Hotel Rosengarten

Hotel Rosengarten


Nordstraße 22, Naunhof, Deutschland Show on map

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For those who travel for business affairs, Hotel Rosengarten Naunhof is the ideal variant in the area. However, the hotel may become a wonderful place for your wedding celebration, or a family banquet as it has all facilities to make your special day truly magnificent. The countryside surroundings will fill you with positive energy and provide the best rest.

Peaceful Location

Take a bike and go exploring the great forest nearby the Hotel Rosengarten, where you can enjoy the fresh air and quiet atmosphere of nature. There are some lakes with crystal pure water in close vicinity to the complex. The territory around the building is very pictorial, however, the inner interior of the hotel does not yield to the exterior in the question of beauty.

Pleasant Rooms

The Rosengarten hotel is made for a comfortable and relaxing stay within. What a pleasure to wake up to the bird songs when the gentle beam of the sun touches your face… The ravishing countryside style of the rooms, wooden furniture, soft comfy beds will make you feel the joy of the simple pleasures of life and transfer you to the loveliest days of your childhood. The accommodation conditions are of a high quality, and you will find everything necessary for your convenient dwelling at the place.

The restaurant with Quality Mark

The hotel restaurant is a wonderful place to spend a nice time at lunchtime or dinner. It offers dishes of the traditional and international cuisine. In 2014, the restaurant was awarded the quality mark from Gourmet Auf Achse. During the summertime, the dishes served on the open terrace with a wonderful view of the surrounding nature. In winter, you can rest in the charming room with fireplace. There are smoking and non-smoking halls as well.


The Rosengarten Naunhof offers different arrangements for its guests, such as rafting trips, bowling, tennis, as well as biking tours and guided tours to the main places of interest. Any hotel arrangement or service can be reserved in advance at the HotelFriend platform, so do not waste your time and design your travel to Naunhof beforehand.

After a hard day in the city, you can rest in the sauna for relaxation and health improvement.

Special Day Arrangement

It is hard to find in Naunhof a more suitable place for your wedding celebration or any solemn event than the Rosengarten Hotel. The festive spectacular atmosphere on your great day is guaranteed, and the hotel staff is ready to assist you with any questions of design, preparation, and decoration. Be sure, that the dishes will be of the greatest quality and perfect taste. Moreover, the picturesque views of the surrounding nature are ideal for the romantic photo session.

Little cozy three-star hotel Rosengarten is a nice place for short and long stay accommodation near Leipzig. The peaceful atmosphere, delicious food, cordial welcome of the staff will turn your abode into a pleasant pastime whether you have come for business affairs or travel as a tourist. By the way, the prices in the Rosengarten Hotel are very reasonable, which start from 60 Euro.


Hotel Rosengarten

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