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The Highfield Festival 2018

The Highfield is an annual music festival, the largest indie rock event in East Germany. It is also popular because of Störmthaler See, where banana-boat riding and beach volleyball sweeten the musical program.

For all fans: ark the date in the calendar! This year the performance will be held on the 17-19th of August in the district of Leipzig.

he name of the festival comes from the previous location: Hohenfelden in Thuringia, where it took place from 1998 to 2009. For the eighth time the venue of the event is the Magdeborner peninsula on Störmthaler lake in the municipality Großpösna, only a few kilometers away from Leipzig and the A38 motorway.

Since the festival is not far from the beach, please do not forget your swimming trunks and bathing suits. There is also planned a lot: from banana boat and tube riding to windsurfing, rowing and beach volleyball.

As the experiences of the past years have shown, approximately 35,000 fans are expected in 2018.
Highfield 2017 atmosphere

Photo: Malte Schmidt / Robin Schmiedebach Photography

Highfield Line-Up of 2018: headliners, artists and bands

The three-day festival with live concerts by 43 national as well as international artists and bands awaits!

This year the headliners are:

* Billy Talent
* Die Fantastischen Vier
* Marteria

Other bands: Broilers, Die Fantastischen Vier, Parov Stelar, Alligatoah, Dropkick Murphys, Mando Diao, The Hives, Bilderbuch, Kontra K, Editors, Clueso, Flogging Molly, Madsen, Dendemann, 257ers, Gogol Bordello, Bosse, Kettcar, Prinz Pi, The Wombats, Bad Religion, Antilopen Gang, Fünf Sterne Deluxe, The Subways, Maximo Park, Gloria, Bausa, ZSK, Massendefekt, Zugezogen Maskulin, Sondaschule, Fjørt, Swiss und Die Andern, Razz, Adam Angst, Radio Havanna, Itchy, Alex Mofa Gang, 8kids, Thunderpussy und Kaputto & Concorde.

Program with schedule

Highfield 2018 tickets: types and prices

IMPORTANT! If you want to buy a combined ticket, you have to hurry up: there are already less than 5000 of them.



Combined ticket

Price level 3 [149,00 €]
by e-mail // incl. Camping & 5 € garbage deposit.

Womo badge [40,00 €]
by e-mail // only bookable with normal combination tickets.

Day ticket

Day ticket // Friday [69,00 €]
by e-mail // only valid on Friday, 17.08.2018, without camping

Day ticket // Saturday [79,00 €]
by e-mail // only valid on Saturday, 18.08.2018, without camping

Day ticket // Sunday [79,00 €]
by e-mail // only valid on Sunday, 19.08.2018, without camping

Important: Camping is not possible with the day tickets.

Searassic Park accommodations

Searassic Park Tentacle // PS 3 [389,00 €]
by e-mail // incl. Festival ticket and accommodation for 1 person

Searassic Park Lodge // PS 3 [489,00 €]
by e-mail // incl. Festival ticket and accommodation for 1 person

Searassic Park Lodge Plus // PS 3 [499,00 €]
by e-mail // incl. Festival ticket and accommodation for 1 person

Searassic Park Loft for 2 // PS 3 [509,00 €]
by e-mail // incl. Festival ticket and accommodation for 1 person

Searassic Park Loft for 3 // PS 3 [509,00 €]
One double bed & one single bed - no extra charge
Three single beds - 30 € extra charge
by e-mail // incl. Festival ticket and accommodation for 1 person

Searassic Park Loft for more // PS 3 [509,00 €]
Two double beds - no extra charge
One double bed & two single beds - 30 € extra charge
Four single beds - 60 € extra charge
by e-mail // incl. Festival ticket and accommodation for 1 person

Searassic Park (with your own tent)

Searassic Park // PS 3 [289,00 €]
by e-mail // incl. Festival and resort ticket for 1 person

Electricity & Wi-Fi in Searassic Park

Searassic Park // Electricity [60,00 €]
by e-mail as Print @ Home // only valid in the Searassic Park with its own tent

Searassic Park // Wlan [10,00 €]
by e-mail as Print @ Home // for a terminal in Searassic Park

BECK'S PreOrder

Beck's Pils // 24 x 0.5 cans [30,00 €]
by e-mail as Print @ Home // incl. 6 € deposit

Beck's Green Lemon // 24 x 0.5 cans [30.00 €]
by e-mail as Print @ Home // incl. 6 € deposit

* Payment is available by prepayment, credit card or immediately transfer. Shipping costs for hard tickets: Germany 5 €, abroad 7 € and possibly booking fee (2 €)

You can order your tickets at 01806-853 555.

Actual map of the territory

The location of the Searassic Park

Searassic Park is an idyllic camping spot with all amenities: preferred check-in, exclusive parking, personal hygiene conveniences, WLAN, electricity...

Please note: the capacity is limited at 500 persons.

Food options

There will be plenty of varied food for every taste during the event.


If you are a vegan, you can enjoy your favorite food at the festival. Food trucks travel from place to place, from event to event, bringing people delicious, pure vegetable food.


Also at the event will be everyone's favorite Handbrotzeit, where you can order the hand-made bread classics, seasonal salads, cakes and various drinks.

Fish lover

If you like a fish, you will find a great variant for lunch. At the festival fish is cooked in many ways: from fish fries and smoked fish to delicious fish sandwiches.

Also you will be able to enjoy the most delicious burgers and drink fine wine.

