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Hotels in Oberwiesenthal (83 results)

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Holidays in Oberwiesenthal

The most high-altitude town in Germany, one of the best health spa resorts in the country, the purest air, soft winter and the fresh summer season – and it is just a small part of what can be said about Oberwiesenthal. This resort has become a stomping ground for thousands of people from the whole Europe.

Oberwiesenthal starts its history from the 1527 year when silver deposits were discovered in the territory, and the town developed with regard to silver mining. However, at the end of the 19th century, the district had turned into a significant tourist zone, especially during the winter season.

12 Olympic champions were trained in Oberwiesenthal.
Oberwiesenthal Aussichten

The resort Oberwiesenthal is located near the Fichtelberg mountain at the altitude of 914 meters. It is a reason why the season 2018/2019 ends already on the 31st December. Anyway, the ski resort doesn’t become less attractive to tourists and is still a popular travel destination both for families with children, beginners, and experts.

Ski season runs from December until the middle of spring.
Fichtelberg, Oberwiesenthal

Ski area Oberwiesenthal

Using the ski lifts, you can travel the distance of 300 meters in height from the bottomland to the Fichtelberg within 10 minutes. You will find many slopes, routes, and ski jumps on the hill. There are five tracks on the mountain slopes with 30 km total length. About 120 snow cannons operate during the ski season.

Pistes in the ski resort Fichtelberg-Oberwiesenthal:

⚡️ Blue: 6,8 km (5)
⚡️ Red: 6,1 km (4)
⚡️ Black: 1,2 km (1)
⚡️ Freeride routes: 1,4 km
Oberwiesenthal is the resort where both the experienced skiers and beginners can feel comfortable.


The summer is quite short here. The average temperatures lie by 3-5 degrees. Generally speaking, there are 140 frost-free days per year.

Ski school

There are at least 3 schools in the ski area: 2 - in Oberwiesenthal and 1 - in Fichtelberg. Below you can see approximate prices for the ski lessons.

Name Price per person
Vereinigte Skischule 25,00 €/2 h
Skischule Greiner 50 €/1 h
Skischule Fichtelberg 40 €/1 h

Ski rental in Oberwiesenthal

The approximate rent prices for sports facilities and accessories are the following:

1 day
2 days
4 days
6 days
Ski / Board (Basic) 10 € 19 € 37 € 45 €
Set (Basic) 15 € 29 € 55 € 67 €
Snowblades 10 € 19  € 37 € 45 €
Sled 5 € 9 € 17 € 20 €
Helmet/Ski goggles 3 € 6 € 12 € 15 €
Children ski 7 € 13 € 25 € 30 €
Ski Poles 3 € 5 € 9 € 11 €

* Prices are indicated as of season 2017/2018.

Piste map

Here you will find a map with slopes and routes in Oberwiesenthal.

Oberwiesenthal Skikarte

Prices on ski passes

Die Richtpreise für Skipässe in Oberwiesenthal:

Children (7 -16)
Seniors (63)
Afternoon Pass 11 € 13 € 12 €
Weekday/Weekend 21 € 26 € 24 €
Two-day pass 40 € 50 € 46 €
Three-day pass 59 € 73 € 67 €
Seven-day pass 125 € 154 € 143 €
Season ticket (without night skiing) 99 € (7 - 12 years of age) 159 € (13 - 16 years of age) 269 € 227 €
Season ticket (without night skiing) 105 € (7 - 12 years of age) 179 € (13 - 16 J.) 317 € 257 €

Accommodation options in Oberwiesenthal

Planning your vacation in the ski resort Oberwiesenthal, consider what the local hotels offer for the guests. Here you will find the various types of accommodation: three- and four-star rating hotels, guest houses, and apartments. Most of them provide many different services for avid skiers and those who prefer just a relaxed recreation. Some of the hotels in Oberwiesenthal have a direct access to the skiing slopes that may be the ideal variant for skiers who prefer to save time on reaching the routes. HotelFriend is your best assistant in decision making and planning your holiday in the resort.

Tip: If you plan holidays in Oberwiesenthal, remember that the high season starts from December and continuing until April. This period is very busy and the local hotels are overcrowding with guests. Since the region is very popular among the tourists, we recommend you to book a hotel in Oberwiesenthal as early as possible to have a possibility to choose the most suitable lodging for you.

