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Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2020 in Leipzig. When the city turns black

Every year for almost a week Leipzig literally turns black, with local shops and cafes decorating their facades with black, with thousands of people clad in black strolling around the city and even with a special “black tram” running through the city center. There is a reason for that: Wave Gotik Treffen – a massive festival of the “dark”, goth culture, music, fashion, and arts.

With over 20,000 visitors, WGT Leipzig is one of the biggest and most popular events of this kind in Europe and worldwide. It is held since 1991 and since then grew into a massive international event, known for its multicultural and relaxed atmosphere.

WGT2017 in Leipzig
WGT Leipzig outfit Wave-Gotik-Treffen outfit WGT17 outfit

Photos by Torsten Maue

When it is held

The Wave-Gotik-Treffen dates are flexible, as the festival takes place around the Pentecost holiday, on the seventh weekend after Easter, and lasts four days, from Friday till Monday. However, unofficial events before opening start on Thursday evening.

Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig 2020 will be held from 29th May 2020 until 01st June 2020.

Where it is held - main places

WGT is held in over 50 various venues scattered throughout Leipzig. The main venue though is a huge Agra-Messepark located in the South of the city. Headline bands and artists perform there, on the big stage. You can easily get there both by car and public transport. If you choose to travel by car, you can use the City Tunnel and park your vehicle at the huge Agra parking site. If you use public transportation, take tram line 11 or bus line 9 and get off at Leinenstraße station.

Note that the WGT ticket gives you free access to public transport.

The biggest thematic fair called “Black Market”, where you can buy Gothic clothes, accessories, and souvenirs is organized in Agra Hall too. There are also many smaller events, such as singing, literary readings, small markets and picnics, being held here.

Music performances also take place in Leipzig Opera, Gewandhaus concert hall, Drama Theater, Crypt of the Monument to the Battle of Nations, and many more.

Several museums and galleries of Leipzig, among them Egyptian Museum and Museum of Fine Arts, offer free admission and special guided tours and lectures for the WGT attendees.

Smaller bands usually perform in Leipzig nightclubs, among them DarkFlower, Schwarz 10, Täubchenthal, FlowerPower, Werk2, Moritzbastei, Noels Ballroom, Hellraiser, and others.

Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig

Photo by Torsten Maue

WGT Leipzig tickets & prices

The tickets for the Wave-Gothic-Treffen are valid for all 4 days of the event. You can buy tickets online on the official website, at the venue or the booking office for 130 €. The full list of local traders and addresses will appear soon. Please note that you could save some money buying several tickets online. Shipping fees are then only 8 € per max. 20 cards, while purchasing on-site you should expect a fee for each ticket. Please note that organizers will start to deliver the tickets from the end of March.



Full ticket (four days, one person) 130 Euro
Valid for all festival events and venues. Grants access to all public transportation within Zone 110.
“Obsorgekarte” (Camping ticket) 30 Euro
Allows to use Agra-Messepark parking area and camping site. Valid for one person and in combination with the Wave-Gotik-Treffen ticket.
“Parkingvignette” (Parking tickets) 15 Euro
Allows to use parking area near Agra-Messepark on all days of the event. Available for pre-sale with your online ticket or directly at the entrance of the parking area.
“Pfingstbote” - (the official WGT Book, program book) 15 Euro
Includes festival's program, guide, and map of all venues. It can be bought at the venue or the box offices.

The WGT ticket should be exchanged for the wristband upon arrival. You can do it at several Agra-Messepark entrances. The wristband gives you access to all the festival venues.


Young persons under 16 Can attend only accompanied by adults
Young persons under 18 Can attend without accompanying adults only till 12 a.m.
Children under 12 Can attend only with their parents
Disabled Persons If the special note in a handicapped ID is presented, an accompanying person can get a 100% discount on the entry ticket.
Animals Not allowed.

The guests arriving with children can get a special kindergarten service. Professional and experienced personnel will look after your children (from an age of 3 years) for up to three consecutive hours. The service is available from 3 p.m. till 10 p.m.

Victorian picnic on WGT 2017 in Leipzig (Clara Zetkin Park)

Photo by Torsten Maue

Wave-Gotik-Treffen Program 2020

The highlight of the event is a live concert of artists and bands, representing “dark” music styles, such as gothic rock, industrial, gothic metal, darkwave, EBM, punk, symphonic metal, neofolk, neo-classic, deathrock, and Medieval music. 98 bands and musicians have already confirmed their participation in the festival this year (as of 7th March 2020).

