Smart hotel management software improving guest in-hotel experience

Hotel Management System is designed with no APIs, and comprises all products a Hotelier needs in each stage of Hotel Development. It is unique to have no APIs between the products, no hidden costs for updates and support issues.

A seamless process - simple and powerful.

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Hotel Management Software, Booking Button, and Channel Manager. But is it really enough?

There is a permanent basis to automate, perform, and manage your hotel. HotelFriend is happy to provide you with such customer journey.

Hospitality is about being welcoming, helpful, and comfortable for your guests.

Customers are getting used to increasing choice and personalization. HotelFriend is here to help you bring excellent hotel stay experience for your guests.

Thats why your hotel needs cloud-based software.


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How does it work

Old processes in a new way

guest can extend

hotel can manage

Check-in, housekeeping, chat and more

Check-in, housekeeping, chat and more

guest can check in

hotel can manage

Seamless guest experience with online orders

guest can order

hotel can manage

Intuitive revenue stream management

Intuitive revenue stream management

guest can request

hotel can manage

Want to become your guest's favorite hotel? Let us show how HotelFriend can help your hotel to be on the top.


Optimize your performance to provide the finest experience travellers haven’t seen before.

Fast Check-In

Stay mobile. Simply meet your guests and check them in automatically without the reception desk procedure and a long queue.

Analytics and Reporting

Indispensable module for any hotel to perform better. Clear and concise visualization of your key indicators.

Want to provide your guest with exceptional in-hotel experience? Request demo for a complete tour of our cloud hotel software
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Manage. Grow. Optimize. Upsell. Provide new level of in-hotel experience.