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Hotel Management System
Digital orders & guest chat

All-in-one Hotel System
to Manage, Grow and Optimize your Business

Property Management System, Booking Button, and Channel Manager. A good start but is it really enough to thrive?

We offer a complete solution for hotel management paired with an Order Management System and a groundbreaking Concierge App aimed at improving guest in-hotel experience.

Satisfied customer drives revenue. So, let your guests order, pay, check-in, extend their stay, or communicate directly with your staff, and more. Contactless with their own smartphone. Show your guests you can make their stay a memorable one resulting in return, review and recommendation.

all kinds of properties

Proven software for all hospitality facilities

HotelFriend offers its clients a comprehensive, preconfigured, and ready for immediate use solution to exclusively manage all types of hospitality properties ranging from apartments, B&B’s, and small hotels to large hotel chains and their connected outlets (wellness/restaurants).

For your daily organizational tasky, optimized communication within your company, and to guarantee your guests the best possible stay. Offer out-of-the-box services for more efficiency and flexibility with our HotelFriend products. Provided by a single developer to support hoteliers in all of their day-to-day processes.

Small & Medium Hotel Small & Medium Hotel
Large Hotel Large Hotel & Chain
Boutique Hotel Boutique Hotel
B & B B & B, Apartment
Bar & Restaurant Bar & Restaurant

That’s how it works

Hotel Management Software offers full automation for your hotel with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality which guarantees a quick and efficient guest experience:

360° Hotel Ecosystem

A proper all-in-one platform built on years of expertise

Build your hotel’s solid foundation thanks to our expertise and profound knowledge of the hospitality sector.

Eliminate the uncertainty of tough times to achieve your goals and reach new heights.

PMS icon

Property Management System with Essential and Integrated Interfaces and Products

From managing your rooms and departments anytime, anywhere to online distribution, rate management, and more, your entire 360° ecosystem of hospitality.

  • Multi-Property Management System with unlimited number of rates and room categories
  • Order Management System with department & service management including digital orders with payments
  • Guest Communications with automation option
  • Maintenance Management module with chats, digital checklists, and notifications
  • Statistics & Reports with statistical overviews and summary reports of all bookings, payments, cancellations, including guest reports and cleaning priority
PMS Front Desk
Channel Manager
channel manager icon

Integrated Channel Manager with 200+ OTAs connection available

Manage online sales channels effectively, simultaneously, and see changes happen in real-time.

  • Completely automated online sales processes integrated into the hotel software
  • Single interface for all OTA channels including real-time communication
  • Rate management with seasonal prices
  • Real time quota synchronization
BB icon

Direct Booking Tools & Services

Centralize all guest plans and desires within one platform, enhance website visitors to book directly, and prioritize extra selling within the reservation process.

  • Commission-free direct booking via your own website
  • Booking process individually adapted to your design
  • Extensive arrangement and voucher management with online sales option
  • Different payment methods with secured transactions
  • Region & excursion destinations description in your Booking Button
  • Automated and individually configurable emails
  • Optimized for all mobile devices
new BB
Mobile Guest App
Mobile app icon

Mobile App to make your guest’s experience even more extraordinary

From check-in and -out, service or food ordering to immediate payments and direct chat with the staff. Grow your sales by increasing guest satisfaction.

  • Digital Pre-Check-In
  • Contactless ordering and payment
  • Direct guest chat & communication via messages
  • Priority check-in & check-out with mobile phone
  • Digital Guest Map
Contactless Room Opening icon

Contactless Room Opening

Your guests will be able to not only check-in and out, order services, and pay for them using their smartphones but also skip the front desk and access the room keyless with a mobile. With this new integration, contactless room opening will end the times of lost keys and play a crucial role in hygiene measures.

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Contactless Room Opening

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CRM icon

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Optimize your hotel performance to provide the finest experience clients have never had before.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What you get with HotelFriend All-in-one Solution

Own booking button

Own booking button to get more direct online bookings with 0% commission

+ Save on OTAs: they charge between 15% and 30% fee per booking
+ Eliminate the hotel’s brand dilution as OTAs bid on hotels’ name in the Google SEO environment.

Own website with a booking button for direct bookings via your own online presence. Market your hotel business and avoid paying OTAs commission.

Online sales

Online sales from all over the Internet

200+ OTAs in one system, including, Airbnb, HRS Das - Hotelportal, Expedia, and more.

Sales channels (OTAs) are controlled automatically by the integrated channel manager - overbooking and errors are eliminated.

Cloud-based hotel software

Cloud-based hotel software

+ Manage your hotel on the go with 24*7 access

+ No expensive software updates and license fees

+ Real-time monitoring

+ Increased security and productivity

Entrepreneurs and employees can work decentralized and remotely from their own devices.

Service orders

Service orders via the app

+ Increase your hotel’s profit

+ Make it easier to know and order your services

+ Earn even more with deals promotion

Let your guests order meals, drinks, or services and paid contactless by using their own mobile devices - all from a single source!

One provider

One provider, one contact, one product

+ Servers in Germany

+ All in-house: no paid APIs and updates

+ Cross-platform compatibility

German product with German support, professional, and always available.

What you get

Constantly developing software

+ 10+ product updates and releases annualy since 2017

+ All updates are always free

+ Software is adapted to new industry realities

We covered everything you need to maximize the smooth experience of using HotelFriend.

