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Christmas market 2020 in Leipzig

The tradition of the Leipzig Christmas market dates back to 1458 and is considered one of the oldest in Germany. Thanks to the unique cultural and culinary diversity connected with the beautiful historic old town, the Christmas fair in Leipzig is one of the largest, most bright, and most fantastic events in all of Germany.

The Leipzig Christmas market has a long-standing tradition and is considered one of the most spectacular in Saxony.
Weihnachtsmarkt, Leipzig 11.2017
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Christmas fairy tale in Leipzig

The Leipzig Christmas Market takes place on the market square and the surrounding streets. On the main square of the city, there are over 250 decorated stands, which offer a wide range of special delicacies, handmade gingerbread, marzipan, waffles as well as warming fragrant mulled wine. The most important decoration of the market is the Christmas tree, which rises above the market that is lit with a thousand lights and fills the surrounding atmosphere with festive magic.

The Christmas market in Leipzig is a fascinating spectacle and a fun pastime for young and old.
Leipzig Christmas Market from inside Leipzig Christmas Market inside view Leipzig Christmas Market rows view

There is a large, decorated pyramid very close to the Nikolaikirche, where guests of the market can try caramelized punch, so-called Feuerzangenbowle. It's prepared in a large bowl according to a special traditional recipe and then lit spectacularly so that the flames dance over the glass.

Leipzig is the center of Germany's music culture. During the Christmas holidays, the old town plunges into charming music that can be heard from everywhere. At the Christmas market, you can enjoy the singing of the boys' choir that sounds from the St. Thomas Church. Every day during the holiday season, the trumpeters greet guests from the balcony of the town hall. The festive concert will be performed on the city stage. Before Advent, Santa Claus arrives in Leipzig on a special train and the whole procession accompanies him to the town hall.

Dwarf workroom, carousel, fantastic forest with riddles - lots of fun for the whole family.

The event is very diverse. A real dreamland awaits the children, where they can meet many characters from various German fairy tales. The ride on the vintage or Victorian carousel brings you unforgettable emotions and lots of fun.

The dates and opening times of the Christmas market 2020 in Leipzig

If you want to attend this festive event, you should come here in the period from the end of November to Christmas Eve. The dates of the festival: November 24 to December 23, 2020. The opening times of the Christmas market in Leipzig are the following:

  • Sunday - Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Friday - Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Christmas market in Werk 2

In addition to the festival on the market square, in 2020 tourists can enjoy the Christmas market in Werk 2 in Leipzig. From December 11 to 20, all guests are welcome to "Weihnachtsmarkt am Kreuz" (“Christmas market on the cross”), which takes place in the socio-cultural center in the southern part of the city. During this time, you can visit it completely free of charge and have fun with family or friends there. For both young and old, Werk 2 prepares for Christmas a rich program as well as numerous delicacies. Christmas handicrafts are sure to afford pleasure for the children, while the adults can give free rein to their creativity in public workshops. Warm yourself up in the open air with the homemade mulled wine and treat yourself to delicious sweets that can be bought at the stands. The Christmas market on Kreuz is open at different times every day, so you should be aware of the opening times before your visit:

Date Opening hours
11.12 4 p.m. - 10 p.m.
12.12 1 p.m. - 10 p.m.
13.12 1 p.m. - 10 p.m.
14.12 2 p.m. - 9 p.m.
15.12 2 p.m. - 9 p.m.
16.12 2 p.m. - 9 p.m.
17.12 2 p.m. - 9 p.m.
18.12 1 p.m. - 10 p.m.
19.12 1 p.m. - 10 p.m.
20.12 1 p.m. - 9 p.m.
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