comfortable for a strong and refreshing sleep, preparing you for a day full of leisure activities.

The catering is more than sufficient: rich breakfast, lunch with 3 dishes to choose from, coffee and cake in the afternoon, hot and cold buffet for dinner. All drinks, including wine, craft beer and other local spirits are available from 11 am to 9 pm.

Travelers with pets have a separate room to enjoy their meal time together, all that at additional 5 Euros.

Where to go and what to do in the region

There are multiple options for explorers, extreme sport lovers and a good family vacation.

Sonnenlandpark Lichtenau offers more than 40 attractions on a huge outdoor area, recreation at the lake and animal pleasures for those keen on fresh-air activities and nature.

This resort area of Ore Mountains is well-equipped for hiking and winter sports. The main center of ski attraction in the Oberwiesenthal resort, where the highest point of Saxony Fichtelberg is located.

Being in this naturally rich region of Ore Mountains both children and grown-ups can unexpectedly discover their enthusiasm for natural sciences and to learn about subjects like chemistry or geography in a new and exciting way if they take a trip to Freighberg, a part of the Silicon Saxony.

Fascinating and magnificent minerals, gemstones and even meteorites make the exhibition “terra mineralia’’ at the museum of Freiberg compatible to the collections of minerals in Paris or London. The museum offers workshops as well as different experiments, so that visitors are not only able to watch but even to explore the minerals.

All that places the region on the list of must-visit destinations with the best hosts being Erzgebirgshotel Freiberger Height!


Erzgebirgshotel Freiberger Höhe

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