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Hotel Dashboard for Business intelligence

Have complete control over all processes, from sales, profit figures, distribution channels to housekeeping, room, and guest management. Plan and organize workflow efficiently thanks to key performance indicators, simplified analytics, and revenue forecasting.

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the new Hotel Dashboard
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Why is it necessary

Analyze data visualizations and make forecasts based on exact numbers and their fluctuations so that you:

- Get simplified analytics - all your KPIs in an easily understandable format.
- Better and faster assess the state of affairs at a given time.
- Identify bottlenecks or problems and fix them to improve the efficiency and profitability of your hotel, increase investment in areas that work well.
- Make forecasting of room occupancy, revenue, distribution, etc. more accurate.

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How does it work?

See exactly what you should focus on. Get better at these areas and identify the tasks that need more effort to invest.

  • Hotel rate features with much more valuable data about reservations, arrivals, departures, guests in the house, rooms, and occupancy, guests, tasks, comments.
  • Guest management with information on arrivals and departures, number of guests, types of rooms.
  • Housekeeping with room statuses: clean, cleaning, dirty.
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Equip your hotel with the next-generation software

Make your business processes clearer, more understandable, and ultimately effective with HotelFriend Hotel Dashboard

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Keep track of all reservations

The color chart tells you how many new guests you’ve gotten today, how many checked out ones along with many other data, including the total number of reservations as well as the reservation statuses ( new, due in, confirmed, check out, etc.).

Also, you can see the type of reservation: individual, group, or company reservation in the Reservation Type section.

track all reservations
Understand who your guests are
Understand who your guests are icon
Understand who your guests are to optimize performance and marketing

You have all guest data so you can measure and analyze ways to engage with customers and sell more. You know who and when arrives, order preferences, the amount of money spent by a guest, and more. The dashboard illustrates crucial aspects of hotel performance so you can know in-depth and keep track of every process. You focus on important things like KPIs and sales.

Guests' check-ins and outs icon
Stay up to date with guests' check-ins and outs

The Guests section keeps you in the loop regarding your guests at all times so you stay alert, responsive, and efficient on a daily basis.
There are 3 sections and a field for searching by guests:

  • arrivals - bookings for which arrival is expected
  • departures - bookings for which departures are expected
  • guest in house - reservations that are already settled, guests are already living in the hotel.

Plus, you have information as a percentage on the number of adults and children, language, and more.

Guests' check-ins and outs
sources of the booking
sources of the booking icon
Know the sources from which the booking came

Guest Source section shows whether the booking is direct, and came from the Reception source or the reservation is from OTA systems, then it came from Channel Manager.

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Get a definitive gauge of how the hotel team is performing

The cleaning statuses and the Show all button open the Housekeeping module. If you click on a certain status, a new tab opens with the already set filter.

In the Rooms section, you can find a list of room types, the number of available rooms, sold, Out of order/Out of service, the total number of rooms for this type of room.

You can easily assign tasks for yourself and your employees, as well as create reminders. Also, you can leave comments and view them in the Latest Comments section.

hotel team performance
correct direction
correct direction icon
Make sure you are going in the right direction

Thanks to the Top Services, Department and statistics sections, you can see all orders for today, their quantity, and cost.

The Revenue section provides you with information on revenues thanks to the main reports of RevPar and ADR hotels, Room Revenues (income from room sales only).

What you get

Data clarity

Drive data clarity to your hotel business intelligence

You can quickly and easily see your hotel's KPI and each value in real-time.

Gainers and Losers

Detect gainers and losers

Data are presented side by side on the dashboard so you can compare different indicators and determine which your top performers are.

New Creative Solutions

Generate new creative solutions

Data can be presented in different forms, which helps to generate new ideas and find efficient creative solutions.

What makes HotelFriend Dashboard different

of components

All the individual elements of the panel - graphics, diagrams, numbers - everything is integral and complement the overall picture.


The data is displayed consistently and systematically so you can compare values from different time periods and reach a conclusion on the basis of the value.

Simplicity, and
live update

A dashboard is created to make complicated information straightforward.

New indicators are quickly added to the dashboard.


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