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About the city
When to come

Leipzig main features

Leipzig is a true cultural center of Germany, the city of the great historical events and interesting background. This place is attractive all year round, so if you have never been in Leipzig before, now it’s time to go to this unique multifaceted city, the main point of the Free State of Saxony.

More than 25 international exhibitions are held in Leipzig annually.
Leipzig panorama

The city is compact enough while it is better to approach the issue of lodging carefully. Anyway, you can find a great variety of good hotels in Leipzig with all types of star rating, wonderful apartments for every budget, guests’ houses as well as hostels. As Leipzig meets the visitors all the seasons round, you are advised to consider your accommodation beforehand.

Leipzig hotels are of all star rating.

When is it better to make a journey

Sure, it is better to plan your trip to Leipzig in late spring or summer to enjoy the city in comfortable weather conditions. Summer is usually warm and somewhat damp while winter is rainy and too wet in the area. So, the best time to come to Leipzig is from May to September to revel in the architectural beauties and the pretty green paths and parks of the city.

May-September is the best time to come.

Accommodation features in Leipzig

The hotels in Leipzig are located very conveniently and thoughtfully throughout the city. Do you prefer staying at the city center with all the main city attractions around? Or do you give priority to a quiet place close to nature? The city is ready to meet all your needs.

It is not a big deal to find the right hotel in Leipzig for you, both for long or just overnight stay in the city, as now with HotelFriend you have a possibility to learn all needed details and facilities very quickly. Furthermore, you can book whichever hotel service you prefer beforehand just in one click on your smartphone. Plan your trip to Leipzig in advance to make your journey richer and more memorable.

With HotelFriend all of the hotel services are in one click from you.
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One of the most attractive places for tourists in Leipzig is the city zoo that comes to the top list of the best zoos in Europe. The surrounding of the Leipzig Zoo is very comfortable for staying as well because of its proximity to the main points of the city. The splendid Arena City Leipzig hotel is situated right around here, which cost per night starts from 60 Euro, that is a great value for money!

Arena City Leipzig is close to the city zoo, one of the best in Europe.
Arena City Leipzig hotel Entrance Zoo Leipzig

If you are a tourist who is interested in history, cultural heritages, along with the closeness to the main city attractions, sure the best choice for you may be accommodation close to the Leipzig places of interest. The four-star Markgraf Hotel Leipzig may be the proper variant for you. In addition, it is situated in a quiet place of the brisk city area. With our mobile application, you can book any hotel service or special arrangement in advance, whether it is a visit to the city zoo or a bike rental.

Markgraf Hotel is the best combination of location, service, and price rate.
Markgraf hotel restaurant Markgraf hotel room

Leipzig gastronomy

Most of the city restaurants propose dishes of national cuisine: roast beef with raisin sauce; Quarkkeulchen, a mixture of mashed potato and quark cheese; and, of course, Leipziger Allerlei, the famous local vegetable dish. You should visit the Karl Liebknecht Straße, one of the busiest and the most popular streets of Leipzig. Here you will find a large number of fine cafes and excellent bars to satisfy your stomach needs.

And, of course, every guest of the city should visit Auerbach’s Cellar, the restaurant where Goethe himself liked to drop in. The writer adopted the interior and the guests of the Cellar to the pages of his great tragic play Faust. The restaurant is situated in the heart of Leipzig, on the Grimmaische Strasse.

You should never miss to get a meal at the Auerbach's Cellar restaurant, where Goethe himself loved to eat.
Auerbach's Cellar

Leipzig is a true democratic city with an attentive approach to its tourists, especially in the question of prices. The city offers all kind of accommodation with the high-quality service even at the most reasonable cost. The price for lodging starts from 25 Euro per night. An average rate for lodging in the hotels of Leipzig is 75 Euro, so your trip to this great city will not hit your budget seriously.

Leipzig accommodation is a combination of exquisite service at the reasonable price; the prices start from 25 Euro per night.
Leipzig Augustusplatz

Safe and calm city

Talking about the question of safety for tourists in the city, you may stay calm, as Leipzig is one of the safest cities in the East part of Germany. However, it is better to be cautious in every situation. Keep your documents and the valuables in the hotel in order to avoid any unfortunate situations.

Leipzig is one of the safest cities in Germany.