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Leipzig Zoo

It is hard to find a more popular place in Leipzig than the Zoo, which is one of the greatest and the oldest ones in Europe. Every year, about two million people visit the Zoo of Leipzig. Its history starts in far 1878 when it was just a private zoological garden of Ernst Pinker. Nowadays, it is among the biggest and the most modern menageries in the world, which constantly broaden and upgraded due to the project “Zoo of the Future”.

Zoo in Leipzig is the most modern in Europe.
Leipzig City Zoo Building
Leipzig Zoo entrance Leipzig Zoo main gate Leipzig Zoo Jason monument

Uniqueness of the Zoo

No doubt, the zoo of Leipzig is an excellent place to visit for tourists of any age. Both children and adults will be amazed at the great variety of animals’ species and the garden designing solution. You will not find here the typical open-air cages for animals; on the contrary, all inhabitants of the menagerie are walking freely: the enclosures are fenced around with special ditches and glass walls for protection making it possible to watch the animals in their natural conditions.

Visit the Leipzig Zoo to feel the unity with the wildlife.
Entrance to Zoo Leipzig

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Theme zones of the Zoological Garden

Zoo Leipzig Map

The Leipzig Zoo occupies a huge territory of 27 hectares, two of which are set aside for water bodies. The territory is divided into six zones, such as Founder’s Garden, Pongoland, Gondwanaland, Asia, Africa, and South America. Entering the Leipzig Zoo through the main gates, you get to the Founder’s Garden area first, which is dedicated to Ernst Pinker. This is the oldest part of the menagerie, where you can find the Safari Office and the Zoo school.

The Pongoland is the biggest monkey house in the world.

Schimpanse Zoo Leipzig Flavius Zoo Leipzig

The Asia, Africa, and South America zones are the landscape areas, which reproduce the fauna and flora of these continents.

Lion Zoo Leipzig Zebra Zoo Leipzig
Leopard Zoo Leipzig
Giraffe in Leipzig Zoo Giraffe Zoo Leipzig
Tiger Zoo Leipzig Tiger in Zoo Leipzig
Elephant in the Leipzig Zoo

The Gondwanaland is a unique zoo hall, which occupies the area equal to two soccer fields. About 40 exotic animal species live in Gondwanaland zone among the great number of unique plants and trees.

Gondwanaland Panorama Leipcig Zoo

You can find a giant aquarium in the zoological garden, where it is possible to observe many colorful fishes, rare species of sharks, and marvelous coral reefs.

Zoo Leipzig Aquarium Entrance

A great vivarium for reptiles represents alligators and rare crocodiles, and many other unusual kinds of amphibious animals.

Chameleon Zoo Leipzig
Discover the wildlife of the world in one place.

Entertainments of the territory

The Leipzig Zoological Garden amazes with its scales, well-conceived details to the development and its maintenance. However, you will find a great variety of recreations for every age on the territory of the garden. Here you can not only enjoy the pastime with different animals and birds but also go boating, take a ride on a train, which runs around the zoo area, or have a rest in one of the local cafés, where the visitors can taste the dishes of various world cuisines.

Rest and explore nature in the perfect place.

Hotels nearby the Zoo of Leipzig

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Entry fees

The entrance prices to the Leipzig Zoo differ depending on the season:

Season / Dates

Ticket prices

Summer season (from 21.03 to 31.10) An adult ticket will cost you 21€,
a children’s (6-16 years) – 13€,
and a family ticket – 51€.
Winter season (from 01.11 to 20.03) The entrance tickets are sold at the price of 17€ for adults,
10€ for children (6-16 years old),
and 41€ for a family.

*Children under six years old have free entrance to the zoo. The disabled persons with the care worker, the holders of a holiday pass for the City of Leipzig, and the visitors of the zoo school do not have to pay for the ticket as well.

The entrance price depends on the season you come.

Opening hours

Opening hours of the Leipzig Zoo differ from the season as well.

Please see the schedule below:

Season / Dates

Working hours

21.03. - 30.04. 9am - 6pm
01.05. - 30.09. 9am - 7pm
01.10. - 31.10. 9am - 6pm
01.11. - 20.03. 9am - 5pm

Rules and regulations

The Leipzig Zoo is open the whole year round, so whatever month you plan your trip you can visit it. However, every visitor should follow the rules here. For example, it is forbidden to feed the animals, take pets on the territory of the menagerie, shout, and throw the things into enclosures and water bodies. Visitors are not permitted to ride bicycle, scooter, and skateboard as well.

Being on the territory of the Zoo, respect and follow its regulations.

The Zoo in Leipzig is the number one place, which should be attended by travelers in Leipzig. Be sure, here you will get so much positive energy and incredible impressions, which remain in your heart forever.

Season opening at the Leipzig Zoo

In March, 23rd the summer season in the famous adventure kingdom in Leipzig has officially started. From now until 31st October you can pay the summer price and enjoy the longer opening hours - till 6 pm. For little visitors it means more time and possibilities to get to know lots of animal and plant species and observe them in the wild.

Enjoy the animal Easter Festival

The zoological park in Leipzig presents an Easter special celebration program for children. Within three days, from March 31st to April 2nd, the small visitors can take part in various entertaining and funny activities and games, have fun in the painting workshop and participate in the wild Easter rally through the zoo. On Good Friday the keepers of the Pongoland theme world provide an insight into the life of apes, introduce their animals to visitors at 11 am and 3 pm. Of course, the Easter traditions would not be forgotten. Anticipate the Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Bunny Makeup.

Discover South America in a new way

As soon as the weather got warmer, the construction work in the zoo was continued and as a result a new theme area dedicated to South America will be opened, and very soon - on May 17th. The theme world is being extended for another three landscapes - Pantanal, Pampa and Patagonia, and it will be a new home for the unique animal species such as Darwin Nandus, Guanacos, Giant Anteaters and Chako Pekaris. This significant progress in the expansion of the Leipzig Zoo is a further step in the implementation of the concept "zoo of the future" and will be celebrated accordingly on the following weekend.

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