Every Oberwiesenthal hotel has its own advantages, choose the most appropriate for you.
Blick vom großen Fichtelberg

What to do on a vacation


Though the town is quite small (about 2.100 residents), there are a lot of sights in Oberwiesenthal interesting for adults as well as for kids.

Narrow-gauge railways

The Saxon region is known for its locomotives running on the narrow-gauge railways. Take a chance being in Oberwiesenthal to ride in the train presenting your children and yourself plenty of positive emotions! You can diversify your travel along the Fichtelbergbahn with a visitation of the local places of interest. For example, at the Unterwiesenthal station, you can attend the farm of alpaca breeding, and on the railway station, the tourists can take an excursion to the train station base.

Skiing museum

There is a skiing museum in the town of Oberwiesenthal, which was opened in 1983. Here the visitors can get to know the history of skiing and the rest winter sports of Fichtelberg area. The exposition of the museum is worth to be seen. The range of different types of skis, starting from the first wooden models to the most modern. The vintage sleds, the first sportswear, and other historical ski and winter sports objects can be observed here.

Museum of fowling

Moreover, there is an interesting museum of fowling where you can discover the history of this extraordinary activity. Get to know more about the wild hunting birds’ behavior and their unique skills attending the museum.

Ocean Aquarium

Explore the bottom of the ocean right in Oberwiesenthal! There is a wonderful Ocean Aquarium in the town where it is possible to spend several hours observing the quaint representatives of the sea world.

Stein Castle

Soak up the medieval atmosphere of this place. The castle built in the 13th century has withstood the ravages of time and is in good condition. There are rich collections of armor, antiquities and hunting trophies in the Museum of the Stein Castle. Furthermore, you can enjoy concerts often carried out here.

Castle & Park Lichtenwalde

A clean baroque garden, a white castle and a beautiful fountain - it is an ideal place for walking, listening to birdsong and the gentle flow of water and just enjoying the life.

Evangelical Lutheran Martin Luther Church

This church, which is a landmark of the town, will show you many beautiful antique things, such as the organ or the Christmas manger of the 19th century. What do you think: how does the music instrument of the year 1866 sound?

Sink into the winter dream riding on the local locomotive..


Wellness and Health

Most of the hotels in Oberwiesenthal offer sauna, spa treatments, different kind of massages, salt therapy and other relaxing as well as active types of rest. Here you can recharge yourself and improve health. There is a great health program called Nordic Walking. Experience a cross-country tour with two poles in the mountains where the pure healthy air in combination with proper physical activity will breathe energy and positive emotions in your body and mind. Do not waste your time and design your vacation beforehand! With HotelFriend you can book not only an accommodation at the desired hotel, but also reserve your visiting of a sauna and order your favorite cocktail in the room directly. Make your vacation in Oberwiesenthal more pleasant and well-thought-out.

What to do in the winter?

Here you have a wide choice of winter activities: skiing, winter walking, skating, ice stock sport, tobogganing, horse sledding, snowkiting. So, there are all the possible winter sports for every taste. There is an illuminated track for the night skiing, the half-pipes for snowboarding, the area for tubing, and some routes for cross-country skiing. Besides skiing tracks, there are various restaurants and snack bars, ski schools, ski rental services, and a snow park.

Oberwiesenthal Panorama

Summer recreation possibilities

However, you will never regret coming to Oberwiesenthal in summer. The views are even more impressive with the thrilling riot of forests, green meadows, and amazing mountains. Here you can find a true peace for body and mind, suffusing your soul with inspiration and burst of life energy. In addition to the listed advantages, the hotels in Oberwiesenthal are not overflowed during the warm seasons so the true relaxation is guaranteed.

During the summer season, there are not only exciting hiking tours around the area. Experience biking trip on the slopes of the mountain, try the monster scooters, enjoy the paragliding, and take part in motorcycling. The little guests of the town will be excited about the summer tubing and the Oberwiesenthal summer toboggan run, which bring a lot of fun to your kids.

Oberwiesenthal has everything you to spend unforgettable, healthy vacation. Wellness and spa centers, active sports both in winter and summer seasons, plenty of historical places, tasty salubrious food together with captivating nature around will make your holiday one of the most exciting!

With HotelFriend it is easier to find the best solution for your vacation in the resort, as on our website you can find not only a full and profound information about the Oberwiesenthal hotels, book the special accommodation packages with a discount, but also plan a trip by ordering hotel services on a preferred time and date in advance.