Hotel Online Distribution System

Channel Manager

An important tool for managing online sales of the hotel.

A channel manager is a part of hotel management software, which is linked to your property management system. It is a tool that allows hoteliers to manage an unlimited number of online sales channels simultaneously in real time, more efficiently.

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Features Features

- the ability to create tariff plans for all online travel agencies (OTAs) in one system;

- the ability to update the number of available rooms on all OTA platforms.


How does a channel manager work

When you change information in your PMS, the current number of available rooms and the prices on all synchronized online distribution sites are updated through the channel manager. The PMS submits data, and the channel manager makes adjustments across all the in-sync platforms.

HotelFriend, we use 2XML-synchronization. Which means that if a room is booked through one platform, it will become unavailable on all the other connected platforms as well. If a reservation is canceled, this room will automatically become available for sale again on all platforms.


If you use a channel manager, you can send your information to as many brokers as you want, for instance, online travel agencies - Expedia,, etc.

It also helps hoteliers to avoid such issues as overbooking and obsolete information on prices and rates. This software saves your time and resources.

How to choose a good channel manager?

The best approach would be to consider the following criteria:


The software must support two-way data exchange with booking channels to be able to automatically update information on availability and pricing across all systems. Therefore, access to an extensive range of different booking platforms is crucial.

Inventory Grouping

That means to have the possibility to offer numerous rooms on different booking sites simultaneously. After a successful reservation, the availability is automatically updated everywhere. This way, overbooking and errors are eliminated.


Your channel manager must be able to be easily integrated with other technologies in your hotel operations, such as the hotel management, central reservation or revenue management systems.

Analysis Function

Your channel manager must be able to provide you with detailed information about the performance of your sales channels so that you can optimize your success strategy.

Payment Options

Select a channel manager with a free trial period, after which it is possible to pay on a monthly basis. You should sign a contract for a longer period only after you make sure this solution is effective for you.

HotelFriend is happy to offer you our Channel Manager - a tool with all the features mentioned above. Already interested? Then don't lose time - request a free demo version now!
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