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Hotels in Tbilisi (291 results)

Tbilisi Travel Guide

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia located in the central-east of the country at an altitude of 500 meters above the sea level.
Tbilisi  is the largest city as well as the administrative, cultural, scientific and spiritual center of Georgia. Formerly known as Tbilisi, it has already celebrated its 1,500th anniversary. The combination of classical art and Art Nouveau, old walls and towers and gleaming skyscrapers, makes Tbilisi a real allrounder.
Translated from Georgian, the name of the city means "warm spring", and Tbilisi really gives its visitors a warm welcome. 


Tbilisi is a beautiful place which lives up to the poetic odes written in its honor. You must see it with your own eyes. And our guide with useful information and tips will help you to explore this beautiful city.

The best time to travel to Tbilisi

The capital of Georgia is usually warm, sunny and welcoming you all year round. However, its climatic characteristics should be considered when planning a trip.

☔ The spring in Tbilisi is usually bright and pleasant, but evenings and nights are cold, so it is better to take a warm jacket with you. May is the month with the most precipitation - an umbrella might be a good idea if you plan a visit around this time.

☀️ The summer, which lasts from mid-May to the end of September, is very hot and dry. The temperature often rises to + 40°C.

💡The autumn is perfect for long walks and exploring the area. The weather is sunny and merely beautiful with average temperatures of + 22-25°C and it rarely rains. At the same time, it is the season of grape harvesting, and guests can taste young wine.

🌨️ The winter is mild and dry, almost free of snow, mostly without sudden temperature changes, and well suited for excursions in the mountains and gregarious evenings with a glass of wine.

Map of Tbilisi

Top 10 sights of Tbilisi

1. Old Town

Die Altstadt

The old town of Tbilisi , adorned by wooden balconies with amazing carvings, is truly enchanting. Countlesswine cellars, restaurants and cafes await you on the cobbled streets. The most famous of them since ancient times is called Silk Road.

In this part of the city, you will also find former caravanserais, which today are home to department stores, museums, and souvenir shops.

*Interesting to know: Over the course of its history, Tbilisi was destroyed and rebuilt 40 times. So no building is older than 200 years here!

2. Abanotubani - Bath District

Badeviertel Abanotubani
Sulfur bath "Chreli Abano" Abano-Str 2, Tbilisi
Reservation 0322 93 00 93
Opening hours daily 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. 

In the sulfur baths, you can feel the spirit of old times and enjoy the healing hot water at 46.5 ° C.

Prices: Private cabins for 1-2, 1-6 persons with cold and hot sulfur baths, Finnish sauna - 50-150 Lari.

3. Narikala Fortress


The old stone fortifications used to be the most important castle in Georgia. Today only ruins are left, but they offer a fantastic view of the city.

The Botanical Garden and the Statue of Mother Georgia are nearby.

💡You can get to the fortress comfortably and quickly by cable car. From Rike Park, the ride to the Narikala Fortress costs 2.5 Lari (1 €).
Kartlis Deda Statue

4. Kartlis Deda Statue

The statue of Kartlis Deda (Mother of Georgia) was built in honor of Tbilisi 's 1,500th birthday and represents the city Tbilisi which is called Mother of Georgia. In the right hand, she is holding a sword as a symbol of defense. And in the left - a wine bowl as a symbol of hospitality.

Photo by Alexxx Malev,

5. Legvtakhevi (The Fig Gorge)

This small and impressive gorge in the middle of the old town with wooden houses with balconies which project out over the canyon, has been recently rediscovered! There is also a picturesque bridge here with padlocks left by lovers as a sign of eternal love.

6. Mount Mtatsminda with lookout 

The mountain is the highest point in Tbilisi and boasts a magnificent view. On Mtatsminda, you will also find a landmark of the city: the Tbilisi TV tower. 

Sameba Kathedral
💡You can also get to the top by cable car.

7. Sameba Cathedral (built in 1996 and 2004)

The Cathedral is the largest church in Transcaucasia and also one of the youngest and most modern churches in Tbilisi . It is a magnificent building with an area of 5,000 m². Its steeple is 105 meters high.

