Property Management Software

All-in-One Property Management System (PMS) designed to automate and optimize your business operations.

  • Hotel Software with 20+ built-in modules and integrations
  • Channel Manager to get online sales from all over the Internet
  • Booking Engine for 0% commission direct bookings & upsell
  • Mobile Concierge App to free up your staff with automated guests' self-service assistant
Property Management System, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Mobile Concierge App - all-in-one Hotel Software
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Digitize your property with reliable software provided by a certified German provider!

Digital orders, guest chat, services

Aimed at improving guest in-hotel experience

Satisfied customers drive revenue. So let your guests book, check-in, extend their stay, order, pay, or communicate directly with staff via one app. Contactless, with their own smartphones. Make guest's stay a memorable one that results in retention, 5-star reviews and recommendations.

We offer a complete solution for hotel management paired with an Order Management System and a groundbreaking Concierge App to secure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

all kinds of properties

Proven software for all hospitality facilities

A comprehensive, preconfigured, and ready for immediate use cloud-based PMS to seamlessly manage all types of properties.

Scalable system provided by a single developer to support hoteliers in their day-to-day processes. Just select the package you'd like to go with and get the most out of its strengths.

Small & Medium Hotel Small & Medium Hotel
Large Hotel Large Hotel & Chain
Boutique Hotel Boutique Hotel
B & B B & B, Apartment
Bar & Restaurant Bar & Restaurant
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That’s how it works

Hotel Management Software for hotel automation with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality which guarantees a quick and efficient guest experience:

360° Hotel Ecosystem

A proper all-in-one platform built on years of expertise

Build your hotel’s solid foundation thanks to our expertise and profound knowledge of the hospitality sector.

Eliminate the uncertainty of tough times to achieve your goals and reach new heights.

20+ essential features and integrated interfaces

Property Management System

From managing your reservations, rooms, and departments anytime, anywhere to keeping accounting and reports in accordance with legal requirements, your entire 360° ecosystem of hospitality.

  • Front Desk - reservation plan in drag-n-drop calendar
  • Guest & Company Management with comprehensive profile cards
  • Communications Automation for correspondence & email management
  • Housekeeping with a complete overview of room statuses and priorities
  • Reports to evaluate the performance and track progress
  • GoBD-compliant, stress-free Accounting with clear and consistent financial data
PMS, Front Desk, Reservation Management
Channel Manager

up to 200 sources available

Integrated Channel Manager

Manage online sales channels effectively and simultaneously, in real time. Avoid overbookings and mismatched prices due to instant synchronization with no delays.

  • Booking, HRS and Expedia - any 3 channels of your choice are included in the package
  • Flexible pricing models with seasonal prices
  • Virtual Room Rates for smart revenue management
  • Cancellation policy & booking restrictions for all distribution channels

0% commission from sales

Direct Booking Tools & Services

Encourage your guests to book directly, and prioritize extra selling during the reservation process. Get your own site optimized for all mobile devices and easily customized up to your requirements.

  • Portfolio to showcase your property or region
  • Direct room booking via your own website
  • Arrangement (deal) and Voucher Management for exclusive offers
  • Services upsell to maximize profits
  • Guest check-in via App or online registration form
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Mobile Guest App

Fully contactless personalized experiences

Mobile Guest App
for revenue acceleration

From check-in and -out, service or food ordering to contactless room access, instant payments, and direct chat with the staff. Make all hotel’s operations touch-free to serve your guests safely and effectively.

  • Guestbook - digital guest directory with worthwhile information on region and excursion destinations
  • Automated Self Check-In and out to reduce person-to-person interactions
  • Contactless service ordering to sell not only accommodation but extras
  • Contact-free Room Access to unlock the room keyless with a smartphone
  • Payments and Invoices to charge customers and generate bills

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keep track of your guests and make use of all the key information, such as personal preferences of regular clients, information on allergies, dietary restrictions, and notes for housekeeping. Provide the finest experience by personalizing your guest’s stay.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Front Desk - a smart calendar
for accommodation planning

Create, edit or move reservations at ease. Get a complete overview of your hotel’s occupancy and quickly check room availability. Keep an eye on arriving and leaving guests, early check-in, and late checkout requests, аs well as any changes in the room or booking statuses in a clearly laid-out calendar.

  • Mouseover to see all the room or reservation details
  • Drag-and-drop to change room number or type, extend or reduce guest stay
  • Individual and group reservations with the ability to add guests to the existing booking
  • Smart search by booking #, guest or status, and customizable filters to find what you need in seconds
  • Reservation requests and booking offers by email to respond quickly to guests requests and not to lose potential customers
  • Payments, refunds, invoices, the ability to send a link to pay for booking online, and assign a guest as a Paymaster to move the billing items - all operations right at your fingertips
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Become your guest's favorite hotel

Our next-generation Property Management Software is complex, so you have everything you really need in one place

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Room Management

Room Management

Set up all the room types available for booking at your property, and highlight the distinguishing features of each unit.