13th Chime (GB) - Accessory (D) - Aesthetic Perfection (USA) - Ah Cama-Sotz (B) - Alex Henry Foster (CDN) Basszilla (F/D) - Belgrad (D) - Blacklist (USA) exclusive festival reunion show - Boytronic (D) - Brandenburg (RUS) - Brutus (B) - By The Spirits (PL) Cabaret Nocturne (F) - Cesair (NL) - Clan Of Xymox (NL) - Collection D'Arnell-Andrea (F) - Combichrist (N/USA) - Corvus Corax (D) - Culk (A)
Death In Rome (AQ) - Der Blaue Reiter (E) - Diodati (D) - Drangsal (D) Eden (AUS) - Einstürzende Neubauten (D) - Eisfabrik (D) - Enter Tragedy (D) - Esa (GB) Fejd (S) - Feuerdorn (D) - Fïx8:Sëd8 (D) - Frustration (F) - Funhouse (S) - Funker Vogt (D)
Garmarna (S) - Girls Under Glass (D) Haggefugg (D) Ikon (AUS) exclusive German show - Irdorath (BY) - Irfan (BG)
Jadu (D) - Jihad (USA) KMFDM (D/USA) - Kollaps (AUS) - Kontrolle (D) - Krayenzeit (D) Lacrimas Profundere (D) - Lacrimosa (CH) - Laibach (SLO) - Lights Of Euphoria (D) - Linea Aspera (AUS/GB) - Loell Duinn (HR) - Louise Lemón (S) - Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys (ZA)
Metallspürhunde (CH) - Minuit Machine (F) - MZ.412 (S) Nachtblut (D) - Noisuf-X (D) - Nosferatu (GB) - Nullvektor (D) - NZ (A) Of The Wand And The Moon (DK) - Our Survival Depends On Us (A)
Paradox Obscur (GR) - Paralyzzer (ex-Paranoid) (D) - Patty Gurdy's Circle (D) - Peter Bjärgö (S) - Pouppée Fabrikk (S) - Proyecto Mirage (E) Regard Extrême (F) - Ritual Howls (USA) - Rue Oberkampf (D) S.P.O.C.K (S) - Sangre De Muerdago (E) - Schneewittchen (D) - Schöngeist (D) - Shireen (NL) - Sigue Sigue Sputnik (GB) - Soko Friedhof (D) - Stahlmann (D) - Sunset Wings (RUS) - Syzygyx (USA)
Technophobia (USA) - Terrorfrequenz (D) - The Exploding Boy (S) - The Names (B) - The Søciety (GB) - Third Realm (USA) - Thyrfing (S) - TR/ST (CDN) - Trobar De Morte (D) - Vive La Fête (B) - VNV Nation (GB/IRL) - VV & The Void (USA)
W X - Y - Z -
Waldkauz (D) - Whispering Sons (B) Xotox (D)

* Parties

As a part of the festival, many thematic events will take place at various venues in Leipzig. Along with the musical performances of popular bands, the organizers offer a varied entertainment program including exhibitions, readings, fire shows, spectacles, archery, and performances by DJs from around the world.

* The official 2020 schedule and a full list of bands will be published soon, so stay tuned.

Pagan Village

Another WGT attraction is Pagan Village (Heidnisches Dorf). There are medieval markets usually taking place on Moritzbastei and Torhaus Dölitz. You can spend hours here, running about the market, shopping for thematic clothes and accessories, enjoying tasty food, and refreshments in the shadow of trees and watching demonstrations of traditional arts and crafts. Medieval, folk and classical music performances are held during the day, while at night you can enjoy an unforgettable fire show.

Pagan Village is open daily from 11 a.m., from Friday to Monday. Admission is free, so you don't even need a Wave Gotik Treffen ticket to attend.
photo from WGT Leipzig
WGT17 Leipzig people on the picnic WGT

Photos by Torsten Maue

Victorian Picnic

Victorian Picnic is an iconic WGT event, taking place on Friday afternoon in Clara-Zetkin Park in Leipzig. It attracts people who like to dress in Victorian, dark romantic, baroque, Steampunk, and other styles. Hundreds of them walk leisurely around the park in their spectacular costumes, chatting, and picnicking. There is no special dress code though, so everybody can attend and enjoy the cozy and romantic atmosphere.

Guests can participate in costumes competition and tea parties, take dance lessons, visit a thematic market and enjoy music and arts.

The program varies from year to year, so you'll never be bored there. Admission is free.
Victorian Picnic WGT
Victorian Picnic Leipzig Victorian Picnic 2017

Photos by Torsten Maue


Participants of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen Leipzig often stay either at the designated camping sites on the territory of Agra-Messepark or in various hotels and hostels in and around Leipzig.

If you want to stay at the Agra-Messepark camping site (Bornaische Strasse 210, Leipzig-Markkeeberg), you should purchase the “Obsorge”-ticket-granting you access to the camping area.

If you travel in a car with a camping trailer, you will need 2 parking tickets („Parkvignette“): one for the car and one for the trailer, as they have to be parked in two different areas. As 60% of the urban area of Leipzig has been declared a “low emission zone” to protect the environment from air pollution, only vehicles with an official green sticker placed on the front windscreen are allowed within this zone. You can buy the stickers for about 5 euros in most car repair shops in Germany or via the internet.

Sanitary facilities are available in all locations. Please note that the use of showers on the camping site is subject to a small fee. Toilets are free.

In case you decide to stay at the hotel in Leipzig, bear in mind that rooms are usually fully booked for the period of the festival. HotelFriend suggests that you book your hotels in advance, as early as six or even twelve months before the event. It is advisable to reserve your stay even before you'll get your WGT ticket.

Whereas you look for a nice place to stay close both to the city center and to Agra-Hall, which is the main WGT Leipzig venue, HotelFriend recommends you Hotel Leonardo. This four-star hotel has a great location and offers several types of comfortable rooms and a wide range of services for a reasonable price.

For those of you who travel to the festival with the family, Markgraf hotel would be the best choice, as apart from the standard room types it also offers spacious and cozy hotel apartments that will make you feel like home.

The HotelFriend platform helps you not only learn more about the city, various events and nearby attractions, but also book a hotel and order any services you like in advance, without even leaving your room. Enjoy your stay in Leipzig, and let us take on planning your trip.

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