Automate orders - Save costs - Increase revenue

Mobile POS Hotel System for seamless transactions

An all-in-one platform for quick order, payment, and on-time delivery of services. Turn your guests’ smartphones into a portable point of sale and let them make payments on the go.

Eliminate cash and POS gadgets

Securely process all payments in the cloud

Accelerate the sales of services

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Mobile POS Hotel System
Drive your sales with mobile convenience
Drive your sales with mobile convenience icon

Drive your sales with mobile convenience

According to Statista, the number of users in the Mobile POS Payments segment is expected to amount to 85.6 m users by 2025.

These statistics clearly show that now guests want more than just a hotel room. Ancillary revenue in the hospitality industry has increased due to high consumer demand.

Make all your services instantly available to clients via a HotelFriend Guest Concierge App. Process payments, create deals, analyze sales data, and communicate with guests directly – all in a few clicks.

That’s how it works icon

That’s how it works

Our Mobile POS System enables your guests to carry out transactions via mobile phones.

Any of the provided services, such as food and beverages at the restaurant, spa treatments, taxi, and conference or swimming pool rent, could be chosen and paid for right from the smartphones of your clients.

Just let your guests scan the QR code of the service and pay instantly through our app!

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Transform operational efficiency into an experience

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scan a QR code

pay online via an app

Add tips and discounts to orders icon

Add tips and discounts to orders

An integration with Gastronovi restaurant software enhances the whole payment experience in a hotel restaurant or bar. Add tips and discounts to orders or split invoices for a few guests, offering the utmost payment convenience.

Add tips and discounts to orders
Process payments on the go
Process payments on the go icon

Process payments on the go

The purchase is immediately processed through one of several payment methods of the guest’s choice, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, or the connected credit/debit card. We guarantee the absolute security of the operations thanks to high-level encryption.

Eliminate possible human errors icon

Eliminate possible human errors

Waiters in your restaurant no longer need to run from one table to another memorizing dozens of orders. Let your guests order a meal or any other service via an app. The order is instantly sent to the kitchen or another respective department, minimizing the risk of errors or delays.

Eliminate possible human errors
Improve your service level
Improve your service level icon

Improve your service level

Offer better speed and quality of service by automating the ordering process. Handle orders with ease – add or delete items and edit their price in just one click. Forget about POS terminals, as our system doesn’t require any additional gadgets.

Increase the visibility of your revenue streams

Stay available to clients and provide better service with Mobile POS

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Benefit from increased table turns icon

Benefit from increased table turns

Enjoy more efficient restaurant operations with fast ordering and instant payment processing. Generate revenue from more customers and increase table turns while helping your guests enjoy responsive service.

Benefit from increased table turns

What you get

Point-of-experience icon


+ No service delays

There is no need to make your guests wait for the server to come over to the table or bring the bill. Speed up service to avoid negative experiences that may affect guest loyalty.

Full control icon

Full control

+ Payments accepted via Stripe

Gain full control of the ordering process, as well as secure transactions via Stripe. Payments are made by guests through a smartphone and go directly to your hotel account.

Improved workflow icon

Improved workflow

+ Convenient reporting

Keep your team more organized, informed, and agile. We will help you to eliminate the mess in the order and shift management.

Flexible invoicing icon

Flexible invoicing

+ Handling of miscellaneous positions and sales cancellation

All the sales figures can be viewed as convenient reports, and your guests will have an opportunity to split the bill to pay the way that suits them most.

Multi-currency support icon

Multi-currency support

+ Clearer communication

Let your guests pay for services without any fuss and in any currency that suits them.

Quick setup icon

Quick setup

+ No hidden fees

System installation takes less than 2 hours and does not require any special training or extra payment.

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Château de Sibra (Lagarde, France)
Customer about the product

HotelFriend Mobile POS makes it super easy to accept payments from our customers. Now we don’t need to mess around with the card reader, and our staff can fully focus on delivering a top-notch guest experience. It’s just perfect for our small family-run hotel!

Château de Sibra (Lagarde, France)

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HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

I want to set up services for my digital menu. How can I do it?
Great decision! To create your own menu, please open "Options" and go to the "Services" tab. In the upper right corner, click the "Create service" button. After that, you will be able to specify the name of the service, the name of the department, service category, and service waiting time. In addition, you will be able to add images and descriptions. If you run into difficulties at any stage of creating a menu, please check out this help page.
How to get started with the Concierge application?
To get started with an app, you should first click on the Concierge module on the left side menu. In the main tab, fill in the data fields with the Wi-Fi name and password. If necessary, you can click on the “+” button and add the data of additional access points.
In the Fast check-in / check-out block, you can allow guests to make a fast check-in on their own by letting them submit their personal data, attach photos of the documents, and leave a signature in the app.
To enable your guests to pay for orders, you need to turn on the online payment system in the PMS. Please, check out this help page for more detailed information.
How to place a digital order with HotelFriend Guest App?
HotelFriend Concierge Guest App allows customers to place an order with delivery available 24/7, right from their smartphones. Digital orders can be paid for with any preferred method and at any convenient time.
Here's how guests are going to place their orders via an app:
1. Customers familiarize themselves with the hotel and all its offers.
2. They choose a service, set date, and time options.
3. They can leave a comment on the service if needed.
4. They can choose other services.
5. Customers can create an order without payment.
6. They can set a specific date and time.
7. Guests pay online with the preferred method.
All the hotelier needs to do is to confirm the order and receive payment.
Is it possible to place an order with the guests who have a group booking?
Any guest can order service at your hotel, regardless of whether they have a reservation or not. This option is also available for group bookings. To do that, you need to select the Orders module and then click on the “Add order” button. After that, find the services of interest in the new window, click the “+” button to add services to the basket, and then mark the checkbox named “On Group”. Finally, fill in the required fields with data, click on the “Add items to Order” button and place an order.
How to connect with Gastronovi?
You can connect with third parties like Gastronovi. To get started, you need to request the integration, enter your API key and import the masterdata.
Is it possible to split an invoice for a few guests?
In our system, you can split the invoice for several guests. This can be done in such modules as Reservation and Order.
The split payment option also lets you add two or more different payment methods to one invoice. If the payment doesn’t match the invoiced amount, the customer will have several options to handle the open amount: a partial payment, banking fee, or commission.

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