Specify all the information about the room, including its size, amenities, maximum occupancy, and the number of beds. Manage your hotel capacity, add images and descriptions of main advantages related to each category, be it a standard single room or an executive suite.

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Rate Management

Adjust your hotel’s pricing plans, cancellation policies, or sales restrictions in a centralized system. Change room rates according to room categories, meal plans, weekdays, sources of booking, and types of guests.

Create any number of room rates or tariffs and adjust conditions as you see fit. Stay in full control of prices by setting special hotel rates for children of different ages, applying markups and discounts with virtual rates, or taking advantage of seasonal pricing. Set rate restrictions concerning rates, holidays, minimum length of stay, or maximum quantity of adults and children.

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Rate Management
Outlet (Department) Management

Outlet Management (wellness, restaurant, etc.)

Establish a flawless functioning of your hotel departments from restaurant to spa, and provide in-time service delivery. Have a good grip on your employees' performance and organize daily hotel operations with zero micromanagement.

Whether your guests want to book a spa treatment or order breakfast delivery, they can do it online via their smartphones. After an order is placed, the notification will instantly inform your hotel team, enabling prompt service processing. This will help them to stay in the know of current tasks and duties while working according to established shift plan.

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Service Management

Promote your hotel services via a dedicated app, digitizing customer journey with an e-menu, instant messaging, and service ordering. Confirm orders, reject them, or mark as completed. Free your team from answering phone calls – now they can focus solely on impeccable order completion.

Create a digital menu by adding services from our library, generating deals, and customizing them with pictures and catchy descriptions. After your guests download an app, they will be able to order and pay for anything they want via their own mobile phones.

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Service Management
check-in, room access, mobile order, payment

Automated self-service operations

Automate processes to free up your staff from repetitive tasks and perform more valuable ones, as well as provide your guests with sought-after and always-available self-service options.

  • Guests’ self check-in for convenient registration at any time they need
  • Contactless room entry to minimize face-to-face engagement
  • Self-service options when guests make changes to their stay, order services online, pay and check out via their phones
  • Guests’ docs and invoices generated automatically
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Digital Orders

Let your guests book food or any room services via their phones, pay online, and download an invoice. Offer access to all hotel facilities like restaurants, fitness centers, or spa and increase sales with upsells.

  • Digital Menu with images and multilingual descriptions
  • Order details: quantity, date, time, and place of delivery, as well as push notifications about any changes
  • Instant payments to offer customers a faster and contactless way to pay
  • Online chat to stay in touch in case of need
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Digital Orders
Contactless Room Opening

Contactless Room Access

Enable guests to skip the Front Desk and access the room keyless using their mobile phones.

  • Automated and contactless entry to stand the test of time and reduce social contacts
  • Maintained security with encrypted data transmissions
  • Eco-friendly option with no plastic and no worries about replacing door components when keys are lost
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Point of Sale

Manage your hotel and restaurant cash flow with the POS system and turn it into another opportunity to reach customers and increase profit. Provide your guests with a wide range of extra services like booking a room directly from the cash register, transferring all bills from it, and processing reports.

  • Cloud infrastructure to import transactions from POS at any time and anywhere you need
  • New revenue streams as a cash register allows customers to place orders
  • Reduced contact points as guests view the menu, order, and pay through their own smartphones
  • Organized invoices and reports as all invoices are transferred from the cash register
  • Gastronovi integration to import all orders and transactions from all your points of sale
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import transactions from point of sale
Payments, invoices, cash books

Payments, Cash Books, and fiskaly cloud TSS

Allow guests to pay for all hotel services without registration from any mobile device with a QR code. Accept both cash and online payments from customers the right way, manage, and process them via a cloud-based Point of Sale system. Collect data about all payments by making entries and attaching receipts with Cash Book.

  • Payment activities management, export data that is readily available to the auditors
  • Cash receipts and transaction recording, an overview of your opening and closing balance to track your income and expenses
  • A cloud TSS that doesn’t require hardware installations
  • Compliance with German law to stay on track with changing regulations
  • Fast scaling and certificate life as our fiskaly TSS integration to be certified until 2029
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Must-have data summaries to see what’s going on in your hotel, starting from resources (incl. financial) and personnel planning to data analysis, profit, and cost optimization.

