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Employee Management

Create, change, and assign roles to your hotel staff. Monitor who and when changed the order status. Let your staff use their time efficiently as notifications of new orders go directly to the right department, and everybody knows what to do next. Keep in touch with the crew and be aware of the state of things at the hotel with our Hotel System.

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Why is it necessary

Using the staff management system, you can solve problems regarding incorrect changes in bookings and orders: all the necessary data is already in the system.

Manage the workflow without any unnecessary calls or messages.

You could be relaxing on a beach with a cocktail and enjoying your vacation, while still being in control of your hotel’s working process.


How does it work in our system

The module offers a lot of possibilities. You can create, change, and delete users. They will be able to log in to the system using private accesses. There are four roles to choose from: Hotel admin, Department, Reception, and Housekeeper. Everyone has their own available options in the system:

Department receives tasks and orders from guests, which will be assigned to particular employees.
• Hotel admin and Reception have similar possibilities (creating new guests or employees, editing information about them, etc.). The admin has a wider choice of actions, of course.

Housekeeper (or the manager) changes the cleaning status of the room in the system right after the cleaning is done so that the receptionist can see what rooms are ready for check-in.

One more possibility of the module is that you will know who and when changed the order status and other information. It simplifies management quite a lot especially if the hotelier can’t be present at the hotel but wants to keep in touch with the staff and be aware of the state of things at the hotel.

The system enables a handy and quick search

The software enables a handy and quick search. In the “Employees” section, you can sort the staff by name, email, user permission, last login, and date of creation. Now your hotel staff is like an open book.

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Well-organized workflow

employees see only particular modules in the system and won’t be able to change important information by accident.

Everything is saved in the system

changes, personal and contact information of employees, etc.

Quick access to information

you can solve working issues from anywhere and anytime.

handy interface and search.

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