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HotelFriend 2021 Product Development Roadmap

HotelFriend 2021 Product Development Roadmap

Q 1
  • Cash Books
  • TSE cash register
  • Door locking system (partner Salto KS)
Q 2
  • Spa & Wellness, MICE module
  • Multi-property Booking Engine (apartments + chains)
  • Automation for serviced apartments (automated guest care from booking to check-out)
Q 3
  • Revenue Management System
  • Concierge App White-label
  • Connection of cash register software (partner Eucasoft)
Q 4
  • Open API marketplace
  • Digital Marketing
    Extended Upselling via CRM (mails, automated guest communication)
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Waldhotel Am Ilsenstein (Ilsenburg/Harz)

Customer about the product

Software lives from its users. Progressive, future-oriented solutions arise from ever new requirements that come up in practice.

We save fees of several thousand euros per year and I would say we also save significantly more working time with the product - I would say almost up to 70% compared to how it used to be.

Waldhotel Am Ilsenstein (Ilsenburg/Harz)

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HotelFriend AG

HotelFriend is a global IT company and provider of business software with offices across Europe.

The company specializes in R & D in the travel and hospitality sectors, cloud computing, e-commerce, CRM, ERP, and the development of mobile and desktop apps.

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Do you provide support?
Yes. If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact our support team via live chat or email at Our employees will be happy to help you. Basic support is included in any package. Applications are processed within 24 hours on weekdays. To get weekend support, you can purchase a 24/7 support package.
Do you provide training?
Yes. To sign up for training, you need to follow the link and select the most convenient training time in the calendar.
How do I switch from my old system to HotelFriend?
You can export data from the current system and import it into the system, configure the necessary settings with the help of HotelFrind employees.
Is a channel manager already integrated with your PMS? If not, are there other companies you are cooperating with in this regard?
HotelFriend channel manager is integrated within the PMS, so no 3rd parties are needed in this case. This reduces costs and facilitates the information exchange which is direct within our system.
Can I use the same tariff plan for several channels?
Yes, you can. When editing the Room Rate in the Source field, pull up the sources where you need to place this tariff plan. In case you need to display the tariff plan on any OTA system, you should select Channel Manager.
What about HotelFriend's compliance with Germany's GoBD regulation?
Yes. There are many inexpensive products on the market that promise their customers to simplify hotel and restaurant management. When choosing the right system among all these options, you should make sure that it is the principles for electronic accounting (GoBD) compliant. Here is how to do it.
Does HotelFriend integrate with other systems?
Yes, there are a number of systems with which HotelFriend supports integration. Also, HotelFriend staff helps to integrate and configure everything correctly. You just need to provide the necessary information.
How do I synchronize my OTA systems with HotelFriend?
If your tariff plan includes the Channel Manager module, contact your account manager or write to Support. HotelFriend staff will help you synchronize and, prior to it, check if your account is prepared for the synchronization process.
With a PMS and Channel Manager, process automation is critical to provide the guest with great experiences on the one hand and to ensure that no rework is required for us on the other. If possible, everything should run autonomously when the only manual intervention includes the reporting and the possible strategic adjustments, e.g. the prices. Is this possible with your system or are there areas where an employee needs to become active?
HotelFriend automates most hotel processes. Of course, there are a few actions that have to be taken manually but generally the system is fully automated. For example, you may introduce the prices once and then the prices will be sent automatically to the channel manager, as well as e to sour channels.
On the other hand, if you make a manual booking, you will obviously be responsible to introduce that information.
How can I accept payments and keep information in the system? Can I specify a deferred payment?
You can connect the Stripe payment system, as HotelFriend provides integration with it. Once you have connected the payment system, you can enter the guest's credit card information into the reservation card. Sure, by observing all security and confidentiality conditions, these cards will be tokenized. Besides, when receiving payment from a guest through the Stripe system, the information in the reservation card will be displayed automatically. You can also connect a POS terminal and add payments to the system as soon as you accept payment by credit card. If you accept payment in cash, you should add a payment to the system using the Add Payment function.
I am trying to add rooms, but the system notifies that the limit has been reached. What should I do?
This means that you have exceeded the limit of rooms indicated in the chosen product and tariff plan. Please contact Support, they will check the information and, upon your request, increase the limit of rooms.
How can I create a reservation for a company? Is it possible to automatically import the reservation list into the system?
To create a reservation for a company, you should enter the company data in the Guests module in the Company tab. Once you have saved the company data, you should move on to the booking method convenient for you. In the guest type, drag and drop the Company Guest and the company from the drop-down list. The reservation creation process is similar.
Do I need to set up a separate account for Booking Button?
No, you just need to select the sections that you want to place on your site and the color palette of the buttons that will suit the site style of the accommodation. After you copy the code generated by the system and install it on your website, the information will be transferred to the website from the HotelFriend system. The Booking Engine module provides step-by-step instructions.
Does HotelFriend provide limited system access based on employee position?
Yes, Hotelfriend provides the ability to create limited access for employees. For example, you like the Housekeeping module, but you do not want to provide full access to the system to your housekeepers. The accommodation administrator can create access for employees of the housekeeper positions. In this case, housekeepers will have access only to the housekeeping Maintenance module. Similarly, other departments can create limited access for employees.

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Department Management

Employee Management

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Hotel Dashboard


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Mobile Hotel Live Chat

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Reporting System

Booking Balance

Digital Cash Book

Revenue Management

Room Rates

Service Management

Guest Relations

Guest Management

Booking Request, Offer

Self Check-In

Guest Communications

Communication Automation

Digital Marketing

Hotel Website Development

Destination Management

Deal, Package Composer

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