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Beyond the limits of traditional direct booking: Enhance potential guests to book directly and prioritize extra selling within their reservation process.

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Why is it necessary

81% of customers consider it very important for hospitality businesses to provide personalized experiences.

Today’s guests expect more. They want deeper engagement, faster reactions, more flexibility, simplicity, and relevance… They value time and love to organize their trips in one place.

Put what your guests want at the forefront of your hotel! Online Booking Software centralizes all guest plans and desires within one platform - your client can check available rooms in a special calendar, book accommodation just in several clicks, and order additional services or vacation package offers (deals) in advance. The simpler, the better!

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How does it work?

HotelFriend Online Booking System is more than just a Booking Button. After you install it on your hotel’s homepage, you can significantly expand the opportunities for your guests. The client clicks on the button - and everything your hotel offers is in full view.

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In the search, guests can select dates, the room rate, room type, meal type, the number of adults and children and get all the necessary information like bed size. When choosing the dates of the vacation, the calendar displays the lowest price available, so clients can quickly navigate in which period it is more profitable to plan their holiday.

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Additionally, your guests can view all your hotel's offers, specials, and deals and order them straight away.
The only thing the hotel manager has to do is to check the information and confirm the reservation.

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Awesome Booking Engines of our clients

Check our Booking Engine in action, take a look at some of the live systems here:

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Control what you sell

The hotelier is the absolute boss here. You can place particular blocks with services, accommodation, and deals in all possible combinations on any page of your website. Also, you can add widgets that help to improve and speed up the booking process. It will not even take a minute to set up the tools according to your preferences. Only you get to decide how your website should be organized.

Control what you sell
Sell services
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Sell not only accommodation but also services

Our online hotel booking software and PMS with FrontDesk complement each other perfectly: clients can order services via the Booking Button, and you can predict your potential revenue and control it, using Front Desk (a convenient reservation calendar).

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Calculate the costs

You can include mandatory costs for services to the room rate (e.g., types of meal). Also, you can add cleaning as an extra order to the booking and include it to the total bill.

Calculate the costs
Create package offers
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Create package offers

With the Booking System, you can sell deals you have composed on the hotel’s website. People book package offers more enthusiastically because they get accommodation, services, and other advantages at a more favorable price. Additionally, your hotel will be promoted free of charge by guests sharing their impressions of the faultless service. It is an excellent opportunity to attract more visitors and increase revenue.

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Let the guests pay in the way they’re used to

The system enables payments with PayPal, Stripe, MercadoPago, RedSys, and many others. You will ensure your repeat customers’ loyalty or get new ones by meeting their requirements.


What you get

hotel overview

The whole hotel overview

Display all the necessary information and details about your hotel, including the types of rooms, photos, accommodation for adults and children, prices and tariff plans with Booking Engine sources, cancellation policies, types of food, as well as the current availability of rooms.

Relevant offers

Relevant offers

Deliver as relevant offers as possible thanks to the direct connection to the PMS system. The client has the opportunity to comment on the booking and pay for the booking online.

Additional services

Additional services

Display information on additional services and sell package offers which consist of accommodation + additional services. Customers can both book and buy them for a specific date and time as well as leave a comment when ordering.

Better convenience

Better convenience

Increase the convenience of the basket. Guests can add/remove whatever they want.

My Trips

My Trips

Gain more advantages thanks to the My Trips section, where guests can see all their orders, both submitted, upcoming, and canceled.


Simple customization

Choose colors of the page, links, and button. Change the design any time.

Benefits of the Booking Management Software


Fast, well-organized, and effective booking process

Save your own and your guests’ time


Revenue increase due to the enhancement of direct sales

Growth in sales of both rooms and other hotel services


No booking commissions to OTAs

Establish direct communication with the client

booking path

Position your hotel to serve the wants and needs of guests better than others

Centralize all your offers within one place

Success Stories

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HotelFriend AG

HotelFriend is a global IT company and provider of business software with offices across Europe.

The company specializes in R & D in the travel and hospitality sectors, cloud computing, e-commerce, CRM, ERP, and the development of mobile and desktop apps.

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HotelFriend F.A.Q.


Do I need to set up a separate account for Booking Button?
No. You just need to set up a Booking Engine by clicking on the Booking Engine module in the left-side menu. In case there is no such module in the menu, contact our support by writing in Live Chat or at support@hotelfriend.com. More detailed information on how to set up a Booking Engine is given here.
Can I set up a Promo Code for a company through the Booking Button?
Yes. To do this, go to the Companies tab in the Guests module. Then, open the company card and enter the code in the “Promo code for Booking Engine” field. You can find detailed instructions on how to set up a Promo Code here.
Can I add additional information to Booking Engine Pages?
Yes. You can both create additional pages and add all your desired information. To do this, you should go to your Booking Engine module on the left side of your account and click on the tab ´Pages´ and ´Add page´. For more detailed instructions, please follow the link.
Can my potential guests pay for a hotel room online while booking?
Yes. The system enables payments with PayPal, Stripe, MercadoPago, RedSys, and many others. What’s more, your guests can also order services via the Booking Button and pay for them right away.
Can I change the Booking Engine colors and design to match my hotel website pages?
Yes, sure. You can change the design, including the colors of the page, links, and the button itself at any time.

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