8. Metechi Church

Metechi Kirche

The landmark is located right in the city center on the banks of Mtkwari. Walk there along many small cobblestone streets and enjoy beautiful views of the old town.
Opposite the church, you will find one of the most important places in the neighborhood, the Gorgassali square, named after the founder of Tbilisi .

💡The Gorgassali square is an ideal starting point to explore the district.

Photo by Milan Tvrdy,

9. Rustaveli Gamsiri (Rustaveli Avenue)

The street runs parallel to the Mtkvari River, right across the city. Here, you can visit numerous imposing buildings, department stores, and attractions, such as the Opera House, with the adjacent Freedom Square.

💡The avenue is perfect for a short walk because it is only 1.5 km long.

10. Tbilisi Flea Market

It is a must-visit place in Tbilisi because you can feel the real character of the city here. Due to its location by the "Dry Bridge," it is also known as the "Dry Bridge Market."

*Interesting to know: A part of the bridge over the river is called Saarbrücker. The eponymous capital of the German state of Saarland has been the twin city of Tbilisi since 1975.

Festivals in Tbilisi


The Bastei Bridge  Oberbayern Oberbayern Radwandern

Photo by SunnyTour Georgia,

Tbilissoba is the birthday and the main holiday of the Georgian capital. When: it is always celebrated on the last weekend of October.

Tbilissoba is a festival of hospitality, abundance, and friendliness. The whole historical center turns into a big market. Farmers bring vegetables and fruits, dairies - new cheeses, and winemakers - their young wine. The festival spreads not only to the central square but also to many streets of Tbilisi: Rike Park, Meydani Square, the Bath Quarter and Legvtakhevi.


Tbilisi Open Air

When: it is held in June Tbilisi Open Air is an annual international festival focusing on electronic and rock music. It is the biggest music event in the Caucasus. The main idea of the gathering is freedom from stress, clichés, social control, freedom to create and express yourself, and to experience what every one of us values as an individual.



When: the date depends on the vintage in certain parts of the country. In eastern Georgia, it is usually held in late September, and in West Georgia - mid-October. Rtveli is a Georgian family festival devoted to grape harvesting.


Christmas Market "New Year Village"

When: 28 of December – 13 of January (dates may vary from year to year). You cannot miss this beautiful Christmas market with many specialties, gifts, and ideas for the new year celebration. 
For children: In the New Year Village, there is an ice rink, a park with remote-controlled toy cars, an open-air cinema, and other attractions. Kids can take part in Christmas workshops, meet fairy-tale characters and have a memorable picture taken with Tovlis Babua, the Georgian Santa Claus, in a special photo zone.

Main districts of the city

Tbilisi Old Town



the area from which the capital started its growth;


which stands out with its architecture;


known for its excellent restaurants and the monastery of Betania;


where you will find Rustaveli Avenue and Narikala Castle;


the district where temples of different denominations peacefully coexist..

If you want to feel the city's unique atmosphere, walk around Abanotubani, Sololaki, the streets around the Metekhi temple, Kote Abkhazi or Sharden district. To experience the newly restored Tbilisi, opt for accommodation near the Marjanishvili metro station. Here you can find the most beautiful pedestrian area of the capital, great views, and plenty of entertainment!

The most luxurious hotels are located in the center - in the old town and not far from Rustaveli Avenue.

💡 When choosing accommodation, please note the following:

The city is built on the hills - many roads are steeply uphill.
• There is no central heating in Georgia. If you travel from October to April, you should clarify this in advance with the hotel managers.

Travel to Tbilisi


Tbilisi Airport

There are direct flights to Tbilisi from Munich, Vienna, and Amsterdam several times a week.

EU citizens do not need a visa when traveling to Georgia for a maximum of 360 days.

Accommodation Prices

There is a wide choice of housing in Tbilisi. A nice hotel will cost you from $80 per night.

Cheap stays in Tbilisi are available in more than 60 local hostels. The prices vary between $6 and $17 per night and often include a simple breakfast.

An alternative way is to rent an apartment in Tbilisi. For example, one in the outskirts costs from $28.

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