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April 17, 2018

Podcast: Interview to Hotel-O-Motion with Valerie Wagner

We are happy to introduce you a new podcast about management in hospitality industry from 16.04.2018 with Valerie Wagner - a person with a huge experience in a niche and ability to affect the most discussed and important developments in the industry.

HotelFriend magazine
April 17, 2018

Is accommodation the only profitable source of hotel income?

Every fourth hotel room in Germany (25,2%) was reserved through the OTA online portal. But what is the cost of these reservations for a hotel? Sell much more of your hotel without depending on the OTAs with their high fees.

HotelFriend magazine
April 16, 2018

Germany is the third most visited country

Do you know Germany is the 3rd most popular country in the world among the tourists? The country receives 35 million visitors annually who spend, on average, USD 1000 per person for a trip.

April 16, 2018

HotelFriend is award-worthy!

The „Sachsen gründet-Start-Up 2018“ prize will be awarded in May — and we are nominated! From over 130 candidates, our CEO Denis Severyuk has been selected to be among the 28 best founders in Sachsen (federal state of Germany).

Struggle to be a Hotelier
April 13, 2018

Comic episode #1: Improper marketing effort

Do you still struggle to land the client? You put some efforts into marketing campaigns, but with no success? Think about it. Maybe you are doing something wrong.

Product updates
April 10, 2018

Product updates from 10.04.2018

To make your experience with our product even better and more comfortable, we bring updates of our portal on a regular basis, improving its speed and reliability. The latest product updates available from 10.04.2018.

March 29, 2018

How to behave professionally on Facebook in 2018?

Despite the scandal with Facebook and their algorithm change, this social network continues to lead by the amount of users (besides, it owns Instagram and WhatsApp now). More than 2 billion people come to Facebook every day, and they can potentially become your customers. You just need to use the right strategy and know what to avoid.

March 28, 2018

Mobile version as a priority

Millennials can’t live without their smartphones - they use it for taxi ordering, food delivery or even dating. Travel planning is no exception. They use their phones on every step of their journey – from research and room booking to finding the attractions to visit.

March 28, 2018

Apps are becoming more and more significant for companies

Over 30% of users keep their travel app on their smartphone for the long term. Travel apps are still ahead of game, shopping and other entertainment applications. So you have to develop a certain concept to retain the customers. Booking is only a small part of travel planning process. And during this planning, an app should provide specific offers on the right moment.

March 27, 2018

Be mobile! Stay tuned and use innovations in your promo strategies

In the era of business digitization you should stay tuned and include all the innovations into your strategy. The users prefer smartphones to surf the Internet, and mobile applications are replacing desktop software. Communication is the key, and endless possibilities of the interaction with your customers will contribute to your success. The following tips will cast some light on what actually drives the interest of your audience and how to raise visiting of your web page creating relevant content.