Real-time Communication
with Hotel staff

Mobile Live Chat
for Instant Messaging

Take advantage of the direct online-messaging module of the HotelFriend Software and chat with your guests before, during and after their hotel stay. Provide support on every stage of your clients' journey and win their loyalty.

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Why is it important

With Live Chat, you become the hotelier who really cares about the comfort of every guest. Since each department has its account in the hotel system and is thus always available to clients, presenting offers and services becomes much easier and more effective. It gives a possibility to communicate with your guests in real-time, learn more about their desires and needs, and, as a result, provide first-class services to earn clients' trust and loyalty.


How does it work

The guest can contact the hotel at any time via HotelFriend's Mobile Concierge App, requesting further information on room reservation, booking and ordering services. The administrator of each department receives a notification of the incoming message and can respond quickly.

On request, the services can be adapted to the specific needs of each client. Subsequently, such short messages can serve as a reliable source for building a comprehensive regular guest database and enriching guest experience in the future.

Communicate directly

Another advantage is that clients can also discuss additional requirements of their order, modify or cancel it. This option is very convenient and useful because a change of plans is a common thing.

Stay in touch with your guests

HotelFriend's real-time messaging is a very convenient and useful feature that will help you handling your guests messages, get to know them better, show your hospitality and respect, and in this way, boost sales through the increase in additional orders.

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Hotel Mobile Live Chat Advantages

Online availability

Online availability in real time and fast problem solution.

The guest can order all hotel services online.

Immediate answers

Direct communication with guests, help and immediate answers to their questions and concerns.

No waiting lines

Understand needs

A unique possibility to get acquainted with your clients and understand their needs.

When ordering online, people can not only choose the place of delivery but also leave a comment on special wishes and nuances.

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