Real-time messaging

Use direct online messaging of HotelFriend software and chat with your guests before, during and after their hotel stay. Be supportive at every step of their journey and boost customer retention.

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Real-time messaging - HotelFriend software

Why is it necessary?

With our communication tool you will create an image of the hotelier, who truly cares about the comfort of every guest. Since every department user has their own account in the system and is always accessible to customers, the services promoting and providing has got much easier and more effective. It is possible to communicate with the guests, get to know about their desires and needs and finally to provide strong customer support, gaining their trust and increasing loyalty.

How does it work in our system?

The guest can contact the hotel with the help of the desktop version or HotelFriend Mobile Concierge whenever he needs, and inquire for more details concerning the room reservation, deal booking and services ordering. The administrator or department user gets a notification about the incoming message and can respond to it quickly.

On the request of the guest, services can be adapted to their needs. Subsequently such texting may serve as a reliable source for the construction of a detailed regular guest database and enriching guest experience in the future.

Real-time messaging in hotel


Real-time online availability & possibility of quick problem solving

Support and immediate response to guest requests

A unique way to get to know your guests and understand their needs

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