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Mobile POS Hotel System

HotelFriend provides a groundbreaking Mobile POS System for quick order, payment, and on-time delivery of services. The perfect combination of cloud-based PMS and native Hospitality App.

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Change in Ancillary Revenue Streams Measured
by Revenue Management Systems from 2014 to 2017

Services Matter

The statistics clearly show that now guests want more than just a hotel room. Ancillary revenue in the hospitality industry has increased due to high consumer demand.

But how to tap into this growth potential? How to measure current upselling performance? How to turn services into revenue booster? 71% of respondents do not have answers or any effective tools to handle it.

But we do. Make all your services instantly available to clients through Guest Service App. Create deals, analyse sales data, generate reports, process payments, communicate with guests directly - all with a few clicks. And see your revenue grow every day.

Your revenue rocket among hotel management apps Your revenue rocket among hotel management apps

A Hotel is not just a room. Services are Ordered and Paid with a QR Code and Delivered with Perfect Timing.

Unprecedented simplicity and effectiveness: set up time - 2 hours, no support fees and no training needed.

Competition nowadays is all about improving client experience with technology. Don't lag behind.


How it works

Purchase from the smartphone. All the provided services - food and beverages at the restaurant or bar, spa treatments, taxi, even conference or swimming pool rent - can be selected and paid by clients from their smartphone.

Fast Lane flow. Guest can install the app by scanning a QR code. Select one or several options from the digital menu. Set delivery time and zone at your property, for instance, indicate their room number and pay with one click.

Instant Payment. The purchase is immediately processed through one of several payment methods of the guest’s choice, such as PayPal, Apple Pay or the connected credit/debit card. We guarantee the absolute security of the operations thanks to the high-level encryption.

Single Interface. All payments are reflected on a single interface of your PMS. The guest can choose to either register in the system, entering personal data, or not (for instance, restaurant clients). However, you can provide an incentive for registering, such as loyalty discounts, as it helps to provide more personalized service.

Step 1. Import services

Set up Service Management module. Import services from our library with thousands of options. Create deals and bundles for even higher sales. Customize your services with nice pictures and catchy description texts if necessary.

Import services
Create Service PDF

Step 2. Service PDF

Choose the preffered services from the catalog to generate respective QR codes for the promo leaflet with pictures and prices - a Service PDF. Place them as printouts (in rooms, on tables in the hotel’s restaurant, etc., each containing an individual room or table number.) or on social media.
The guest has to first install the App by QR code, then scan the QR code of the service and go to the respective page in the app. Services can be ordered with or without prior registration.

Step 3. Online Order

After the code was scanned, the guest will see a digital menu with the possibility to select services with all available options (duration of the activity, food details like gluten-free or vegetarian, etc.), set the quantity, date, time and place (the number of the table, deckchair, room, etc.) of delivery, change a pick-up point, and write a comment if necessary.

Online Order
Instant Payment

Step 4. Instant Payment

The guest can make an order immediately or just add an item with all the indicated preferences to the cart and return to other offers on the menu. An invoice is generated, and the payment for the service(s) can be made instantly and securely with a smartphone.

Get a free demo now or contact our team for more details Our Mobile POS System stands out among apps for hotels, allowing your business to reach new heights.
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Advantages of reservation management

What you get

Our Mobile POS for hotels is compatible with any portable or desktop device and does not require installation. Hospitality App can be seamlessly integrated into 3rd party hotel management systems. Traditional POS terminals are becoming a thing of the past. You don’t need any equipment to process payments, which allows a great economy of money and time.

Guest experience

The overwhelming majority of people have no tolerance for the waste of time - waiting for a waiter to come up to the table, waiting for the dish to be cooked, waiting for the bill to arrive, can turn minutes easily into hours. It is crucial to avoid this and other delays while delivering a service. Because negative experiences have a direct impact on guest loyalty. The innovative functionality of our hotel management apps is an unbeatable tool for making services frustration-free.

Efficiency and savings

Our software eliminates the possibility of missed orders and allows full control of the ordering and delivering process because the order always goes to a particular department. You can also forget about POS terminals: our system doesn’t need special gadgets. With Stripe technology, payments are made by guests through a smartphone and go directly to your hotel account.

Visibility and revenue

You have a roof terrace cafe with a perfect Instagram view, a cozy spa center with cool treatments, a swimming pool that can turn into a party spot, a conference hall with state-of-the-art equipment, but far too few people know about it? Changing this has never been easier: generate QR codes for all your services in the system and place the order sheet on your premises or in partner establishments.

Direct sales boost

Sell to a vast target audience: put QR codes on your social media pages and ad campaigns for immediate access to a digital service menu in our app. No registration, no hassle, services pre-ordered and delivered precisely when your clients want - they will love it. Your excellent facilities will not stand idle.

Hospitality App with Mobile POS

There are many apps for hotels with cool features, but the HotelFriend Mobile POS System with native apps is unique. Sell, manage, control. You don't need to hire a team of software developers, educate personnel, or invest in modifying your current system - the revenue boost is almost instant. People always love new technology, and word-of-mouth recommendations of your digital and amazingly client-focused hotel are also guaranteed.

Intuitive interface, ease of use, multi-user, multi-property - as an integral part of our cloud PMS, the POS solution shares all its features.

Different levels of access can be granted to users for protecting sensitive information, e.g., guest payment details, the real-time financial status of other properties in the chain, etc.

There is no limitation for the number of outlets - payments are processed at the speed of light. Restaurant POS, Front Desk POS, Housekeeping POS - all in one system.

Flexibility - orders can be paid immediately by the guest in different currencies or transferred to the room and then paid while checking out.


Invoices & Reports

All the sales figures can be viewed as convenient reports.

Possibility to form invoices.

Easier to promote

Hotel services are easier to market on-site and on social media.

Shorten the customer journey to a minimum.

Improved workflows

The life of hotel employees becomes easier with our hotel management app: no missed orders, better planning, and organization of staff schedules and resources.

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