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Сovid Safety Rating by HotelFriend
Сovid Safety Badge

Your housekeeping team sanitizes the hotel or restaurant from top to bottom, but nobody knows about it? Make the invisible visible!

A transparent and trustworthy corona badge from HotelFriend offers your guests everything they need in search of a safe destination and accommodation.

Your guests want guaranteed security
Your guests want guaranteed security

A vacation trip or a visit to a restaurant should be as carefree and relaxing as possible and even a business trip should not be burdened by additional stress. However, due to the pandemic, people are finding it difficult to shake off their worries and travel with ease. Relieve your guests of these worries by placing our Corona Safety Badge clearly visible and reliably informing customers about current information from the Robert Koch Institute and the status of new infections. In this way, the guests can assess whether a trip to your location or a visit to your restaurant can take place safely and responsibly.

  • Shows your guests that their safety is your top priority.
  • Optimizes the conversion rate through authenticity, credibility and relevance.
  • Provides your guests with unbiased and up-to-date information on the coronavirus situation at your location.
Make your measures visible

What travelers want today is, above all, transparency. Even before the holiday, the guest must be able to assess exactly which safety precautions and cleanliness standards are observed in order to decide on your hotel. And this transparency also has advantages for hoteliers! At the beginning of the pandemic, hoteliers and restaurateurs took a lot of effort and time to create hygiene protocols, invested heavily in technology and modernization, or trained the staff extensively, and that is exactly what you can use to your advantage. A list of the measures implemented by the hotel shows your competitive advantage and the transparency creates trust with your guests.

  • Builds your reputation as a safe hotel by putting it at the center.
  • Gives your guests a feeling of security and cleanliness.
  • Increases your hotel reservations.
Provide information about your location
Provide information about your location

The information about the pandemic changes almost daily and varies from region to region. This can cause confusion and frustration for your guests before they travel - no one wants to spend hours researching restrictions before they travel. A clear list from the Federal Tourism Competence Center makes it easier for your customers to make a choice and shows all restrictions up-to-date and summarized. This enables travelers to optimally prepare for their trip.

  • Informs your potential guests about changes or specific risks in the region.
  • Ensures compliance with hygiene practices and requirements.
Make sure that your measures are complete

In times of pandemic, the more safety measures are in place, the better. A hotelier or restaurant operator cannot be careful enough to avoid spreading infections, but the seemingly endless scope of precautions can also create despair among hotel and restaurant owners. On the basis of DEHOGA Baden-Württemberg, HotelFriend has created a catalog of 175 measures, which can be easily used as a checklist, making your efforts visible and providing new suggestions. The more you ensure safety and cleanliness, the better your guests will feel at your business. You can also add very individual measures and make them all visible - your customers will reward this commitment with trust and bookings.

  • Shows that your hotel is reliable and safe.
  • Increases sales through visibility and accessibility.
Сovid Safety Level by HotelFriend
Make your efforts visible and increase sales
  • Set safety as top priority
  • Ensure complience
  • Build reputation
  • Provide regional restrictions
  • Increase reservations
With HotelFriend's Covid Safety Rating widget, you can easily and visually inform your guests that your location as well as your hotel and restaurant are safe. Make your efforts and measures visible and thus increase your conversion rate.
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