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Hotel Dashboard

It is impossible to run a business without data clarity. You should always know what is happening in your hotel: what your sales and profit figures are, which advertising channel is effective, etc. However, a big amount of data may look chaotic without proper organization.

Our Hotel Dashboard, with all the important performance indicators in a convenient format, is a reliable assistant for your information management.

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What is it for What is it for

Hotel Dashboard visualizes information about business processes in your property. With its help, you get a detailed overview of the values of specific indicators and their fluctuations to make forecasts accordingly.

The software shows the situation in real-time, which differentiates it from other demonstration materials.


How does it work

Hotel Dashboard is a so-called layer between the computer program that automatically collects and processes data and a specialist who analyzes this data and makes a decision based on it.

The system tracks all the changes and provides answers to critical questions:
• What is the current situation, and what are the problems?
• What are the opportunities and prospects?
• How can the situation develop in the future?

How to check available: occupied rooms for today
How to check house rooms and cancellations

The following categories can be analyzed: Room; Room types; Departments; Services and Deals.

The analysis can be based on the following criteria: utilization (only for rooms and room types), sales revenue, profit. The user can select a time frame for the analysis - days, weeks, or months - to see the results for the specified period.

Advantages Advantages of data visualization with HotelFriend Dashboard

Simplicity - each value is displayed with maximum clarity.

Comparability- data are presented side by side on the dashboard.

Instant availability of the most important information.

Flexibility - thanks to constant monitoring of the situation, new indicators are quickly added to the dashboard.

Variability - data can be presented in different forms, which helps to generate new ideas and find efficient, creative solutions.

Logical structure - it is easy to understand the causes of change in values.

Equip your hotel with our intelligent software of the next generation Make your business processes clear, understandable, and ultimately effective with our Hotel Dashboard.
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What makes a perfect dashboard

Unity of components

All the individual elements of the panel - graphics, diagrams, numbers - must be integral. Each of them should complement the overall picture but not distract.

Unity of components
Data hierarchy

Often, there is a need for data comparison. Some characteristics are relative, and it might be hard to reach a conclusion on the basis of one value. Therefore, it is important to have the ability to compare values from different time periods, etc. The data must be displayed consistently and systematically.

Data hierarchy
Separation of elements

Free spaces on the panel are desirable. They logically separate denominators of different types. Psychologists argue that gaps between key elements help the brain relax and evaluate the next block of information with less effort.

Separation of elements
Attractive color scheme

The color scheme should be pleasing to the eye - easy to perceive and harmonious. At the same time, it should be rich in contrast and direct the analyst's attention to the right areas of the panel that show differences.

Attractive color scheme
Correct emphasis

The more important an indicator is for your business, the more it should be highlighted, and vice versa.

Correct emphasis

The simpler, the better. A dashboard is created to make complicated information straightforward. A complex panel does not make sense.