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Tailored IT and Business Software Development Services for Enterprises

Make a breakthrough in your business with HotelFriend's expertise. Tap into state-of-the-art technology and celebrate the future with our team.

importance of Front Desk

Planning is the king

Cost-effective, predictable, and delivered on time - that is our idea of a perfect project. Stability starts at the very early stage of the development process. A though-out elegant project structure and a clear action plan for our team are equally crucial to prevent any errors.

The areas of applied software development that are within HotelFriend AG competence:

Operational and inter-company business process optimization

Business and private customer-oriented information systems

Data Science, Data Mining and Big Data

Elastic search and semantic search procedures

Generative development of software for semi- or full automation

Hardware and system integration for the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure of an enterprise

Software development as a culture

What we excel in
software to fulfill your exact needs
Values define the result

Our Success Story

Our Success Story

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