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Mobile Live Chat for instant messaging

Take advantage of the direct online messaging module and chat with your guests before, during, and after their stay. Provide support on every stage of your client’s journey and win their trust and loyalty.

Reply to guests’ queries in real-time

Provide online concierge services

Help customers make informed decisions

Optimize internal operations

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Mobile Live Chat for instant messaging
Assist and advise your guests at any time
Assist and advise your guests at any time icon

Assist and advise your guests at any time

In 2020, the global customer satisfaction rate with live chat usage peaked at 85.6%*, meaning that customers all around the world still expect human connection from businesses.

Stand out from the crowd of automated messaging and chatbots with Mobile Live Chat. Establish connections on a human level and address any customer concerns whenever they need during their stay.

We will help you to communicate with your guests in real-time, learn more about their desires, and provide first-class services for a stellar first impression.

* According to Statista.

That’s how it works icon

That’s how it works

Mobile Live Chat allows guests to contact the hotel anytime via HotelFriend's Mobile Concierge App. They can instantly request further information on room reservations, bookings, and service orders.

The administrator of each department receives a notification of the incoming message and instantly responds to the guest’s needs. On request, any service can be adapted to the specific requirements of each client.

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Turn customer experience into growing revenue

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guest submits their preferences

manager replies at no time

Discuss additional requirements to orders icon

Discuss additional requirements to orders

Change of plans during the trip is quite a common thing. Grant your guests freedom to share their preferences and requirements to orders, as well as cancel them if needed.

Discuss additional requirements to orders
Get to know your guests better
Get to know your guests better icon

Get to know your guests better

Handle your guest’s messages in real-time and learn more about their expectations. Create special offers aligned with the most popular requests and boost your revenue with upsells.

Engage with customers immediately

Build a delightful customer service experience via Live Chat

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Improve communication between departments
Improve communication between departments icon

Improve communication between departments by offering immediate crisis management

Whether it is a problem on a booking stage or a leaking faucet in the room, immediately address any issues that your guests may have and notify staff about new tasks to help everyone to stay on track. Increase team productivity by letting employees from different departments coordinate their workflow in the chat, as well as show your guests that you care and protect your hotel from negative reviews on social media or booking platforms.

Guide your clients through their journey icon

Guide your clients through their journey

Ensure top-notch support at every stage of the customer journey. Help your guests with remote check-in and offer your best deals. Provide concierge services without the need to answer any phone calls.

Guide your clients through their journey

What you get

Online availability icon

Online availability

+ Positive guest reviews

Guarantee online availability and fast solution to any problem that occurs. Let guests discuss order details via chat and give them the reason to return again and again.

Prompt answers icon

Prompt answers

+ Increased conversions

Help your guest make the best decision on the way to making a purchase. Involve in direct communication with guests and give immediate answers to their questions and concerns to retain them.

Impeccable experience icon

Impeccable experience

+ Tailored offers and deals

Get acquainted with your clients and understand their needs. Use information about guest preferences to implement an advanced sales strategy.

Digital concierge icon

Digital concierge

+ White-label app for your hotel

Let your customers choose the place of order delivery and leave a comment on any special wishes and nuances. The app will give them an opportunity to complete self-check-in and get additional info about the hotel.

Enhanced teamwork icon

Enhanced teamwork

+ Transform requests into assigned tasks

Use chat to organize your team’s work and discuss any related questions. Inform your staff about customer preferences and assign tasks in a smart way.

Reduced costs icon

Reduced costs

+ Automated communication

Free your front desk staff from answering multiple calls at the same time in the rush hours and save money with a more efficient way of communication.

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SPANNORT Gasthaus & Restaurant (Engelberg, Switzerland)
Customer about the product

Live chat makes communication much easier. Our guests are very pleased that they no longer need to call reception to order any service. It is also very convenient to share information with co-workers in the chat. Overall, this is a great solution that helped us to improve productivity and quality of service.

SPANNORT Gasthaus & Restaurant (Engelberg, Switzerland)

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HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

How can guests contact me via Live Chat? Will it be on my hotel website?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to integrate our chat into your website. Guests will need to download the HotelFriend Guest Concierge app to contact you.
Does your chat provide automatic support 24/7? Can it function as a chatbot?
Only direct communication with your hotel representative is possible in our chat. Therefore round-the-clock support is possible if your employees work both day and night shifts.
How to get started with the Concierge application?
To get started with an app, you should first click on the Concierge module on the left side menu. In the main tab, fill in the data fields with the Wi-Fi name and password. If necessary, you can click on the “+” button and add the data of additional access points.
In the Fast check-in / check-out block, you can allow guests to make a fast check-in on their own by letting them submit their personal data, attach photos of the documents, and leave a signature in the app.
To enable your guests to pay for orders, you need to turn on the online payment system (such as Stripe) in the PMS. Please, check out this help page for more detailed information.
Can I create in-app push notifications for guests in the Concierge app?
Sure! You can send notifications to your guests, telling them of special offers, discounts, or other important information. The notification will appear both in the mobile app and on the screen of the mobile device.
To create an in-app push notification, please, enter the Communications module and select In-app Push in Folders. After that, press the Create Push button, fill in all the data necessary for the notification, and hit the Create button to save changes.
Is it possible to create task reminders in the system?
Yes, you can use the Maintenance module and create reminders for various tasks not only for you but also for colleagues. In addition, you can communicate with employees in the general chat.
The HotelFriend website has a description of the features, but my account does not have it. How can I add them?
You can subscribe by choosing a package that includes the features you are interested in. If you have any questions, you can contact our technical support team at .

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