Red Bull Arena Leipzig

The biggest stadium of Germany in former times, the Central Stadium of Leipzig, which seated up to 100 thousand people, was reconstructed before the 2006 World Cup and opened in 2004 with the new name of the Red Bull Arena Leipzig. The RB stadium is the home arena for the football club RB Leipzig, while the national team of Germany plays the matches here as well.

RB Arena is built in the walls of the Central Stadium, the largest sports complex in Germany.
Red Bull Arena Leipzig
Red Bull Arena during the match RB Arena Leipzig inside

The Red Bull Arena is often used for holding the big open-air music concerts in Leipzig. For example, such stars as Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, AC/DC, Coldplay, Depeche Mode performed on the stage of the Arena. The stadium seats almost 43 thousand football spectators, and up to 50 thousand people during the concerts.

RB Arena stadium plan

The stadium and seat plan of the RB Arena Leipzig can be found below. To get to the roofed seating of two upper rows and the lower row as well, the visitors cross the bridges, which join the new stadium with the old one walls.

Red Bull Arena Leipzig

The schedule of the upcoming events at the Red Bull Arena can be found on the official website of the stadium:

Tickets & Prices

The RB Leipzig tickets to the football matches you can buy at the ticket office next to the Red Bull Arena or at the RB Shop at the address: Neumarkt 29-33. Furthermore, you can make a purchase online. The entry cost is different and can vary depending on the opponent.



For a central seat you should pay at least 55 Euro
While a seat behind the goal may cost you 20 Euro
The ticket price for the concerts and events* usually the price start from 50 Euro

*The cost of the entrance ticket for concerts and events depend on the organizers.

The entry fee to the fotball match starts from 20 Euro, while a ticket to an event will cost you at least 50 Euro.
Red Bull Arena Leipzig panorama
Red Bull Arena before the match Arena Leipzig stadium tribunes

Video from the football match 11.2017

Accommodation and service around the RB Leipzig stadium

The building of the Arena is very modern and stylish, it’s surrounded by a great green zone. Just in front of it, there is a four-star Arena City Hotel, which offers high-quality cozy accommodation and a wide range of facilities, including massage service and sauna. With HotelFriend, you can book a room, any desired hotel service in advance or a special deal "few days accommodation with entrance tickets to the RB Arena".

Reserve the room and service beforehand at any hotel in Leipzig on the HotelFriend platform.

A lot of cozy restaurants and atmospheric bars can be found near the RB Arena in Leipzig. Here you may order the dishes of the local, as well as international, cuisine; have a cup of aromatic coffee or drink a glass of fresh beer and any other beverages at your taste.

How to get to the stadium

You can get to Red Bull Arena by urban transportation. The tram route numbers 3, 4, 7, 8, 13 and 15 will take you to the place, the name of the stop is Waldplatz/Arena.

Parking at Red Bull Arena in Leipzig

For those, who travel by car to the RB Arena, the car park with the capacity of 430 is provided near the stadium. Here you can find also a charging station for the electric vehicles. In case of large events, about 5 thousand parking lots are available around the RB Arena. The price for a parking place during a sports event is 5 €, and during a concert or any other major event is 10 €.

There is a possibility to park a car near the stadium at the reasonable price.
Red Bull Arena Leipzig office building

You can find several excellent three- and four-star rating hotels in close vicinity to the RB Arena of Leipzig. The stadium is located in the western area of the central part of the city. Its convenient situation enables the visitors to reach it easily by urban transport.

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