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With our Housekeeping Software you can view and control the department operations in real-time, streamline the performance of the cleaning staff and consequently improve service quality.

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Why is it necessary

Our housekeeping tool is an integral part of the hotel management system that allows the hoteliers to track the change of housekeeping statuses of each room. The workflow of every housekeeper can be orderly organized and viewed on the cleaning schedule so that there is no risk to lose a task during the shift change.


How does it work in our system

As soon as the guest has departed and the room becomes vacant, its housekeeping status changes in Front Desk, and in the Housekeeping module immediately. According to the reservation plan and incoming check-ins, the cleaning priorities and urgent tasks are manually arranged by the department manager. Rooms with higher cleaning priority are automatically placed at the top of the list. By applying such filters as room number, type, housekeeping status, priority, and floor, it is easy to modify the list view to track all changes and make necessary adjustments.

The department manager can also choose several rooms, group change their cleaning priority and assign a housekeeper for these selected rooms. All assigned housekeepers - maids as well as quality controllers - can access the list of rooms within their responsibility and change their status in the system on their desktop or mobile devices in real time. As the Housekeeping module is instantly synchronized with Front Desk, where it is also possible to change room status, the front desk employee can immediately see which rooms are ready for the check-in.

A room can be ready for arriving guests on time or even in advance if the latter is requested and agreed on. As for the personnel, each housekeeper receives a cleaning schedule (as a printable PDF file) at the beginning of the shift, and on its basis, daily reports are prepared, which allows the hotelier to control all the work processes concerning the change of the room statuses.

All the changes are saved as log records, so it is easy to track when the cleaning of each room was done, and how much time it took. The software is intuitive - easy to navigate and manage. That results in no delays for guests, no stress for employees as well as timely and smooth housekeeping procedures for the hotelier.

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Easy organization and management of housekeeping processes

Assigning multiple housekeeper roles to employees in the system

Real-time room status display in Housekeeping and FrontDesk.

Fast and convenient search with a set of filters.

Prioritization of guest rooms by the status and cleaning urgency.

Possibility to group-change the cleaning status of rooms.

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