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Guest Management
for greater customer engagement

Turn first-timers into repeat customers: understand your guests, their common behaviors, expectations, and desires.

Go out of the way to deliver fantastic customer service and get more bookings, positive reviews, and referrals for your hotel!

Give your top customers the VIP treatment they deserve.

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the new Guest Management
All Guests grid
Why is it necessary

Manage the clientele much easier. You have all the necessary information about your guests in full view: personal and contact information, expenses, debts, email, etc.

Shorten lines at the reception because all the important clients’ data needed for check-in are already saved in the hotel management system.

Enhance guest experience through personalization thanks to a full guest view, including information about allergies, meal preferences, former orders, etc.

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How does it work?

You can create new guests as well as edit information of regular customers in the system, check their expenses at the hotel, add bookings, invoices, and orders to them, reminders, leave comments, and even more. Also, it is possible to import already composed lists of clients (formats CSV, XLS, XLSX, etc.).

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The check-in process is much faster

If guests visited the hotel once, their data is saved for the next stays. The hotel crew has all clientele’s personal and contact information in the system: so the staff can easily contact guests if needed. It also gives a possibility to manage corporate clients. For example, you can set a discount for a company.

check-in guest details
guests’ statuses
guests’ grid icon
Informative guests’ grid includes filters and guest statuses

You can set, edit, or delete custom statuses for a guest, namely name a status, choose an icon, and the background color for it.

guest card icon
The comprehensive guest card with all the information divided into tabs

You have all the data at your disposal, including:

  • mobile app usage (if guests use it, the staff can chat with them);
  • balance sheet (additional cash or unpaid invoices);
  • important comments section for different departments (e.g., guest’s meal preferences or allergies for hotel staff, guest’s VIP 1 status for leaving additional perks in the room, etc.);
  • complete order history and guests’ preferences to offer them what they expect to get.
guest orders history
guest reports
guest reports icon
Reports for instant access to guest data and smarter decisions

Housekeeping list, Meals list, and Check-in/Check-out reports can be created for future dates.

What you get

Rich guest data icon

Rich guest data

Analyze the data to detect potential repeat customers and build a recommendation system.

guest view icon

Comprehensive guest view

Know and understand your guests and their preferences.

customer journey

A clear grasp of the customer journey with your hotel

Map out the customer journey to deliver value at each stage.

Better retention rates

Better retention rates

Increase retention rates and the satisfaction of your visitors

Benefits of the Guest Management module


Knowing your guests helps add personalization and customize amenities accordingly: greet them personally, speak their language, offer the food they love (vegan), etc.


Understand the preferences of clients with the help of detailed order history, as well as offer deals based on customer interests.

Quick access to

You can see the nationality and language of clients and improve your service (e.g., hiring employees with knowledge of a particular language).


Boost corporate hotel bookings thanks to handy management of reservations for business clients.


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