Improve performance and work engagement - Achieve organizational flexibility - Gain employee commitment

Employee Management for enhanced staff interaction and work efficiency

Create, change, and assign roles to your hotel staff. Monitor who and when changed the order status. Let your staff use their time efficiently as notifications of new orders go directly to the right department, and everybody knows what to do next.

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Employee Management
Achieve higher productivity

Achieve higher productivity

Solve problems regarding incorrect changes in bookings and orders easily: all the necessary data is already in the system.

Manage the workflow without any unnecessary calls or messages: everything goes perfectly with a click of a mouse.

Keep in touch with the team and be aware of the state of things at the hotel any time and wherever you are, even on a beach with a cocktail while enjoying your vacation: every hotel’s working process is in your control.

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That’s how it works

Do more with lots of possibilities the module offers. You can create, change, and delete users. They will be able to log in to the system using private access. There are four roles to choose from: Hotel admin, Reception, Department, and Housekeeper. Everyone has their own available options in the system but you know who and when changed the order status and other information:

Hotel admin has access to all modules.

Reception has access to the basic modules for managing reservations and daily operations like creating new guests or employees, editing information about them, viewing documents, room rates, etc.

Department has access to the modules that are required for order management and reporting, receives tasks and orders from guests which will be assigned to particular employees.

Housekeeper (or the manager) has access to the Housekeeping and Help modules, the personal profile settings. The role allows to change the cleaning status of the room in the system right after the cleaning is done so that the receptionist can see what rooms are ready for check-in.

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Manage your staff easily and stay informed of everything that happens without any additional effort.

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Add new employees and find information in a sec

Edit and delete any data

Get access to all the information

Starting from the important information regarding your staff activity and contact details to any guest requests, there is no need for more details; the tool has it all to respond quickly, appropriately, and effectively to any concerns.

Get access to all the information
Add employees, assign roles, and view activity logs

Add employees, assign roles, and view activity logs

You can easily distribute and schedule tasks among the staff, keep them up-to-date and notify them about all changes.

Enable a handy and quick search

The software enables a handy and quick search. In the “Employees” section, you can sort the staff by name, email, user permission, last login, and date of creation. Now your hotel staff is like an open book.

Enable a handy and quick search

Organize your hotel staff for success

Get a free trial, and you will see the changes.

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What you get

Staff Management Software is an ultimate facilitator of great employee performance.

«We have been using Employee Management for a year now and have had a positive experience with it. It’s convenient and easy to use. Love that we can manage all our employees from a single place. The communication between staff and overall productivity are significantly improved. I can track and assign tasks, always know who does what and where to find all the details about tasks fulfillment. See no issues with this software.»

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HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

How do I assign specific roles to employees?
To select the role (Hotel Admin, Department, Reception, Housekeeper), you should go to "Employees", click the "Add user" button in the upper right corner, fill in the details like last name, first name, e-mail, phone, and then choose the role in the field "User permission" from the drop-down list.
How to add a new employee to the system?
You can easily add, edit, and delete the data of an employee by going to the “Employees" section in the "Settings" and using the menu located on the right next to the appropriate employee. For more details, please follow the link.
Do employees receive notifications about new orders from their department?
Yes. Department employees have access to the modules that are required for order management, including options for sending and receiving notifications.
Can a housekeeper change the cleaning status?
Yes. Housekeepers can only change the cleaning status of the room. The rest of the functions are not available to them.
Can receptionists create access to the system for their colleagues?
No. Only the hotel admin can initially create access, add a user role, change the permissions, etc. Employees can access modules and perform the actions they need to do their jobs. For more details regarding employees’ roles, please follow the link.
Can a receptionist make changes to orders for additional guest services?
No. The receptionist can make changes regarding the booking itself.
Can a wellness employee change the number of nights in a booking?
No. The department employees can only make changes regarding the orders of the corresponding department.

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