With our HotelFriend software you can view and control your housekeeping operations in real-time, streamline the performance of the cleaning personnel and subsequently improve service quality.

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Housekeeping - HotelFriend software

Why is it necessary?

Our housekeeping tool is an integral part of the hotel management system that allows the hoteliers to track the change of housekeeping statuses of each room. The workflow of every housekeeper can be orderly organized and viewed on the cleaning schedule, so that there is no risk to lose a task during the shift change.

How does it work in our system?

As soon as the guest has departed and the room’s become vacant, the housekeeping status at the front desk changes and the assigned housekeeper will be informed about the time the room need to be cleaned by. According to the reservation plan and incoming check-ins the cleaning priorities and urgent tasks are arranged by the department manager.

Housekeeping - HotelFriend software

A room can be ready for arriving guests on time or even in advance, if the latter is requested and agreed. As for the personnel, each housekeeper receives a cleaning schedule at the beginning of the shift and on its basis the daily reports are made, which allow the hotelier to control all the work processes concerning the change of room statuses.


Easy organization and management of housekeeping processes

Real-time room status display

Prioritization of guest rooms by the status and cleaning urgency

Daily reports on the room status changes

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