Create perfect rates - Increase occupancy - Maximize profit

Hotel Room Rates for income growth

Create an unlimited number of room rates and adjust every imaginable variant of your hotel’s revenue management strategy. Change prices according to room types, meal plans, seasons, or even weekdays – across all booking channels.

Stick to your own cancellation policy

Add meal plans and sales restrictions

Generate rates according to the types of guests

Set special prices for children of different age range

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Hotel Room Rates for income growth
Offer the best value for money

Offer the best value for money

According to Statista’s survey, 70% of travelers consider price very important when choosing a hotel for a leisure trip.

This way, you need a pricing strategy that is both attractive to customers and beneficial to you. And solving this problem without technology is almost impossible.

With our tool, you can optimize room rates for current market demands. Use the guest data collected by our system and act on this information to create flexible pricing policies for each season.

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That’s how it works

Hotel Room Rates is a simple tool that allows hoteliers to create an unlimited number of rates for different seasons.

To create one, fill in the name of the rate and add meals if available. Then, select cancellation terms as well as the source (hotel’s website, OTAs, etc.) for which this rate should be valid.

Finally, pick room & guest types, enter a default price or specify it for certain weekdays. That’s it – your room rate is up and running!

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Optimize your prices for the ever-changing market

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set new rates in a few steps

create seasonal prices to stay competitive

Create unconstrained variations of rates

Set any number of room rates and adjust conditions as you see fit. Stay in full control of prices and offer your guests an opportunity to choose the one that suits them best. It may be a base rate, a special tariff, or seasonal pricing.

Create unconstrained variations of rates
Manage cancellations on your terms

Manage cancellations on your terms

Secure yourself against the risks that canceled reservations entail. Decide between most in-demand options like “Free cancellation policy” and “Not refundable” or add as many new ones as you wish. Life throws many curveballs, but now everything happens on your terms.

Attract more seasonal travelers

If you have different room rates for specific periods of time, you can make rate changes automatic for each season. Provide different prices for peak, high, and low seasons. Maximize revenue during the off-season by attracting more guests with competitive prices.

Attract more seasonal travelers
Invent your best demand strategy

Invent your best demand strategy

Use sell limits to your best advantage. Set minimum/maximum stay, close-out, no check-in/out, and more options for any period and room type.

Stay ahead of your competition

Develop your own revenue management strategy and increase your business potential

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Synchronize prices and inventory

Forget about manually controlling inventory and price relevance. Our tool will take care of this for you. Once you set the price, the room rates across all booking channels will be synchronized, following the desired rules.

Synchronize prices and inventory
Add discounts or markups with virtual rates

Add discounts or markups with virtual rates

Set a discount or markup for accommodation at any of your existing room rates. Charge more if the guest is checking in for only 1 night or create discounts for bookings that last longer. Enhance your revenue management approach by increasing the average length of stay and getting more income from selling ancillary services.

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What you get

«We've been using HotelFriend products for almost a year and are satisfied with these solutions. Room rates help us to keep inventory and rates up-to-date. You can control multiple prices at the same time with no problems. The interface is really intuitive and the support team always helped us with any questions.»

Hotel & Restaurant Krone

Rehau, Germany

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HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

How do I set up a room rate?
You can adjust your rates according to seasons or other factors to achieve the ultimate sales results. For that, you need to go to the “Room rates” tab and then click on the “Add room rate” button. After that, you will be able to specify the rate title, meals included, cost and cancellation policy.
If you need any additional guidance on how to set up room rates, this page may be helpful.
After check-in, the cost of the reservation has changed. Can I display this on the system?
Yes, you can change the booking price, as well as the City Tax amount on the booking card.
How can I adjust prices for children? There is no such section in the Room Rate module.
First, check whether you indicated children in the room type. Next, make sure you set up the children categories in the General tab of the Room Rates module. Once you add this information, you will have sections for adding prices for children's accommodation based on age range when you create or edit a Room Rate.
Can I use the same tariff plan for several channels?
Yes, you can. When editing the room rate in the source field, pull up the sources where you need to place this tariff plan. In case you need to display the tariff plan on any OTA system, you should select Channel Manager.
How do I set my breakfast included rate to show that breakfast is included?
First, you need to go to the “Meals” tab in the “Room Prices” module and enter the type of meal and the cost per person with tax. Then, when you create/edit a reservation for the type of meal, go to the relevant meal and enter the cost of accommodation. The system automatically adds the cost of food to the cost of accommodation. This way you can see updated information in the accommodation and food reports.
If you do not want to display the cost of breakfast and accommodation separately in the reports, please, enter 0 for the cost and enter the prices including breakfast in the “Room prices” module.

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