Career in HotelFriend

We work hard and brainstorm a lot both in Berlin and Leipzig offices of HotelFriend Service LLC and in HotelFriend Ukraine LLC.

We cover the huge whiteboards with loads of various ideas, sometimes we erase some of them, often we just replace them or mix them together.

We are innovative, always searching for something special, and we usually find such solutions. We work with passion, we plan, negotiate, consult with each other and move forward. We are the fighters, and we are ready to revolutionize the hotel business.

That’s what we call HotelFriend spirit.

Location of the offices

Our most valuable departments

Sales and Marketing

Work of the Sales and Marketing department consists of two important components, among them customer acquisition that is equally important as maintaining the regular clients. It is being implemented in our company through professional assistance and trustful cooperation. That makes a big difference comparing to other providers. We are interested not just in the short-term selling of our products and services, but rather in building long-term relations with our customers. That’s why it’s important for us that our team unites competent and reliable professionals.

Our Sales team travels a lot, exploring new tourist regions.

And once the contract with the new hotel is signed, they’re the ones receiving cheers and applause of all their colleagues.

Do you possess an organizational talent? Does communication come naturally to you and do you already have a job experience in sales and marketing? Then do not hesitate to apply for our sales manager position and become a part of our team.


Here we’ve got a strong team of professionals, doing their job the best they can and using the latest equipment.

Here is the place, where are products are being designed and where we work on search engine optimization (SEO) and on Data Science as well.

Our colleagues care about the unique HotelFriend searching function that enables the guests to design and plan their trip and to book everything they need with the help of the simple keywords reflecting their wishes and requests. All the processes are being secured, observed and controlled by our internal Quality Management (QA) and DevOps departments.


We think ahead. In all directions. We try and test everything that somehow can possibly arise. We do it by ourselves or in cooperation with the other innovative companies, colleges and schools. It applies not only to the exact FuE-Projects in the area of digitalization, but also for implementing the project related and final papers of the most exceptional students.

Do you currently work with a company and would like to work together with us on digitalization of the processes, on research of the innovative products and on making the world a little bit better and more modern?

Then feel free to apply for our opened job positions

Marketing and PR

Once we at HotelFriend have something new, our Press Department updates the world with all the latest information. The products are being clearly explained and presented. Here we created and translate our content, write and publish press releases and home page contents, and our social media channels are also being controlled from here.

Can you write exciting texts, producing content fast and effective? Then do not hesitate to become a member of our Press team and apply now!

Trade Fairs and Events

We at HotelFriend attend all the big travel, tourism and hotel business trade fairs in B2B and B2C areas.

It is very important for us to establish personal contacts with hoteliers, subcontractors and other providers of the branche related services. And within several days there is a great opportunity to represent our company and present our services to thousands of visitors.

Our team plans and organizes the complete HotelFriend image for the trade fairs, from applying for participation in the exhibition and representing the company of the related online-portals to the direct meetings with the customers and further analysis.

We also plan our own events, such as press conferences and start-up scene and business meetings.

Do you possess exceptional organizational skills and have everything at a glance? Then become a part of our Event team. Apply now!

Open vacancies

Work with us and develop your own ideas!

Highly qualified and motivated professionals as well as young and fresh creative and talented people are welcomed in our team, so we can achieve our goals and success together.

We are currently expanding our team and always looking for the new colleagues.It is really very exciting to build the startup business from its birth together, offering the possibility to bring your creativity and talent to the table.

Recent Job Offers

Translator (English, German Languages)
Kiev, Ukraine

We are a young enthusiastic team that creates an ultimate hotel software that will help customers and hoteliers achieve their dreams. And we need a creative, diligent and cool German in-house translator to join us and do great things together!

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Sales manager
Kiev, Ukraine

HotelFriend Kiev is looking for Sales Manager with working experience at a similar position in IT, strong knowledge of project management methodologies and good analytical skills. We offer a competitive salary, team of professionals, challenging projects and cozy office.

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Content/online marketer
Kiev, Ukraine

Hotel Friend opens a position of Content/online marketer. We offer attractive salary, a great scope for new ideas and opportunities and versatile tasks in a successfully growing company.

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Lead Generation Manager
Kiev, Ukraine

HotelFriend Kyiv is looking for Lead Generation Manager with strong knowledge of product development process, market research and analytics skills. We offer a competitive salary, team of professionals, challenging projects and cozy office.

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