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Moselle Valley Hotels (899 results)

Moselle valley Travel Guide

The Moselle valley is one of the most significant wine-growing regions and a tourist magnet in Germany. Idyllic vineyards, numerous medieval castles, spectacular views, and hiking routes - it’s a real paradise for nature lovers. The region is a center of winemaking for years that’s why it’s warmly recommended to taste local wines. To get away from tourist paths, discover a knight’s romance first-hand and take a deep breath - a kind of meditation for those who want to reduce stress or be closer to nature.


The best time to visit

The warm weather conditions are typical for the microclimate of the region: The Moselle Valley is surrounded by Rhenish Massif and the temperatures are a little bit higher than the average in Germany, so it contributes to the growth of the wine industry.

Hiking enthusiasts tend to visit the Moselle valley in summer when it’s great to take a bike or boat trip and enjoy outdoor activities. The average temperatures from June to August lie between 22 and 25 °C.

It’s recommended for gourmets who have a desire to taste young wines to head to the Moselle valley in autumn. In fine weather, the temperature in September is around 20 - 25 °C.

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Top sights and free-time activities



Trier is regarded as the oldest German town that was founded more than 2000 ago by Romans. Therefore, various historical monuments date back to the Roman times, namely Porta Nigra, the black gate from the second century, the Cathedral of Trier, the Roman bridge, the amphitheater, the Barbara baths. They have been listed as UNESCO world heritage since 1986, thus the city is considered as one of the most important tourist attractions of the region.


Bernkastel-Kues is another hotspot in the Moselle valley. Medieval Old Town, Renaissance buildings, the ancient castle ruins Landshut from the 13th century - there is a lot to admire.


Moreover, tourists are offered a special attraction, namely the guided tour on an electric vehicle through vineyards, where 6000 ha vine is cultivated.


Traben-Trarbach has served functions of the wine trade center in the whole of Europe for centuries. It can be noticed due to the ornate magnificent buildings of the Art Nouveau and Belle Époque period. Besides, excursions to the underground world are an exceptional attraction in the town. Since more than 100 wine companies were settled in Traben-Trarbach in the 19th century, it was required to expand the capacity of wine cellars.

Today, the cellars spread for 5 km provide the possibility to explore its mystical corners and try a glass of exquisite Riesling during the tour. If you want to admire the idyllic landscapes, take a trip with a train of Moselweinbahn. On the 13 m long way from Traben-Trarbach to Bullay, you will be able to enjoy the multi-level bridge at Bullay and the Pünderich Hangviadukt.

Tip: The Mosel region is extremely abundant in ancient castles. If you want to experience the knights' atmosphere first-hand, pay your attention to the Thurant Castle in Alken and Arras castle that operates as a hotel. In case you are thrilled with a marvelous view of Mosel, it’s recommended to take into account the observation tower Prinzenkopfturm near Pünderich.


Narrow alleys and colourful half-timbered houses, historical market square with the murmuring Martins Brunnen - Cochem conveys a special flair of the medieval town and ravishes its guest from the first sight. The Imperial Castle in Cochem towers over the city and adorns the city landscape to a greater extent. The Gothic castle complex dates back to the 12th century and embodies the knights' romance of the region which visitors can experience on their own during the guided tour.


The amount of adorable towns in Moselle valley is unbelievable: Beilstein is a romantic village whose idyllic and magic fascinates crowds of tourists. Stroll through Oldtown, explore the charming castle ruins Metternich, and take your time to relax.


The mountain Calmont with the slope inclinations up to 65 degrees is considered as the steepest vineyard in the world. On one side, it’s a real challenge to cultivate local vines, on the other side better natural conditions for the wine-growing are hard to imagine. Calmont is well-known due to the fact that the Romans settled here. It’s also stated that it was a Roman holy mountain from the 2nd to the 4th century. The Calmont-Klettersteig can be of particular interest for hikers since it offers a breathtaking panorama on its way. Note that Moselle makes a loop near Calmont that looks impressive indeed.



Koblenz namely the German corner (das Deutsche Eck) where Moselle joins the Rhine is the highlight of the whole Moselle region that offers the most splendid view. Besides, the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress that also serves as the cultural center is worth visiting. You can reach the fortress plateau with the cable car and enjoy the unforgettable panorama views. In the southern part of the city, the neo-gothic castle Stolzenfels, which rises on the left bank of Rhine, draws crowds of tourists.

Tip: In fine weather, it’s advisable to spend more time on water or outside. Go canoeing or kayaking, take a sightseeing tour by boat, or prefer a ferry rather than a bus. Moreover, it’s worth walking on the Moselle slopes, for there are numerous spectacular hiking routes from Trier to Koblenz to explore.

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Traditional dishes, Moselle

Traditional dishes

The cuisine of the Moselle region is quite multifaceted. If you like soups, it’s recommended to order either Krumpernsupp (potato soup with smoked bacon cooked in meat broth) or vine soup with mushrooms. In the Moselle valley, Krumpernschnieden (potato pancakes), Haxe mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffeln, Weingräwes (sauerkraut with Riesling, pork rib, and mettwurst sausage), Mosel-Wingertspoal (pork neck with spices) are served as a main course.

River fish is popular as well and is prepared in various ways e. g. bitter-sweet with lemon juice. Vine cream of the Moselle is a delicious dessert of the region that is prepared with white vine, apple juice, eggs, and whipped cream. A glass of local Riesling is certainly a great complement to every dish.

Arrival tips

The Saarbrücken Airport, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Cologne Bonn Airport, and Frankfurt am Main Airport are perfectly suitable for arrival by plane.

You can get to Trier, Bullay, Cochem, Treis-Karden, Kobern-Gondorf, and Koblenz with regional express trains of DB (Deutsche Bahn).

If you arrive by car, you should take into account the motorways A61 (cross Koblenz) and A48 (junction Moseltal).

Long-distance buses of Flixbus can bring you comfortably to Koblenz or Trier.

Tip: Note that there are more than 1000 km perfectly equipped cycle paths in the Mosel region. To find an appropriate route according to your destination, please visit the website

Hotels and accommodation


Regardless of whether you are searching for a cottage, a modern hotel, or a historical castle, you are able to satisfy all your expectations with vouchers from HotelFriend.

● To enjoy a convenient location on the Mosel promenade, a terrasse, perfect amenities, free Wi-Fi, reserve the Moselapart in Cochem.
● For the ones who want to treat themselves with such facilities as a spa, swimming pool, bar, and massage, it’s recommended to book a room in the 5-star hotel Fährhaus in Koblenz.
● Vacationers who want to stay in a romantic half-timbered house with modern decor, spa and wellness center, sauna, and garden, choose the Ferienhaus Apple Tree in Treis-Karden.

● To enjoy the castle charm to the fullest extent, take into account the Schloss Lieser. It’s a luxury accommodation that provides its guests with a possibility to relax in the wellness area with massages, body treatments, and facial treatments. Besides, parking, laundry services, conference and meeting rooms are at guests disposal.
● The visitors of Trier should take into account the FourSide Plaza Hotel Trier, which offers modern rooms in a boutique-style, a bar, indoor pool, massage, pets allowed.

Find accommodation in the Moselle valley on the HotelFriend website and revel in your magnificent vacation!