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City tours in Berlin

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A city tour to Berlin - your unforgettable adventure

Berlin is probably the coolest city in the world with its great culture, architectural landmarks and absolutely hedonistic nightlife. Before diving into what makes Berlin so much fun, let’s make sure we’ve got all the main places of interest covered. The best starting point to get acquainted with the city is, undoubtedly, the Reichstag building, which is also the number 1 site to visit – not only because of its current role as a governmental building but also as an unbeatable viewpoint. From its glass dome and the roof, one can enjoy a panorama view of the city with a glass of wine at the local Käfer Dachgarten Restaurant, or get a glimpse of German history being written right here right now through the glass ceiling of the dome’s floor, allowing visitors to see the parliament’s proceedings. Visiting the Dome is free but requires prior registration on; tours are better booked in advance as the visitors’ flow is immense.


After a tour of the Reichstag, you can have a short picnic right in front of the building, or just relax and sunbathe as many Berliners like to do. This will give you new energy to continue your tour through Germany’s capital.

The Brandenburg Gate with its Quadriga statue is a signature landmark of Germany and a symbol of its reunification.  This neoclassical monument was built at the end of the 18th century and inspired by the entrance to the Acropolis. In post-war Berlin, the Gate was not accessible due to its location in the exclusion zone. It was reopened to the public on 22 December 1989, when 100,000 people gathered there after the Wall had collapsed. Of course, the Gate is accessible twenty-four seven now, but it’s best to visit during the New Year’s Eve celebration with fireworks and other festivities.

A Berlin tourist information is located in one of the wings of the building, making it a perfect tourist spot to learn what to start with or how to continue the exploration of Berlin. And it's really handy because there is plenty to discover just turning into the opposite direction. For example, the Pariser Platz is worth a visit because of its magnificent architecture, major embassies and the legendary hotel Adlon with its famous visitors, including nobility and celebrities.

More sightseeing and fun in Berlin

Berlin is perfect for sightseeing but also offers many cool pastimes. If you travel in winter, you will be surprised how many activities are available in Berlin. At the Potzdammer Platz alone you can find a huge toboggan run, a skating rink, Bavarian curling, and après-ski parties. In February, the square is a venue for the Berlin Film Festival, and overall, it’s a great place for avid moviegoers all year round with its high-tech cinemas and the Museum für Film und Fernsehen. Nearby, you can find the Leipziger Platz with its shopping center Mall of Berlin, Dalí’s Museum, and finally -  the Spy Museum, a perfect opportunity to figure out why Berlin was the capital of international espionage during the Cold War.

Checkpoint Charlie and the Mauermuseum are also worth your attention as well as the Oberbaumbrücke, which used to be a bridge dividing East and West Berlin. Today the bridge connects two rival neighborhoods competing for the ‘best area in Berlin’. Once a year they organize a vegetable fight, otherwise –it’s full of street musicians.

According to The Telegraph, Berlin was ranked by travelers as the most “fun” city in the world, with high overall scores in several categories, such as ‘activities’, ‘bars’, shopping’, ‘adult entertainment’, and last but not the least - beer prices being the lowest among 25 top cities.

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