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Hotel Management Software, Booking Button, and Channel Manager. But is it really enough?

The modern hotel is a complex system with countless elements and processes to be handled and controlled every day. Fast, powerful, secure - our cloud-based software is exactly what it takes to keep up with the latest hospitality trends, be better than other hotels and thrive financially.

We offer a 360° hotel ecosystem - from online distribution to reputation management, including a branded website, SEO and marketing services.

Your revenue will grow, guests will leave the hotel happy, come back and recommend it, employees are more organized and stress-free.


How does it work

Old processes in a new way

guest can extend

hotel can manage

Real-time operations

guest can check in

hotel can manage

Seamless guest experience with online orders

guest can order

hotel can manage

Intuitive revenue stream management

guest can request

hotel can manage

Want to become your guest's favorite hotel? Let us show how HotelFriend can help your hotel to be on the top.
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