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​Walking tour of Tbilisi (1 day)

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$ 69,00 / per person

Walking tour of Tbilisi

A tour of Old Tbilisi is a walk through a part of the city, saturated with a special atmosphere. The city is very convenient for walking. All major attractions are concentrated in the center and you can walk around them.

What's included

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Tour guide

Guide services.

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Wine tasting

Wine tasting.

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Cable car.

What's not included

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Food and beverages

Meals are paid additionally.


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Day 1: Old Tbilisi, Freedom Square, Square AS. Pushkin in etc.

All major attractions are concentrated in the center and you can walk around them: Freedom Square, Square AS. Pushkin, Beautiful streets, houses, churches and sculptures in the historical part of Tbilisi, Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater, Anchiskhati Basilica, Ereklei II Square, Peace Bridge, Zion Cathedral, Caravanserai, Vatnyi Row and Shardin Street, Vakhtang Gorgasali Square, Metekhi Temple, The region of sulfur baths, the cable car and the Narikala fortress and another.

Cozy courtyards invite looking into a restaurant with national cuisine. Amazing Georgian cuisine is unthinkable without local wine, so we will visit the wine cellar (Marani) and, of course, will take part in the tasting of real Georgian factory and homemade wines.

Duration of the tour is 3-4 hours.


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Citizens of Member States of the European Union may enter Georgia with a travel document, as well as with an identity card issued by a Member State of the European Union. The identity card shall contain the name, surname, date of birth and a photo of the person.

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Persons with reduced mobility

This trip is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.