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Hotels in Thale (67 results)

Walpurgis Night: the Best Places to Celebrate


From all over the land, witches with crooked noses, demons, evil sorcerers, and other children of the night gather for a great sabbath on top of the Brocken (or the Blocksberg), the highest peak of the Harz mountain range. No, we are not describing a scene from a horror movie, this is the typical image of Germans during Walpurgis Night – the eve of the feast day of Saint Walpurga, an 8th-century abbess in Germany.

If you aren’t scared, join in! An unforgettable holiday is guaranteed.

In medieval times, people believed that witches from all over the world get together on the night of April 30 to May 1. They dance, booze, and tell each other about the evil things they have done in the past year. If humans were in the wrong place at the wrong time and found this party, they had no chance to survive.

Burning was the only way to kill a witch. That’s why people lit huge bonfires wherever they were to protect themselves against witches. The legend says they have hardly ever slept during the Walpurgis Night. Instead, they had jaunty dances, loud music, and endless joy until the early morning hours – everything to ward off evil spirits and witches.

🔥 What is the Walpurgis Night today?


Every year, more and more people attend the Walpurgis Night festival. Usually, preparations for the celebration begin well in advance. In the cities around the Brocken, people decorate their houses and gardens with witch figures.

In the 21st century, Walpurgis Night is celebrated in many countries. However, only in Germany, this day is marked by a special atmosphere and traditions. Many customs of the spring holidays are connected with young couples which are symbolic for the human community. A walk between two Walpurgis fires is supposed to cleanse and keep away epidemics (Walpurgis was known as the patron against plague, cough, and rabies).
Photo by Dieter Leitner

The witch fires celebrated in large parts of Germany even today are allegedly going back to this tradition. The culmination of the night – the phenomenal demon, laser, and fire show featuring fire effects and surprises. You shouldn’t miss it!


Tip: do not forget to prepare your costume. It is an important part of the magic atmosphere.

There are many rituals worth watching. For example, the “Tanz in den Mai”, which is a modern form of an old custom. All people greet the advent of May with dancing, singing, and drinking May wine. A quite rare, but still existing tradition is the “Maistrich”: at night secret lovers draw white lines from the house of one to the house of the other. This way, they announce their feelings for each other officially.


Instead of drawing white lines, people can also strew chaff. In some regions, it is believed that if two people, jump over fire while continuously holding hands will be together for their whole life.

The best dance floor for witches is, of course, Thale, one of the most magical towns in Germany located in Saxony-Anhalt – Harz. The Harz is a real wonderland becoming more and more popular. Besides, you can take a small vacation in addition to the “Witches' Dance Floor". Here you can see rare plant species, as well as the representatives of the local fauna.


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The date and time remain unchanged: April 30, 2020 (Wed), 06.30 p.m. You can reach the dance floor of witches in Thale by car, bus or motorcycle.


The legendary dance floor is situated at the following address:
Bergtheater Thale, Hexentanzplatz 1, 06502 Thale, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

Admission fees

Category Price
Adults 22 EUR
Youth (up to 17 years of age) 10 EUR

Children under 10 years have free entrance. Please note that own meals and drinks are prohibited. There is also parking.
Read more information about Holidays in the Harz.


Yes, the main action spot of the Walpurgis Night celebration is Thale. But true lovers of mysticism can celebrate it in all parts of Germany. There are also other places worth to be visited. For instance, Mauerpark in Berlin (“Wall Park”). The Walpurgis Night in Mauerpark is carried out every year. Here you can see the same traditions as in Thale. Or even become a participant.

The Mauerpark at the Walpurgis Night becomes the favorite meeting point of “young warriors” from all over Germany searching for violent clashes with guardians of law and order. Residents, visitors, and creative people organize together a special evening: with a bonfire, music, fire juggling, soap bubbles, and “Tanz in den Mai” – no bounds for phantasy in the Mauerpark. Hurry up to join in!


The entrance is free!
Starting time: 4pm. Address: Gleimstraße 55, 10437 Berlin, Germany. Please note that: entrance with bottles and cans is strictly prohibited! Besides, the park has an absolute prohibition of BBQ.

You can take part in smaller parties on the occasion of the Walpurgis Night in Erfurt and Hannover.

Stay with us and do not miss one of the best parties in Germany!