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Monument to the Battle of the Nations

Every city has its symbol and landmarks that distinguish it from the rest places. The Saxon city of Leipzig is a unique town with outstanding history, beautiful views, and prominent architectural sites. The Monument to the battle of the Nations is no doubt one of the most significant and well-known installations of Leipzig, as well as its prime symbol. It is not just an architectural landmark of Leipzig – it is the most large-sized memorial site in the Old World! The Monument was raised in honor of the first the most massive fight in history when the allied coalition of several countries crushed the army of Napoleon in 1813.

The height of the architectural creation is 91 meters.
Monument to the Battle of the Nations

Outside & Inside of the Monument

There is a sublime form of Archangel Michael, the protector of German soldiers, above the front door to the historical site. The figure of an angel is made of pink stone emphasizing it against the dark background so the image of the heaven archangel gains divine meaning. Around the dome, twelve gigantic sculptures leaning on the warriors’ swords – they are known as the Guards of Freedom.

Archangel Michael - Monument to the Battle of the Nations

There is the Hall of Fame inside the Monument to the battle of the Nations, which consists of crypt and dome; the crypt does not have a ceiling so the inner space of the monument is an integral unit. The crypt is a symbolic tomb of all deceased at that bloody battle. It is surrounded by eight thick columns where the huge bas-reliefs depicting Masks of Fate are carved. There are the mighty Guards of Death in knight’s vestments on each side of the columns – the sculptures spellbind with their sacral energy.

Guards of Death inside the Monument to the battle of the Nations Hall of Fame inside the Monument to the battle of the Nations

On the next floor, there are four imposing sculptures made in Roman style, each of which reaches 10 meters in height. These figures embody faith, fortitude, dedication, and the power of nations.

Sculpture at the Monument to the battle of the Nations Sculpture at the Monument to the battle of the Nations Sculpture at the Monument to the battle of the Nations

The dome ceiling is emblazoned with 324 riders in almost actual size personifying the souls of the brave warriors assumed into heaven.

500 steps lead from the foundation to the upper scenic viewpoint. There are also two elevators, which lift you up to the middle viewpoint at the height of 57 meters. To get to the upper terrace, which bends around the dome, you should subdue 364 steps by foot.

Due to the great acoustic effect inside the Monument to the battle of the Nations, it is often used for different music events and presentations.

Museum dedicated to the Battle

Saving that you can observe the views of Leipzig from the viewing platforms of the Monument, you can visit the FORUM 1813 museum that is situated close to the Monument. Here you can learn noteworthy facts and details about the battle, observe the presented exhibits numbering about 350 items: weapons, uniforms, belongings of the soldiers and etc.

Opening hours - HotelFriend tips

The Monument to the battle of the Nations and the museum are open everyday from 10 am to 6 pm in summer season (April – October) and from 10 am to 4 pm in winter season (November – March).

The Monument and the museum do not work on the 24th and 31st of December.

The city attraction is located at: 18. October 100 Street.

To get to the place by urban transportation, you should take tram number 2 or 15, and get off at the Monument to the Battle of the Nations (Völkerschlachtdenkmal) stop.

If you travel by car, there is a parking in front of the memorial.

Schematic map of the monument

Schematic map of the monument

Prices for entry



Adult ticket 8 Euro
Reduced ticket 6 Euro
For children under the age of 6 Free admission to the Monument
For children under the age of 18 Free admission to the museum
The guided tours at the Monument and museum are held every Thursday at 2 pm. Additional tours can be arranged on request.
Panorama of the Monument to the Battle of the Nations

Accommodation near the sight

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