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Copywriter (English, German) - remote / part time possible

Kyiv, Ukraine


We are looking for experienced copywriters to join our HotelFriend marketing team so that we could speed up the production and publication of content such as landing pages for our product, long reads, articles, news, updates, etc.

Our company runs a marketplace platform for selling hotels, deals, and tours, which we fill with travel-related content, and work on keeping this content relevant and up-to-date. In general, our main focus is the promotion of our software solutions for hotels in a b2b software niche. We create reviews, comparative articles, and other pieces of content that in the end may spark the interest of users in our product. Here is an example: 12 Best Channel Managers for Hotels in 2021.

Required skills:

— Fluency in English and excellent grammar skills;

— Understanding how to analyze various sources of information;

— Being keen on conducting in-depth research on industry-related topics;

— Ability to analyze, compare and draw conclusions;

— Knowledge of how to write a well-structured copy (according to Statement of work);

— Ability to translate from Russian into English and from German into English (you can use Google translate and then adapt the English version).


— Talent in choosing an interesting and potentially popular topic;

— Knowledge of specialized tools;

— Proficiency in choosing key queries (semantics);

— A good command of German would be an advantage.

Copywriter Test Task

1. Market research: create topics for articles about innovations that are of the highest interest among hoteliers today.

Task: write 2 headlines for articles about hotel technology.

2. Writing: you need to write an article about cloud-based Hotel Management Software.

Task: write an article of about 300 words. It should be about the benefits of using cloud-based Hotel Management Software. Create a catchy headline for this article.


Please prepare and send your answers together with your CV. Thank you!

The main requirement for our future candidates is to write well in English and have a strong desire for further development in this professional field. We will assist you in every possible way with any other part of your work.

Since we are searching for several people to join our team, you will have many opportunities for career growth.

HotelFriend is a global provider of business software for the hospitality sector engaged in cloud computing, e-commerce, CRM, and ERP. We have been working in Ukraine since 2017. Our company has made its own product, a cloud-based platform for hotels. Now we decided to launch an active digital marketing campaign to warm up the audience and boost lead generation performance.

Useful links that you can check before applying to this position:

• About our product: Property Management Software
• What we write about in our blog: HotelFriend Hospitality Blog

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