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Heidelberg Travel Guide

“I’ve lost my heart in Heidelberg” - the city's anthem actually reveals its character and atmosphere. The city of romantics, in which you fall in love at first sight, attracts visitors with authentic architecture, magnificent views, and fairy tale streets. On the one hand, it’s a charming medieval city, on the other hand, life is raging here since Heidelberg is one of the most prominent university cities of Germany.
In this guide, we want to represent Heidelberg, the city that even Goethe was charmed with.


The best time to visit Heidelberg

Heidelberg welcomes tourists in each season. In winter, the enchanting atmosphere of the Christmas market prevails in the city, whereas in spring and autumn (March-April and September), the main attractions are the classical music festival as well as the street festival. The weather in high season is mild and wet, the warmest month is July with an average temperature of 21 °C, the coldest one is, in turn, January (3 °C). Note, however, that there is quite a bit of rainfall in Heidelberg.

Interactive Map of Heidelberg

Top highlights

The Heidelberg castle

The Heidelberg castle

The main tourist hotspot is the Heidelberg castle. Though this building was partly destroyed by French troops in the 17th century, it is still considered as the most beautiful German ruin that inspires poets and artists for many years. With its garden and fascinating view of the old town, the Heidelberg castle is regarded as an embodiment of romance.

The old bridg

The old bridge

The Karl Theodor Bridge over the Neckar, which is also known as the old bridge, is another landmark of the city. It connects the historical center of Heidelberg with the Neuenheim district and is equipped with pedestrian and cycle paths. Besides, the bridge is decorated with various statues, among which are the monuments of the builder of the bridge, Elector Karl Theodor and the goddess Minerva as well as bridge gate. In fact, the old bridge has an eventful history, for it served as a part of city fortification, a guardhouse, and a prison.

The bridge monkey

The bridge monkey

This monument should be mentioned as well because it is a real tourist magnet and a favorite spot for photos. The bronze bridge monkey with a mirror in its hand symbolizes ugliness and vanity as well as stimulates critical self-perception. The second mocking meaning of the sculpture is that its ass is directed towards Kurmainz that used to be a residence of the bishops. This showed that the elector ruled in Heidelberg from that time.

The Philosophers' Way

The Philosophers’ Way is the most beloved route of Heidelberg. It extends across the picturesque garden, along the Neckar bank that provides a possibility to enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the old town and the river. Its name can lead you up the path because earlier “philosophers” and “students” were considered as complete synonyms in German. It is based on the fact that all freshmen were obliged to study philosophy - one of the seven liberal arts

The old town

Indeed, students were the ones who found this romantic path and used it for promenades.

The old town

The old town of Heidelberg houses numerous Baroque buildings, narrow strolling miles, the market square with splendid Town Hall as well as the oldest German university. The medieval architecture of the historical part of the city lends a special charm and invites you for a walk and amusement in local restaurants. Moreover, the main street of Heidelberg is regarded as the “longest pedestrian area in Europe” (1.4 km).

Untere Street

As Heidelberg is considered an international students town, life is raging here day and night. There are numerous bars for parties and pubs fans on Untere Street. For example, in Bar Centrale, Max-Bar, Sonder Bar – Pinte, and many others you can enjoy a glass of beer and socialize with other guests.

The Königstuhl

The 567.8 m high Königsstuhl is the highest peak as well as a place with the most splendid view of Heidelberg and Neckar valley. You can either go up with the mountain railway or a staircase. Nevertheless, the mountain provides not only fabulous sights, at the highest point you can find such entertainment options as the fairytale paradise amusement park, the Tinnunculus falconry, and the state observatory. Moreover, hiking lovers can enjoy various scenic routes here.

Cuisine and specialties

food, Heidelberg

Heidelberg is especially famous for confectionery, namely for “Heidelberg student kiss” that has been produced since 1863 in the chocolaterie „Café Knösel“. Initially, this delicacy was devised for young ladies and gentlemen so that they could exchange “sweet messages”.

Among Baden traditional dishes that should be tasted are sauerbraten with spaetzle or a hearty Palatine plate with blood and liver sausage. Moreover, buwespitzle (potato noodles), Carthusian dumplings (bun baked in fat), maultaschen (minced meat dumplings with spinach), and verheierte (potato cubes and spaetzle cooked in broth) are highly recommended. You can order these and many other local dishes in such restaurants as Schnitzelbank Restaurant, Qube Restaurant, Palmbräu Gasse, Zum Spreisel, etc.

How to get there

Heidelberg is easily accessible by any means of transport. If you travel by plane, you can use airports in Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden, Frankfurt Rhine-Main, Frankfurt Hahn, Mannheim, Stuttgart, or Strasbourg that are situated within an easy reach.

Besides, you can use the train connections of Deutsche Bahn. The journey from Berlin takes approx. 4 ¾ hours, from Frankfurt - 1 hour, from Munich - 3 hours.

To get to Heidelberg by car, you should take the motorway A5/ A656 (Darmstadt-Karlsruhe/Basel) and choose the exit at the motorway junction Heidelberg or Heidelberg Schwetzingen.

Hotels and Accommodation

In Heidelberg, travelers with any financial options can find appropriate accommodation, whether you want to stay in a boutique hotel, guest house, or apartments. The districts of Altstadt, Bergheim, and Neuenheim are particularly popular with tourists because the most important sights are just a stone's throw away.


● The hotel Zum Ritter St. Georg impresses its visitors with boutique-style, outdoor pool, indoor pool, terrasse with a great panorama as well as a top-quality restaurant.
● In Ibis Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof, guests can enjoy such amenities as an outdoor pool, bar, shops in the hotel, business center, tour desks.
● If you prefer apartments for your trip, choose Bs Neckar Apartment Heidelberg that offers a fascinating view of the Neckar river and is fully furnished for your comfortable stay.
● The Hotel Heidelberg offers a restaurant with a delicious meal, sauna, terrasse, bike rental, and luggage storage on demand.

● Travelers that aim to enjoy a fabulous panorama of the Heidelberg castle choose the Schlosshotel Molkenkur. Among its amenities are a terrasse, a restaurant, parking as well as conference and banquet facilities.

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