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Hotels in The Ore Mountains (100 results)

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Hotels in The Ore Mountains (100 results)

Holidays in The Ore Mountains

Eastern Germany is full of picturesque places, and the Ore Mountains region is one of them, where you can combine an active rest with the contemplation of magnificent nature around. The excellent place for winter sports, as well as summer hiking and walking on long distances. The Ore Mountains are the place for those who value tranquility of small towns and beauty of the countryside.

Fichtelberg Sunrise Ore Mountains


When is it better to come

You can go to the Ore Mountains area for the vacation any time of the year, but the most interesting and fascinating period is spring when the mountain meadows are blooming, and winter, when it is possible to go skiing. The climate here is chillier than on the plain regions of Germany, but the winter season is rather mild. During the Christmas holidays, the region looks like a dream where the old traditions are kept.

The Ore Mountains are known for their craftsmen, who produce by hand the wooden Christmas decorations and toys, souvenirs, and gifts following the ancient practice of production using outdated machines. By the way, there is a great exhibition of the craft works in the Seiffen museum of handmade toys.

Excellent ski resort in winter and breathtaking walking holiday in summer.
Schneeberg Panorama

Accommodation in the region

The Ore Mountains region is a nice place for the family holiday as the area is so diverse and captivating with lots of places of interest. The terrain had become very popular among tourists that resulted in the great range of lodging variants, so anyone can find here the proper accommodation conditions. Besides comfortable abode, the hotels in The Ore Mountains offer different kind of wellness procedures and treatments, as well as relaxing services such as sauna, massage, body treatment, and also recreation at the thermal springs.

A wide selection of hotels with wellness centres are at your service.

Towns and places

The pretty town of Annaberg-Buchholz is reputed as the capital of the Ore Mountains. The place is very cozy and attractive, but the most impressive period here is the Christmas Eve when the town is decorated with millions of lights, the music is heard from everywhere, and the Christmas market offers a great variety of delicacies, exceptional items made by the local craftsmen, and many Christmas presents. The Annaberg-Buchholz Christmas fair is one of the most colorful markets in Germany.

Christmas at Annaberg-Buchholz is the genuine winter fantasy.
Christmas market Annaberg-Buchholz

There are several three- and four-star rating hotels in Annaberg-Buchholz. With HotelFriend you have a possibility to order any hotel service together with the room or special deal reservation in advance to make your arrival well thought-out.

Planning vacation in the Ore Mountains, we recommend you to visit the town of Freiberg, which was founded in the 12th century, when the silver finding in the area turned the town into the main economic center of the region. In the old days, Freiberg was the city of rich people, whose gorgeous houses are still embellishing the heart of the town. There is also a unique exhibition of minerals, Terra Mineralia, where you can observe about 3500 kinds of precious and semi-precious stones, minerals, and meteorites found in the region and the other corners of the world.

Freiberg is a silver mining of Germany.
Freiberg city view

Oberwiesenthal is the highest town in the Ore Mountains region, and one of the best ski resorts in Germany. However, if you are not a ski lover, you can put warm boots and take a walk in the winter forest. During the winter season when the darkness falls fast, the range of small houses turns into a sea of lights, making you feel being in a real winter dream.

The highest point of Saxony is Oberwiesenthal.
Fichtelberg Ore Mountains peace bell sunrise

We have wrote about the holidays in Oberwiesenthal in details. Follow the link if you are interested.

Things to do

If you plan your holiday in the Ore Mountains alone or with children, you surely should take a ride on the old locomotive through the windows of which you can observe the picturesque landscapes of the terrain. During the summer season, the locomotives run around the area every day.

Ore Mountains train railway bridge

The romantic views expect you from April to June in the nature reserve of Geisenberg, which is covered with the mat of rare species of flowers, such as white anemone, bright-yellow caltha, and pink bistort. You can also make a walk through the flowering meadows of the Ore Mountains in the valley of Schwarzwassertal, Hermsdorf, and Olbernhau. The local places are appropriate for bicycle rides, but if you do not have a vehicle with you, do not worry, as the majority of the hotels in the Ore Mountains offer bike rental for the guests.

Enjoy the charm of local nature during your spring vacation in the Ore Mountains.
Eibenstock Ore Mountains

The local cuisine

You should definitely taste the local cuisine, most dishes of which are made of meat and potatoes. The trickled pastries are served together with meatloaf, marinated roast meat, or rabbit meat. For tea, the natives of the Ore Mountains like to taste pie made on the baking sheet or the Eierschecke cake that is usually cooked with apples, cottage cheese, and poppy seeds. The region is renowned for its delicious liqueurs, which are worth to be tried!

Local cuisine is distinguished by its satiation and superb taste.

So, if you decided to spend your vacation in the Ore Mountains, be sure that this holiday will be full of bright moments and magnificent sceneries, and the local places will grab your heart definitely. Feel the unity with nature, and free your mind in the Ore Mountains to have the best trip ever. The region is the ideal place for family travel, as well as the loving couples, or the company of friends. Active rest, tranquil relaxation, or a health-improving vacation – any kind of holiday is at your service in the Ore Mountains all year around.