Hospitality Software Solutions for Apartment Management

The all-in-one software for hassle-free management of apartments and vacation rentals. Automate guest stays, manage finances, and keep up with regulations without having to be on-site or hire additional staff.

Hospitality Software Solutions for Apartment Managemen
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Set your hospitality business on autopilot

Remote apartment control for your flexibility

Enjoy the flexibility of managing vacation rentals from wherever you are. The critical information about your business is always at your fingertips, available in the cloud, and updated in real-time.

Control bookings, finances, and handle maintenance requests without being tied to your workplace. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can access a full set of apartment management tools from a laptop or smartphone.

Remote apartment control for your flexibility
Easy management of staffless rentals

Easy management of staffless rentals

HotelFriend provides everything you require to efficiently run staffless units on your own. Fully automate guests' stays and get the most out of your business without the need to hire staff or linger at the front desk.

Forget the hassle of looking for new staff and save resources and effort with automated property management. Now is the time to streamline your operations and focus on growing your business while ensuring top-notch guest experiences.

Self-service stays for increased guest loyalty

Give your renters the ability to manage their trips with their own smartphones. Whether they need to check in, message you, or open the digital lock to enter the apartment – all this can be done in the Mobile Concierge App.

Choose HotelFriend to keep your guests informed and make their stay unforgettable. Easily share important information such as your rules, Wi-Fi passwords, emergency contact numbers, room service menus, and much more.

Self-service stays for increased guest loyalty
Flexible pricing and no upfront costs

Flexible pricing that matches your needs

HotelFriend offers scalable packages at an affordable price to meet the needs of any hospitality business. Easily update and maintain your property management system with no strings attached.

Choose a suitable package that covers your business needs and run apartments on autopilot. With HotelFriend, you can enjoy the flexibility and affordability you need to take your business to the next level.

Manage short and long-term stays with ease icon

Manage short and long-term stays with ease

Whether you run a single apartment or a large vacation rental business, our software makes it easy to keep track of all your reservations, accounting, and payments.

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Easy check-in and booking control
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A multifunctional calendar allows you to handle all bookings in one login. Create and edit them with a "drag-and-drop" action, get an overview of short- and long-term stays across apartments, and manage check-ins from any device.
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Real-time rate and inventory updates
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Connect to top OTAs like Airbnb,, and Expedia without having to update apartment rates and availability manually. The system does all the work for you, ensuring that you never have to worry about double bookings or related errors.
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Direct apartment sales
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Drive direct reservations to your rental business with an integrated booking engine. Offer your tenants a hassle-free way to book through your own website. No more over-relying on external platforms and paying high commission fees!
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Complete and accurate bookkeeping
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Manage your vacation rental finances with ease and accuracy thanks to the automated accounting system. Save time and resources by generating tax-compliant invoices, payments, and bank statements in just a few clicks.
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Streamlined tenant communication
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Keep in touch with your tenants and stay on top of everything with a Direct Chat. Tap into the power of instant messaging to quickly address maintenance requests. Turn messages into tasks to inform the housekeeping team about any issues just in time.
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Stress-free rent collection
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Create invoices and make refunds in one click, taking the stress out of rent collection. Integration with Stripe allows you to process credit card payments in seconds while protecting your client's personal information with SSL encryption.
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Self-service via Mobile Concierge
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The Mobile Concierge App empowers your tenants to check in, access the apartment, and pay on their own. With the app, guests can easily submit their personal details, use a mobile key to open digital locks and enjoy enhanced privacy during their stay.

Simplify your daily tasks and maximize rental revenue with HotelFriend

Management tips for apartments and vacation rentals

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

Do you provide support?
Yes, we do. If you have any questions or issues, you can always send us a ticket right from your HotelFriend account or write to our support team at Our customer care agents will be happy to help you. Mind that all applications are processed within 24 hours on weekdays.
How do I move the data from my old system to HotelFriend PMS?
Our customer care agents can assist you in transferring some of the most critical data to the HotelFriend PMS. Please note that a fee applies for this kind of system setup service.
What about HotelFriend's compliance with Germany's GoBD regulation?
The HotelFriend PMS adheres to the GoBD principles specified by the German tax authorities for maintaining, storing, and accessing electronic books, records, and documents. You can read more on that in our blog.
Can you integrate third-party programs with HotelFriend PMS?
Yes, HotelFriend PMS supports integration with third-party tools, and our staff can assist with the setup and configuration process. To see the available integration options, please visit this link.
How can I synchronize my OTA channels with HotelFriend PMS?
To synchronize your OTA channels with HotelFriend PMS, simply contact our support team and request assistance with connecting OTA channels. Our experts will verify if your account is ready for synchronization and help you connect all the necessary channels to the system.
Can I apply the same tariff plan across multiple channels?
Certainly! When editing the room rate, you can select the sources where you want to apply this tariff plan in the "Source" field. If you want to display the tariff plan on OTAs, just choose "Channel Manager" here.
Can I accept payments and securely store credit card details in the HotelFriend system?
You can connect HotelFriend with the Stripe payment system to accept online payments. Once connected, your guest's credit card information will be tokenized and processed securely.
I'm trying to add rooms to the system, but it says that the limit has been reached. What should I do?
If you receive a notification that you have reached the limit of rooms allowed in your current product and tariff plan, you should contact HotelFriend Support. They will verify your account information and, upon your request, increase the room limit.
How do I create a reservation for a company?
You can add company reservations and specify important booking parameters in the Front Desk or Reservations section. For step-by-step instructions on adding a company reservation, please refer to this guide.
Do I need a separate account for the Booking Engine?
No, you just need to set up a Booking Engine by clicking on the Booking Engine module in the left-side menu. In case there is no such module in the menu, contact our support at More detailed information on how to set up a Booking Engine is given here.
Does HotelFriend offer limited system access based on employee position?
Yes, HotelFriend provides the ability to create limited access for employees based on their position. For example, if you want to provide access to the Housekeeping module but not the entire system for your housekeepers, the accommodation administrator can create access for employees in the housekeeper position. Similarly, other departments can create limited access for their employees.