Digitize orders - Save time - Increase loyalty

Order Management System for best service

Let your guests book any room service in one tap via the dedicated app. Grant instant access to all on-site facilities from restaurants to spa, get payments online and boost your income with upsells.

Provide multilingual Digital Menu

Enable instant payments

Promote special offers

Streamline order management

* The System can be integrated with any 3rd parties on request.

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Order Management System
Put your customers in control of their experience

Put your customers in control of their experience

In 2021, the number of smartphone users in the world reached 3.8 Billion*. Meaning that half of the world’s population relies on a smartphone in their daily lives!

Meet & exceed guest expectations with a mobile ordering solution. Your clients will have the freedom to decide what they want, specify their requirements, and pay from the comfort of their room.

Digitize customer journey with an e-menu, instant messaging, and fast check-in – all in one app. Enhance their loyalty with special offers, and provide a fully contact-free experience for their safety.

* According to Statista

That’s how it works icon

That’s how it works

The Order Management System enables quick orders, payments, and on-time delivery of services.

First, you need to create a digital menu of services that you offer. All you have to do is to choose specific services from our catalogue, add images and descriptions. After that, let our system generate a QR-code for each item.

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Once your guests scan the code, they will be able to select any option from the menu. They can also set the quantity, date, time, and place of delivery, and write a comment if necessary. Then, they instantly pay online or continue shopping.

Take guest’s stay from good to amazing

Ensure clear communication between customers and staff. Our digital menu supports 12 languages, mitigating any language barriers often experienced via phone. Offer better speed and quality of service by automating the whole ordering process.

Take guest’s stay from good to amazing
Refine your menu to drive sales

Refine your menu to drive sales

Provide an overview of all room services and unleash the full potential of your property. Add catchy descriptions, upload photos, and set QR codes to simplify the purchasing process. Notify your guests about breakfast discounts and new offers with push notifications.

Improve operations with technology

Maintain effective communication and collaboration within your hotel service team. Our system allows full control of the ordering and delivering process. Forget about missed orders, as every new request automatically goes to a certain department.

Improve operations with technology

Let your guests skip the front desk hassle

Keep them safe and sound from now on.

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Offer instant payment convenience

Offer instant payment convenience

Paying for the services does not require any POS gadgets. Your guests can instantly pay online when they receive an invoice. Seamless integration with Stripe ensures safe payments and protects your guests’ data from leakage.

Get full integration with your system

Our Order Management System is compatible with any portable or desktop device and does not require installation. It is an integral part of the HotelFriend System. Traditional POS terminals are becoming a thing of the past. You don’t need any equipment to process payments, which helps save money and time.

Get full integration with your system
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«The order system is very user friendly and easy to work with. We managed to improve staff efficiency in a short time. Our guests are happy with the opportunity to receive contactless service during COVID, and we got some positive feedback regarding this. Overall, we are pleased with the solution.»

Alp Hotel

Engelberg, Switzerland

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HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

How do I set up the Digital Menu?
To set up the Digital Menu, you will need to select the desired services, and our system will generate a PDF with QR codes, pictures, and prices. Follow our step-by-step instructions for creating your Digital Menu. You can then choose to print it or share it on your website.
Which portable devices are supported by the Concierge app?
Our Mobile Concierge App works seamlessly on any Android or iOS device.
Does HotelFriend support special offers and discounts?
Yes, you can create and manage special offers, which will be displayed in the App. Your guests will be notified about new discounts and deals through push notifications.
What payment system is used for fast payments?
We integrate with Stripe – a convenient payment gateway, which enables you to receive and process payments online.
Does the Order Management work with departments other than the restaurant?
Yes, it does. As soon as the PMS receives an order, the system immediately sends it to the corresponding department, whether it’s a Restaurant, Spa, Wellness, Gym, Conference hall, etc.
What is the process for receiving orders in the system?
Once a guest submits an order, you will receive an instant notification in the Orders module. You can then review and confirm or reject the request, as well as update the status to "Completed" once it has been fulfilled.

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