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Hotels in Rhodes (1984 results)

Villa Elena
Panorama Hotel
Lymberia Hotel
Ariadne Apartment
Antonios Hotel
Kouros Studios
Marco Polo
Kouros Studios
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Rhodes Travel Guide

As the largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece, Rhodes deserves a huge amount of attention. In fact, this island has perfect conditions for different kinds of tourists, as it can impress with its golden beaches, cultural treasures, architectural marvels, and pristine nature. Whether you travel with friends, family, or alone, you will definitely be able to satisfy all your expectations there. It can be proved by the number of tourists who visit Rhodes every year. In fact, based on the statistical data, nearly 1.5 million international tourists tend to come here annually. Thus, there is no doubt that a trip to this island will become one of your best experiences in life.


Best Time To Visit Rhodes

Taking into consideration that the island is situated in the south-eastern part of the Aegean Sea, its climate can be characterized by Mediterranean influence. As a result, the summer is hot and dry, whereas the winter is usually mild and rainy. For instance, the summer temperature varies between 23°C and 35°C during the daytime, which depends on the specific month. In turn, the winter is often associated with a temperature between 10°C and 16°C. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a beach vacation, it is advised to pay attention to the period that lasts from May till October. Simultaneously, if you want to escape the heat and crowds of tourists, plan your trip in the late spring or early autumn.

Interactive Map of Rhodes

Towns And Resorts

In spite of the fact that the capital of the island is the only widely known tourist spot, it is essential to note that Rhodes has numerous interesting tourist destinations that can be visited by everybody.



The majority of locals consider this town as the most beautiful place on the whole island. In fact, when you walk across its cobbled streets, you unconsciously pay attention to white buildings, large flower pots, olive trees, and quaint churches. Hence, the combination of these elements plunges you into the atmosphere of a fairytale. At the same time, if you are an admirer of nightclubs, restaurants, and pubs, you can spend an unforgettable time in the town as well.

Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town

As a part of a Unesco World Heritage List, this place serves the function of the capital of the island. Therefore, if you make a decision to come here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy local beaches, ancient buildings, and well-developed infrastructure. This tourist destination is expected to increase the level of your awareness of the entire Rhodes.


This town is usually known for its unforgettable nightlife that makes thousands of students and young adults to come here. Its infrastructure is based on a variety of nightclubs and bars that give its visitors the feeling of freedom and happiness. Additionally, town guests have the opportunity to improve their skills in water sports, such as windsurfing and diving.


This resort is less “crazy” than Faliraki, although it still has many options for both admirers of nightlife and family vacation. In turn, the combination of different kinds of vacation makes this place a unique corner. It is here that you can relax on the wild beach in the daytime, whereas your night will be accompanied by dances in one of the local clubs.


This town is perfectly suited for people who aim to escape the noise of modern cities, explore the territory of the island, as well as improve the knowledge of the history and traditions of Rhodes. Nevertheless, the territory of this town is not well-developed; therefore, do not come here if you are looking for various bars, hotels, and high-quality restaurants serving international dishes.

Best Beaches


Despite the fact you prefer unspoilt beaches or the ones equipped with modern services, you will still be able to meet your expectation. The territory of Rhodes is tremendously diverse, which is why you should not worry about your vacation there.


Located at the southern tip of the island, the beach is regarded as the best spot for a vacation on Rhodes. Its clear water combined with golden sand makes this place look like a paradise. At the same time, kitesurfers and sunbathers are fond of this tourist destination due to winds.


If you are situated in Kiotari or Lardos, you should definitely take this beach into account. Its hidden location and a small number of visitors are the main advantages, which offer the opportunity to enjoy nature. Simultaneously, it has one beach cafe that provides high-quality services to its visitors.



If you are looking for the beach between Faliraki and the village of Afandou, it is recommended to visit Traganou. In addition to enjoying the sun and swimming in the crystal clear waters, visitors of this beach can explore the caves. By the way, this beach is more suitable for couples in love and families who want to escape crowds of tourists.