Highfield 2017 Aftermovie

How to get to the festival

Shuttle service

Shuttle bus wis available again this year. It's a good alternative to your own car. If you want to get to the festival comfortably after a tiring journey by train or if you have forgotten something important at home but you need it for the event, you can use our shuttle bus. You can buy tickets from the staff of our shuttle partner EuroTouring, at the bus stops at Leipzig Central Station and the Highfield car park. You can travel by bus as much as you want for only 7 €.

You can see the exact schedule below:

Days Leipzig Hbf ⇒ Highfield Festival Highfield Festival ⇒ Leipzig Hbf
Thu, 16. August 10:00 till 22:00 17:00 till 20:00
Fri, 17. August 10:00 till 22:00 10:00 till 03:00
Sat, 18. August 11:00 till 18:00 14:00 till 03:00
Sun, 19. August 12:00 till 17:00 13:00 till 02:00
Mon, 20. August - 08:00 till 12:00

By train

Arrival by public transport has many advantages. You can leave your car at home and avoid traffic jams. You can make use of shuttle bus services at the Leipzig Central Station.

Sachsen ticket

This ticket is available for the local transport during one week from 09.00 until 03.00 and all day long at weekends in Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. Sachsen ticket costs 29 Euro for a group of up to five persons and a single ticket costs 21 Euro.


You can use this ticket on Saturdays and Sundays from 00.00 till 03.00 on the following day for the local trains throughout the country. You can buy this ticket for only 39 Euro for a group of up to five persons. It is available on all DB local trains (S-Bahn, RB, IRE, RE) and in many commuter networks.


The ticket is valid from Monday to Friday from 09.00 till 03.00 and from midnight on official holidays. One person pays 42 Euro, each additional passenger has to pay only 6 Euro (max. 4 additional passengers). Such ticket is available for one day throughout Germany in all regional trains (RB, RE, IRE) and S-Bahn of DB other railways in 2nd class, if you want to make many trips, you just have to change the train.

By car

You should definitely know how to get to the festival carefully. Map and navigator will not help you, you have to follow the signs. To be sure that you move in the right direction, please follow the instructions below:

If you go to the event from the south, you should take the A 9 and A 38 to Exit 32 Leipzig Süd Ost / Großpösna and follow the signs.

In case you are going from the west, you should take the A 38 and follow it until Exit 32 Leipzig Süd Ost / Großpösna and then follow the signs from there.

When you go from the southeast, you should take the A14 until Exit 29 Naunhof. Then take the S 43 via Naunhof towards Großpösna / Therna. At the junction to the S 38, turn left towards Therna. Turn right in Therna towards Belgershain and continue towards Ölzschau and then just follow the signs.

If you are going from the north / northeast, you should use the A 9. At the Schkeuditzer junction, change to the A 14 until the Parthenaue junction, follow the A38 until Exit 31 Leipzig SÜD (do not use Exit 32), follow the B2 / 95 until the exit at Espenhain and then follow the signs.

When you go from the northwest, you should use the A 14 and stay on the A 14 at the Schkeuditzer junction until Parthenaue junction, follow the A38 until Exit 31 Leipzig SÜD (do not use Exit 32), follow the B2 / 95 until the exit at Espenhain and then follow the signs.

If you have camper van and you plan a trip by it, you should take the A38 until Exit 31 Leipzig SÜD (do not use Exit 32), follow the B2/95 until the exit at Espenhain and then follow the signs.

Getting a lift

There is an opportunity of car-sharing from the organizers of the event, which allows you to leave your car at home.


  • * The parking fee is 5 euros.
  • * It is not supervised.
  • * During the event all car parks on the grounds of the states of the Störmthaler will be transformed into campsites, and will be moved to the surrounding area.
  • * A special parking area will be set up for visitors who has camper vans, caravans and self-designed sleeper vehicles.
  • * There are no types of trailers that are suitable for the car park
  • * Motorbike riders can use caravan spaces free. It means that bikes can be located near tents.

Good to know

  • * The campsite will open for you on Thursday at 11 o'clock;
  • * Free water points will be set up on the venue;
  • * There is a supermarket on the festival ground where you can buy everything you need;
  • * Lost items are handed at the Infopoint and then taken to the lost property office when event ends. The lost property office can be reached on 034297-7180 or by e-mail If something is stolen, please contact the police;
  • * Crowdsurfing is prohibited. After the second admonition you will get a yellow card for this, which means a ban from the festival area for 24 hours;
  • * There are ec-cash terminals, public payphones and also the lost property office at the info point.

Forbidden items

Please note that the following items are prohibited on the festival ground:

  • * All kinds of bags, rucksacks and gym bags;
  • * Full Tetra packs, full bottles;
  • * Glass bottles / glass containers;
  • * Cans, canisters, hydration packs & plastic bottles;
  • * Cutting and thrusting weapons, firearms and other weapons of any kind;
  • * All kinds of fireworks, sparklers, star throwers and other pyrotechnic articles (including Bengal Fire);
  • * Chairs, a seating facility & piece of sitting furniture (e.g., styrofoam cube);
  • * Recording equipment: professional sound, photo and video equipment;
  • * All kinds of animals;
  • * Bulky items such as flagpoles, selfie sticks, big umbrellas, other camping equipment, motorcycle helmets.

Other accommodation options

You don’t like staying in a campsite or there is no appropriate place for you? Then you are welcome to book a room or special arrangement at a hotel via HotelFriend not far from the festival ground. You can make a reservation of a suitable lodging quickly and easily with just a few clicks.