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Your perfect tour to the city on the Elbe

Florence on the Elbe is the second name for Dresden. You wonder why? Firstly, Rafael’s Madonna is exhibited here in the Old Masters Picture Gallery in the Zwinger, together with the work of many other world-renowned Italian and Flemish artists. And secondly, the city offers an architectural ensemble of Renaissance and Baroque, making Dresden itself feel like a great work of art. The riverbank views are stunning and inspiring, tempting you to visit all these gorgeous buildings, most of which are museums.


Dresden is the capital of Saxony, one of 16 states in Germany. Throughout its long history, it had to regain its capital status many times. Each of its rulers had new glamorous structures build in Dresden. However, many of Dresden’s buildings look surprisingly modern now. The reason for that is that almost the entire historic city centre has been painstakingly reconstructed from the ruins left after the bombings in 1945. Only by the black color of some bricks you can spot the remains of those rough times. This time period if you are interested is well described by Kurt Vonnegut in his novel Slaughterhouse 5. The author happened to be a witness as he was held captive in the city during its shelling. In 2004, the entire valley of the River Elbe in Dresden was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. 

Must-see sites

The main castle of Dresden - Das Residenzschloss - was home for the local royalty since 1574. Now it houses the National State Gallery, with its world-famous “Green vault” – an impressive arched room in green colours. Overall, this massive treasure hoard consists of 5 halls full of jewels, gems and other royal regalia. The most famous exhibit here is the ‘Dresden Green’ - the largest green diamond in the world.

European porcelain has its origin in the Dresden area. Meissen porcelain is featured in multiple museums, and factories offer it for sale at as much as 2000 euros per dish. But you can enjoy its beauty for free in several cafés - the cost of food is much lower than that of the tableware. One of the outer walls of the Residenzschloss impresses with its vast porcelain mural with 94 characters depicted on its tiles, all but one of them being male. To find the only female would take approximately half a day as one has to inspect all of its 25000 tiles.

One of the biggest and most impressive churches in Saxony is the Frauenkirche. Its bell tower is famous for both the sound of the bells calling for peace and for being the best lookout point in the city. From here, one can easily spot the place which is a magnet for tourists from all over the globe – the Old Masters Gallery. It houses the gem of the Zwinger – the Sistine Madonna by Raphael, one of the most famous Renaissance artworks in the world.

The Old Masters Gallery together with the Maths and Physics museum and an exhibition of Meissen porcelain are located in the most important architectural ensemble of Germany – the Zwinger. It used to be a meeting point for the nobility with fascinating fountains, sculptures and an incredible inner garden. 

Other interesting landmarks

Yenidze - an old cigarette factory would be the most unexpected building among the world cultural heritage sites if it wasn’t built in the shape of a mosque. The owner got inspired by one of the mosques in Cairo and used this idea as a genius marketing move to attract more customers.

One more example of German entrepreneurial talent is the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, founded by Carl Otto Lingnet, the first manufacturer of mouthwash. His exhibition attracted 5 million visitors in 1912 when it was first opened. It is dedicated to spreading knowledge about anatomy, nutrition and hygiene. The most popular local attraction has always been the so-called ‘glass human’ and a ‘glass cow’.

Neustadt is the modern part of Dresden, famous, among other things, for its creative spirit and retail outlets. There is a dairy called Pfund, which made it into the Guinness record book for being the most beautiful dairy in the world. Its founder decorated the shop with Villeroy& Boch’s tiles and kept a cow so that customers could milk it themselves and drink the freshest milk possible. Now it’s the best place to buy edible souvenirs for friends and family.

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