Here are hoteliers’ essential reports for successful marketing management and sales growth:


  • Development/management report to get a clue on what’s going on in your property and how well it is performing
  • Financial report by sales channels to determine which distribution channel has brought more revenue and make plans for the future
  • End-of-day report to balance and close hotel's records, reconcile guest folios and their transactions for one working day

Resources planning

  • Check-in and checkout report to track changes in hotel occupancy
  • Housekeeping list to see housekeeping and reservation statuses of rooms, cleaning priorities, notes and comments regarding definite rooms
  • Meals list to monitor dishes and beverages your guests have ordered with notes column (delivered or not, and why)
  • Tourism statistics to determine and present the ratio of available rooms and beds to actual hotel occupancy, arrivals, overnight stays, departures
  • GoBD report to avoid legal problems and meet the requirements
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Reports and Accounting
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What you get with the HotelFriend All-in-One Solution

What HotelFriend is going to improve in 2024

Q 1
  • Online check-ins and kiosk
  • Inventory management for services and amenities with fiscalization
  • Competitor Rate Tracking
  • Exports for financial accounting
  • E-Reputation management
  • CRM and Marketing autometions
Q 2
  • Customization of Email letter due to rooms and preferences
  • Push notification in the app
  • Enhanced guest profile management
  • Guest journey optimization and tracking
  • Google Ads solutions for hotels
Q 3
  • HotelFriend Multi Properties
  • AI powered management tool for Housekeeping
  • Vacancy reports & maintenance
  • Enhenced Remote Reception options
  • Deposit Management
Q 4
  • Automated event planning quotation for hotels
  • Optimized hotel sales for meetings, incentives, conventions, events
  • More options for Passport swipe
  • Custom arrangements via IBE
  • Enhanced Hotel Branding
  • Extended Night Audit
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Your individual process + our team = personalized product

Your hotel is unique. You have your own way. Preserve tradition. Make a statement. Be exclusive. Keep up with the times, surprise, go above and beyond.

In HotelFriend, we understand this and offer:

  • Close cooperation and individual project management
  • Customized functionalities and processes
  • A high understanding of the complexity
  • Extensive expertise and successfully implemented projects (including large hotels and hotel chains)
  • Tradition that goes hand-in-hand with digitization

Reach out to us and test our competence.

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HotelFriend AG

HotelFriend is a global IT company and provider of business software with offices across Europe.

The company specializes in R & D in the travel and hospitality sectors, cloud computing, e-commerce, CRM, ERP, and the development of mobile and desktop apps.

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Do you provide support?
Yes, we do. If you have any questions or issues, you can always send us a ticket right from your HotelFriend account or write to our support team at Our customer care agents will be happy to help you. Mind that all applications are processed within 24 hours on weekdays.
How do I move the data from my old system to HotelFriend PMS?
Our customer care agents can assist you in transferring some of the most critical data to the HotelFriend PMS. Please note that a fee applies for this kind of system setup service.
Is a Channel Manager integrated with HotelFriend's PMS? If not, do you cooperate with other companies for this?
Yes, HotelFriend's PMS includes an integrated channel manager, so there is no need for third-party integration. This allows for direct and cost-effective information exchange within our system.
Can I apply the same tariff plan across multiple channels?
Certainly! When editing the room rate, you can select the sources where you want to apply this tariff plan in the "Source" field. If you want to display the tariff plan on OTA systems, just choose "Channel Manager" here.
Is the HotelFriend PMS compliant with Germany's GoBD regulation?
Yes, the HotelFriend PMS adheres to the GoBD principles specified by the German tax authorities for maintaining, storing, and accessing electronic books, records, and documents. You can read more on that in our blog.
Can HotelFriend integrate with other third-party programs?
Yes, HotelFriend PMS supports integration with third-party tools, and our staff can assist with the setup and configuration process. To see the available integration options, please visit this link.
How can I synchronize my OTA channels with HotelFriend PMS?
To synchronize your OTA channels with HotelFriend PMS, simply contact our support team and request assistance with connecting OTA channels. Our experts will verify if your account is ready for synchronization and help you connect all the necessary channels to the system.
Is it possible to fully automate processes with HotelFriend's PMS and Channel Manager, or are there areas that require manual intervention?
HotelFriend's system automates most hotel processes, with only a few actions requiring manual intervention. For example, prices can be added once and then automatically sent to all OTA channels. However, if a booking is being made manually, the information must be entered manually as well. Overall, the system is designed to minimize manual intervention and allow for autonomous operation, with employees primarily responsible for strategic adjustments.
Can I accept payments and securely store credit card details in the HotelFriend system?
You can connect HotelFriend with the Stripe payment system to accept online payments. Once connected, your guest's credit card information will be tokenized and processed securely.
I'm trying to add rooms to the system, but it says that the limit has been reached. What should I do?
If you receive a notification that you have reached the limit of rooms allowed in your current product and tariff plan, you should contact HotelFriend Support. They will verify your account information and, upon your request, increase the room limit.
How do I create a reservation for a company?
You can add company reservations and specify important booking parameters in the Front Desk or Reservations section. For step-by-step instructions on adding a company reservation, please refer to this guide.
Do I need a separate account for the Booking Engine?
No, you just need to set up a Booking Engine by clicking on the Booking Engine module in the left-side menu. In case there is no such module in the menu, contact our support at More detailed information on how to set up a Booking Engine is given here.
Does HotelFriend offer limited system access based on employee position?
Yes, HotelFriend provides the ability to create limited access for employees based on their position. For example, if you want to provide access to the Housekeeping module but not the entire system for your housekeepers, the accommodation administrator can create access for employees in the housekeeper position. Similarly, other departments can create limited access for their employees.

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