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Self check-in kiosk for express guest registration

Allow guests to check into your hotel quickly and seamlessly via a tablet placed in the reception area. Take care of your front desk’s tasks remotely, ensuring a safe & contactless registration process.

Autonomous self-check-in point

Seamless registration with a PIN or a QR code

Quick five-step procedure

Easy document scanning

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Self check-in kiosk
Harness technology to reduce staffing requirements
Harness technology to reduce staffing requirements icon

Harness technology to reduce staffing requirements

Dreaming of managing a staffless hotel from anywhere in the world? To make this dream come true, we have developed a whole set of tools that keeps the office running smoothly in a semi-autonomous way.

Deliver enhanced guest service with an express self check-in solution. Let your customers enter all the necessary data digitally, ensuring contactless service in times of the pandemic.

Add a level of personalized experience and provide tailored service with ease. Offer your guests a flexible check-in option, digital room keys, and online payments – all within one software ecosystem.

That’s how it works icon

That’s how it works

A Self check-in kiosk allows your guests to check in via a tablet on the front desk on their own, with no face-to-face communication involved. The self-check-in only takes five quick steps:

The guest opens the self-check-in page;

Enters the Reservation Code from the booking confirmation email;

Fills in the fields with required data;

Takes photos of their ID or other documents;

Confirms that the check-in has been completed.

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In the HotelFriend software ecosystem, guests can also register prior to arrival from their own smartphones. This makes the check-in process even faster, saving your guests’ time and ensuring their peace of mind.

Turn a tablet into a fully functional reception icon

Turn a tablet into a fully functional reception

Get all the benefits of a self-check-in system with centralized visitor management and run it on any touchscreen device that works for you. In times of staff shortages, we can help you automate every operation in your hotel at a minimal cost on your part.

Turn a tablet into a fully functional reception
Share PIN codes in automated emails
Share PIN codes in automated emails icon

Share PIN codes in automated emails

Right after you confirm your guest’s booking, our system automatically sends a unique PIN code that they need for self-check-in. The design and content of such an email can be easily customized to match the overall image of your property. As an alternative, the email with a PIN will also include a QR code that guests can scan to enter the hotel.

Receive guest information remotely icon

Receive guest information remotely

No need to hire staff who would spend their time filling out forms at the reception with your customers! Let your guests skip queues in the lobby and get all the basic information, including the name, passport data, and digital signature of the client remotely, in a digital form.

Receive guest information remotely
Deliver flawless service at the first touchpoint
Deliver flawless service at the first touchpoint icon

Deliver flawless service at the first touchpoint

Your guests have any additional requests for their reservations? Let them inform you right away at the check-in stage. Allow your customers to indicate their preferences by commenting on meals, leaving notes for housekeeping, or adding more guests to their bookings.

Let your guests skip the front desk hassle

Provide instant check-in service without having an employee on-site.

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Simplify document scanning procedure
Simplify document scanning procedure icon

Simplify document scanning procedure

Make document scanning as easy as taking a selfie! All your guests need to do is to take a picture of their IDs or any other required documents with the tablet and upload these photos to the Self check-in kiosk, one photo per page.

What you get

Remote registration processicon

Remote registration process

+ Efficiency in hotel operations

Allow guests to check in at the hotel on their own, receive guest information remotely, and relieve the additional burden on staff.

Zero bureaucracy icon

Zero bureaucracy

+ Paperless check-in procedure

The guest enters all the necessary data in the fields and signs digitally, so check-in becomes quick, easy, and contactless.

Cost-efficient kiosk alternative icon

Cost-efficient kiosk alternative

+ Forget about huge investments

No need to buy expensive kiosk hardware! Our software is compatible with almost any device, so you can use a regular tablet for your self-check-in station.

Reduced waiting lines icon

Reduced waiting lines

+ Enhanced guest management during busy seasons

Reduce front desk friction, minimize data errors, and register more guests in busy times without the need to hire extra personnel.

Improved staff productivity icon

Improved staff productivity

+ Safe check-in process

Full automation from booking to check-in and payments allows your team to maintain social distancing in the hotel and focus on the top priority tasks.

Satisfied guests icon

Satisfied guests

+ Monetize early check-ins and late check-outs

Provide your guests with greater flexibility and drive more revenue at the same time. Gain a competitive edge over similar properties with flexible check-in times and a self-registration option.

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HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

Do you provide tablets along with your software?
Unfortunately, we don’t. HotelFriend is a SaaS (software as a service) company that provides software solutions for hotel management. Once you subscribe, you can use our tools, including the Self check-in kiosk software, at any time and on any of your own devices.
What devices is a Self check-in kiosk compatible with?
A Self check-in kiosk software is compatible with the majority of Android and iOS devices. However, devices with the iOS version before 14.5 do not support this feature.
What should I do if the guest has not received a PIN code?
Normally, the guest receives a PIN in the booking confirmation email, which is sent automatically as soon as the hotel accepts the reservation. However, if the guest did not receive this email or it did not contain a PIN code, you can also generate and send the code manually from our system.
Can I see who is entering information into the application right now and at what stage of self-check-in they are on?
Yes, in our system you will be able to see what step your client is currently on. Thus, if your guest has any difficulties with self-check-in and needs your help, you will see at what step the difficulty arose and will be able to give further instructions remotely over the phone.
How do I add a Hotel Representative?
A Hotel Representative is a hotel employee responsible for confirming reservations and sending emails. You can appoint a new Hotel Representative every shift. To do this, you need to perform the “Appoint as a representative” action on the Employee page. Here, in the edit form, you can assign a responsible employee via the on / off checkbox. As a result, the name and a photo of the responsible employee (Hotel Representative) will be shown on the last phase of self-check-in.

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