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Guest Management

Thanks to saved data about orders, previously booked rooms, payments, and other essential details about each guest, this module will help you to detect potential repeat customers, understand their preferences, build a recommendation system, and increase the satisfaction of your visitors. You will know who are your VIPs and what service they deserve.

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Why is it necessary

With this handy option, the management of the clientele will be much easier. You have all the necessary information about your guests in full view: personal and contact information, expenses, debts, email, etc. By using the Guest Management module, your hotel can shorten lines at the reception because all the important clients’ data needed for check-in are already saved in the hotel management system.


How does it work in our system

You can create new guests as well as edit information of regular customers in the system, check their expenses at the hotel, add bookings, invoices, and orders to them, and even leave comments. Also, it is possible to import already composed lists of clients (formats CSV, XLS, XLSX, etc.).

This module makes the check-in process much faster. The hotel crew doesn’t have to enter clientele’s personal and contact information into the system: if the guest visited the hotel once, the data is saved for the next stays.

In addition, having all the necessary data of the guest in the system, the staff can easily contact him/her if needed. It also gives a possibility to manage corporate clients. For example, you can set a discount for a company.

When creating a booking, the hotelier can choose this option and its type (discount in percent correlation, fixed discount or fixed price for a particular room type).

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Improved upselling

Understand the preferences of clients with the help of detailed order history.

Quick access to information

You can see the nationality and language of clients and improve your service (e.g., hiring employees with knowledge of a some particular language).

Company profiles

Handy management of bookings for corporate guests.