Maximize Your Hotel's Revenue with Smart Pricing Strategies

Optimize resource utilization and extract the maximum revenue potential from your guest base with HotelFriend’s RMS. Take charge of your room sales, capture more profit, and secure your hotel's success.

Revenue Management
Get the most of your revenue management strategy

Get the most of your revenue management strategy with selling rooms at the right time via the right sales channels

If you consistently offer your rooms at a static price throughout the year or only adjust your rates on specific occasions, you're potentially missing out on generating thousands in revenue.

Seamless rate automation saves valuable time and gets the best price for every room.

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Simple setup, powerful results

Set special price conditions based on your existing rates, choose sales channels, and give your new rate a name. From there, the tool will automatically apply it to future bookings that meet the specified conditions.

Hotel Dashboard for better decisions

Hotel Dashboard for better decisions

Analyze data visualizations and make forecasts in real-time based on exact numbers and their fluctuations. It gives you access to everything you need from anywhere:

  • Hotel KPIs in an easily understandable format
  • Make forecasting of room occupancy, revenue, distribution, etc. more accurate
  • Increase investment in areas that work well
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Full automation for your convenience

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with stable and transparent pricing changes, leaving no room for surprises.