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Dresden Harley Days

In the summer high season thousands of motorcyclists from all over Germany rush to the Saxon capital and make the earth tremble under their two-wheelers. For three days Dresden becomes a Mecca for Harley-Davidson fans and welcomes guests to one of the biggest events in the biker world - Dresden Harley Days.

Still in its infancy, Harley Days in Dresden attracted a great deal of attention. Following the tradition of biker meetings in such cities as Hamburg, St. Petersburg and Opale, another similar event was held in Dresden for the first time in 2017. With the assistance of Harley Davidson community, organizers have managed to create an extraordinary event not only for die-hard two-wheelers, but for the whole families as well.

Dresden Harley Days

An excellent venue for motorcycle enthusiasts

If you want to go to the biker festival in Dresden with your own iron horse, you have to wait until summer, as the event is scheduled for the first weekend of August in the Ostragehege. During three days from Friday to Sunday, the Rinne Dresden is teeming with members and fans of the Harley Club as well as various motorcycles of all sizes, colors and shapes. Since the entrance for all guests, whether with or without a vehicle, is free, you can expect an incredibly large number of visitors here.

Entrance to the Rinne Dresden is free on all event days.

In 2017 around 5,000 bikers arrived on their choppers to the festival ground of 80 m2, and over 25,000 people enjoyed spectacular shows and unique performances. The Harley meeting in Dresden seems to be of considerable interest not only to Germans, but also for their closest neighbors. The first Harley Days 2017 brought together lots of guests from the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg.

Highlights of Dresden Harley Days

Probably the most popular attraction of the three-day event is a huge exhibition of all kinds of motorcycles of Harley Davidson, one of the biggest American manufacturers. Painted, wrapped in foil and parked on the Rinne vintage and brand-new bikes fascinate both passionate fans of this brand and admirer of motorcycle culture in general.

Nevertheless, entertainment options are not limited to just strolling around and marveling at the Harley bikes, standing in the open air. Guests of the festival can also test their own driving skills and drive any motorcycle through the grounds for free to their heart's content. At customizer booths you also have a wide range of special clothing and accessories that can be purchased at a favourable price.

The Harley fest in Dresden is a rare opportunity to show yourself as a proud and caring owner of the Harley Bike. You can take part in the contest and get the trophy and prize for the best bike of the DHD. All candidates will be judged according to the criteria of one of four categories: “Best Harley”, “Best Custom”, “Best Old School” and “Best Lady”.

If you want to support a charity organisation, you can buy a lottery ticket and win a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the evening of the raffle.

At the festival you can win not only the trophy for the best bike, but also a new Harley Davidson chopper.

On the last day of the event you can enjoy one of the greatest highlights of the motorcycle season - the Harley Days Parade. It draws attention of all Dresden residents and guests of the city. Crowds of bikers roll with deafening roar and rumble over an hour through the streets of Dresden, and is truly a real magnet for the curious onlookers.

Entertainment for young and old

Numerous bands perform their best hits on the open-air stage, ensuring a really festive and fun atmosphere of the event. It is remarkable that apart from hard rock, the traditional biker music, guests of the Dresden Harley Days can also enjoy Pop, Rock'n'Roll and Blues. Songs of Haudegen, Black Rosie, The Beefees and John Diva make the program of the event varied and exciting.

Popular bands of different genres play for two days on the open-air stage for the guests' entertainment.

Along with the test drive of the exclusive Harley-Davidson motorcycles you can also experience the adrenaline kick on the burnout station and bull riding. Moreover, there is an opportunity to prove your own strength and endurance by competing in an arm wrestling with other visitors. The entertainment programm is rounded off by wrestling, strongman, motor cross and mixed martial arts shows.

Families with children will not feel bored at the biker festival either. There is a Ferris wheel and a Kids Area at the festival site.

If you dream of a cool tattoo, you can take an opportunity and get one in the Tattoo area.

Guests of the Harley festival are welcomed in the tent village, where they can satisfy their hunger and thirst in the rich street food buffet.

Program of the Dresden Harley Days 2018

The dates of this great event in Dresden are already known: in 2018 it will take place just like in the previous year, on the first weekend of August from 3 to 5 of August.

So, if you are interested in the festival, HotelFriend recommends you to plan your trip in advance.

* Further information about the program of the Harley meeting 2018 in Dresden will be available soon.

The way to the Harley Festival

If you are going to visit Harley Days 2018, it is advisable to get to know how to get there in advance. The grounds of the Rinne Dresden, where the festival takes place, are located a bit far from the city center, but can be easily reached by the public transport.

If you come to Dresden by train, you can take tram line 10 at the Main Railway station and get off at the "Messering, HALLE 1" station.

Those, who arrive by plane, have the possibility to get to the biker festival from the airport with two suburban train lines, first taking the S-train number 2 to the "Bahnhof Mitte" stop, then changing to the train line 10 and heading to the "Messering, HALLE 1" stop.

If you come by a car, you should just enter the address "01067 Dresden, Messering 6" on your GPS device and simply follow the directions.

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