How to make basic account settings

To work in the system, it is required to make basic settings.
For those who selected room management products and more, follow these recommendations and step-by-step instructions to simplify your work as much as possible.

Check out step-by-step instructions below

  1. Go to the Settings module, select Hotel, and configure information in the following tabs: General, Legal Info, Meals, Children, and City Tax. These tabs are enough to start. You can find a detailed description of how to make settings here.
  2. How to make basic account settings

  3. Then, you need to configure Room types and Rooms.
  4. In case of accommodation with themed and unique rooms, you should add each room as a separate room type, and add one room to each type.

    How to make basic account settings

  5. One more important step is to add Room Rates.
    Please note that you will be able to create bookings only after adding rooms and plans. Do not skip these steps.
    In Room Rates module, it is possible to adjust prices by day of the week, add seasons, restrictions, as well as additional cancellation policies. You can take all actions in the corresponding tabs.
  6. How to make basic account settings

    By default, the system has 2 cancellation conditions: free and non-refundable. To add additional cancellation conditions, use the following instruction.

    How to make basic account settings

  7. After making the settings above, you will be able to create reservations from the Front Desk module or from the Reservation module.
    Please note that if the reservation is created for the company, you should add the company first in the Guests module, in the company tab.
  8. How to make basic account settings

  9. For created reservations, you will be able to Create Invoice and Payment.
  10. Please note that when creating an account, you can specify a deferred payment date.

    How to make basic account settings

    Information for those who need to sync Channel Manager

    Please note that Channel Manager is configured by HotelFriend employees. Before you sync, you need to prepare an account and enter all relevant bookings into the system, apart from the ones received through OTA systems. It is necessary so that after synchronization on the OTA-systems, the actual information on the availability of numbers and tariff plans is displayed. Do not worry, there is no need to make all reservations manually. You can provide us with a list of reservations and we will automatically import them into the system.

    How to make basic account settings

  11. To improve communication between departments, it is necessary to add departments and system access for employees.
  12. Read more about additional services of the accommodation.

  13. If your accommodation provides additional services, you have a great opportunity to increase the sale of these services.
  14. Import services from the library or create new ones. Once you configure the options and prices for services, you will be able to enter orders in the system. Besides, your guests will be able to make orders themselves, even if they don’t use the mobile app. We highly recommend adding Welcome PDF and Service PDF documents, printing, and putting them in all public areas and each room. It is very easy and fast to buy a service with such evaluation files. When the guest sees a special offer, he/she simply scans the QR-code of the service with a camera on the smartphone, indicates the delivery zone, additional wishes, and buys the service online.

    How to make basic account settings

    Recommendations and instructions above provide the information on how to set up your account but this is only a certain part of the functions that HotelFriend provides. If you have any further questions or additional requests regarding functionality, please do not hesitate to contact Support.


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