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Payment Management & Payment Gateway

Process and manage payments without much effort. Use Stripe, one of the most popular gateways, to get payments from your guests.

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Why is it necessar Why is it necessary

The payment gateway is available as an integrated option. The hotel system saves card numbers in an encrypted format, so that the hotel will be able to charge a fee directly from guests’ cards. Now your clients can pay online via the Booking Button and our mobile app.

These options will also help you to save your time. You can convert all payments of the guest to a convenient format, add them to the invoice, and make a refund, if necessary. All actions will be saved and displayed in a handy way in HotelFriend system, and you can access them anytime and from everywhere.

Our tools allow you to focus your energy on more significant things at the hotel with HotelFriend than filling in accounting documents.


How does it work

Now your guests can enjoy completely digital hotel stays. You can charge the full amount of money or a prepayment from clients’ cards. To use this option, hoteliers must add their Stripe account first. Hotel Admin, Reception User, Department User can set it up for further correct functioning in HotelFriend system.

After that, guests can pay for reservations, orders, deals, and even invoices instantly via the web, Booking Button, and app. Card details of guests will be saved in an encrypted format, and nobody will have access to them.
However, you will be able to charge the required amount of money from the guests’ card even after their departure.

Easy search and
convenient format

The system enables efficient payment management. You can easily find any transaction by user name, date when it was made, payment method, and operator. Besides, you have the possibility to download it as a PDF file or export to CSV format. In this way, you can save your time on creating documents for accounting.

Balance refilling

Opening a booking, you will see payment details, including the total amount for accommodation and all ordered services, a paid sum, and a balance displaying how much the guest has to pay. The option of adding a payment allows paying a part of the whole sum, which can be done an unlimited number of times. After that, the balance will be changed automatically. By the way, this action takes several minutes literally: you must fill in only three fields.

Always at hand

The option is available in Reservations in the list of bookings, on the page of a booking, and in the Front Desk, so you can easily find it.

Smart system

If you have already created an invoice, but the guest makes one more order, do not worry: the system will generate the invoice again and add this payment to it.

Refund in a minute

Another situation, familiar to any hotel worker, is when the client pays more money than it was required. In this case, you can make a refund just in several clicks. This action will also be displayed in the system and in the invoice.

Key features

Our intuitive system enables easy and clear payment management, no matter what computer skills you have.

Export to СSV or PDF

The system converts all payments either to CSV or PDF format so that you will be able to print it and use for accounting. Now you don’t have to fill in tables and documents manually - we do it for you.

Integrated payment processing

Charging fees won’t take a minute. You can receive prepayments or full amounts for your services via Stripe. Card numbers of guests will be saved in the system and used for further hotel stays and orders. Your clients’ personal information will be in safe hands - encrypted and protected.

Advanced invoices & billing

You can create invoices for individual and corporate guests. By the way, company guest discounts can be applied if needed. Also, all payments and refunds will be added to the invoice.

Custom Payment Options

Guests have the possibility to make a prepayment or refill the balance of the booking and choose what sum of money to give. In addition, if corporate guests want to order services, food, or drinks at their own expense, the hotelier can create a separate invoice for them.

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Instant paying

Instant paying

Receive payments from the card.

Easy management

Easy management

Work with an intuitive system.

No bureaucracy

No bureaucracy

Make refunds fast.

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