Photo by: Michael Mayer,

Jordan Beach

Looking for magnificent Instagram spots on the island? You should definitely head to this beach, as it combines turquoise water with golden sand and unique nature. At the same time, be careful because the sand here is sharp and rocky, which is why it is painful to walk on the beach.

Attractions and Activities

The Palace of Grand Master

If you have some free time for sightseeing across the territory of the island, it is advised to pay attention to historical monuments, museums, and churches. These objects provide information regarding the history of Rhodes and its development as a tourism destination.

Visit The Palace of Grand Master

Located at the end of Knights Street, this attraction is considered an exceptional example of gothic architecture. Its enormous size provides the opportunity to find at least 24 rooms with antique furniture of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Find The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

People can find this museum in the Old Town of Rhodes. Nowadays, its exhibits include elements that date from the Mycenaean era to early Christian time. For example, it is here that you can admire ancient vases, figurines, tomb groups, mosaic floors, and funerary slabs.

Head To Aquarium

As a research center, aquarium, and museum, this attraction is widely visited by locals and tourists. Situated in the basement of the Hydrobiological station, this place offers visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with the marine life of the Eastern Mediterranean, creating the atmosphere of being underwater.

Ramble through the Valley of the Butterflies

If you plan on going to Rhodes in the period from June till August, pay attention to this attraction. In fact, this tourist destination offers the opportunity to see different types of butterflies that cover the entire landscape after the wet season. You can still visit this place in spring or autumn, although do not expect to see a lot of butterfly species during this period.

Taste Local Dishes

Are you looking for good Greek food? In this case, it is recommended to stop in one of the traditional restaurants or cafes. For instance, Mama Sofia is considered one of the best places to enjoy local dishes, as it is here that you can taste chicken souvlaki, seashell stuffed with mushrooms, and Greek traditional pastitsio.

Best Ways To Get To Rhodes

Residents of other countries have the opportunity to get to Rhodes by flying to its airport named "Diagoras." Usually, this airport welcomes people from Athens, although the summer season is characterized by a variety of flights from entire Europe. Once you arrive at the airport, pay attention to the best options for transferring, as the airport is located about 16 km away from Rhodes Town.

You can also reach the island by ferry from several points, including Athens, Kos, Patmos, Leros, and Simi. Moreover, it would be essential to note that this island is also connected with Marmaris, Heraklion, and Karpathos.


The process of transportation across the territory of Rhodes is mainly dependent on bus services and taxis. For instance, bus services are provided by Roda bus company and KTEL bus company. In turn, the first company covers routes from the west coast, whereas the other one operates from the east coast of the island. The price for a bus ticket depends on the destination, as it can vary between €2 and €6.

If you prefer taxi services, you can use them in the district of Rhodes Harbour and in the environs of the castle. Most frequently, the price is fixed to 1 euro per km, although it is still recommended to ask the driver regarding the final price in advance.

In spite of the fact that this island has a well-organized bus network, the main part of tourists prefers renting a car. The average price for a rented car is equal to $33 per day. However, it depends on the season and rental company. Nowadays, it is the best way to explore the island and get positive impressions from vacation.

Accommodations and Hotels

Whether you prefer luxury hotels, boutique hotels, or budget hotels, you can satisfy all your expectations on this island.


● Located near Lindos town and its acropolis, Lindos Blu Luxury Hotel & Suites is famous for magnificent views of Vlycha Bay, the pool, Five Senses restaurant, and well-equipped fitness center.
● Situated on the hill, Melenos Lindos Hotel is considered a small luxury hotel that reflects the history of Lindos.
● If you are looking for a hotel in the Medieval Rhodes Old Town, pay attention to Allegory Boutique Hotel. The 4-star hotel is expected to impress its guests with the highest quality transportation services, terrace, bar, library, and area for tennis.

● If your dream is to wake up and enjoy the views of turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea from the window, take into account Mitsis Grand Hotel. Moreover, it has several pools, restaurants, and lounge bars for your best vacation here.
● The combination of historical charm and modern technologies can be found in Avalon Boutique Hotel. Furthermore, close location to the atmospheric main street of Rhodes Unesco-listed old town makes this hotel even more interesting for tourists.

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