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Hotel Service Management for repeat clients

Entice your prospects with top-notch quality service. Grant them an opportunity to order a service from any department in one click. Enhance your team’s performance and create remarkable experiences for your guests.

Provide access to your best offers

Stay updated about any new orders

Communicate with clients in direct chat

Get paid instantly

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Hotel Service Management for repeat clients
Win five-star reviews by upgrading your hotel
Win five-star reviews by upgrading your hotel icon

Win five-star reviews by upgrading your hotel

Want to attract more guests and win their loyalty? You should probably think about creating a more customer-centric environment at your hotel.

Keep track of new orders, monitor their execution, and show that your hotel meets all the expectations of a modern traveler.

Put your guests in control of their experience. Digitize customer journey with an e-menu, instant messaging, and fast check-in – and get ready to receive more positive reviews in the nearest future.

That’s how it works icon

That’s how it works

The Service Management module helps hoteliers to promote their services via an app and control the proper execution of each order.

Create a digital menu by adding services from our library, generating deals, and customizing them with pictures and catchy descriptions. After your guests download an app, they will be able to order and pay for anything they want in a few clicks.

All you need to do is confirm the order, and the system will take care of the rest. Billing, transaction processing, and reporting will no longer take much of your precious time.

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guest makes an order

hotelier confirms it in one click

Control order status in the system icon

Control order status in the system

Our software will allow you to personally control the quality of service. Confirm orders, reject them, or mark as completed. Always stay up to date with new requests to meet the needs of your guests on time.

Control order status in the system
Establish direct communication with guests
Establish direct communication with guests icon

Establish direct communication with guests

Stay connected with guests via live chat. Give them an opportunity to ask for additional services or make adjustments to their order at any time. Free your team from answering phone calls – now they can focus solely on impeccable order completion.

Sort orders with a set of convenient filters icon

Sort orders with a set of convenient filters

You no longer need to spend tons of time looking for that order – now it will only take you a few clicks. Thanks to sorting by guest, date, time, and order status filters, any guest request can be found instantly.

Sort orders with a set of convenient filters
Invent your best demand strategy
Pick the exact delivery time and place icon

Pick the exact delivery time and place

When placing an order through the application, the guest indicates the time and place of delivery. Take customer loyalty to the next level with the opportunity to handle the needs of your busiest guests.

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Speed up order handling icon

Speed up order handling

After you confirm an order, it will instantly go to the corresponding department. This will significantly speed up your service and increase the productivity of your team. In addition, you will prove your reliability as not a single order will be lost.

Speed up order handling

What you get

Customer loyalty icon

Customer loyalty

+ Personalized approach

Give your guests the freedom to request services, place orders, and check in on their own, whenever they want.

Outstanding service icon

Outstanding service

+ Increased guest satisfaction

Provide guests with fast and effective service while adhering to COVID reopening guidelines.

Clearer communication icon

Clearer communication

+ No delays in delivery

Grant menus in multiple languages, automate order processing and keep in touch with guests via online chat.

Convenient payments icon

Convenient payments

+ Fast automatic billing

Let your customers pay for orders through the app – no POS devices required.

Improved performance icon

Improved performance

+ Set of tools for reporting

Analyze your hotel performance with clear statistics and reports to improve your sales strategy.

Advanced promotion icon

Advanced promotion

+ More upsell opportunities

Get an app that keeps your guests in the loop about their order status and the most lucrative offers available at your property.

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Alp Hotel (Engelberg, Switzerland)
Customer about the product

We have been working with HotelFriend solutions for over a year now, and since then we managed to significantly improve our general quality of service. We got more positive reviews and guests are pleased that now they can order meals online and pay contactless. In addition, it greatly helps our hotel to operate safely under COVID-19 restrictions.

Alp Hotel (Engelberg, Switzerland)

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HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

I want to set up services for my digital menu. How can I do it?
Great decision! To create your own menu, please open "Options" and go to the "Services" tab. In the upper right corner, click the "Create service" button. After that, you can specify the name of the service, department, service category, service waiting time. In addition, you will be able to add images and descriptions. If you run into difficulties at any stage of creating a menu, please check out this help page.
How do I create an order for a guest who does not stay at my hotel?
If you want to make a reservation for a guest who does not stay at your hotel overnight, you need to set up additional services. After that, you will have such functions as "Immediate payment" and "Select Payment Method". The status of the payment for services will automatically appear as "Paid". Here you can read about how to set this function up.
How to get started with the Concierge application?
To get started with an app, you should first click on the Concierge module on the left side menu. In the main tab, fill in the data fields with the Wi-Fi name and password. If necessary, you can click on the “+” button and add the data of additional access points.
In the Fast check-in / check-out block, you can allow guests to make a fast check-in on their own by letting them submit their personal data, attach photos of the documents, and leave a signature in the app.
To enable your guests to pay for orders, you need to turn on the online payment system in the PMS. Please, check out this help page for more detailed information.
How to place a digital order with HotelFriend Guest App?
HotelFriend Concierge Guest App allows customers to place an order with delivery available 24/7, right from their smartphones. Digital orders can be paid for with any preferred method and at any convenient time.
Here's how guests are going to place their orders via an app:
1. Customers familiarize themselves with the hotel and all its offers.
2. They choose a service, set date, and time options.
3. They can leave a comment on the service if needed.
4. They can choose other services.
5. Customers can create an order without payment.
6. They can set a specific date and time.
7. Guests pay online with the preferred method.
All the hotelier needs to do is to confirm the order and receive payment.
How do I add an Order to the Reservation?
If your guest orders additional services, you can easily and quickly add an Order to Reservation either in the Orders module or in the guest's booking card. Here are some detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do this.
Can I make a payment into the system for an amount less than the amount of the guest's order? When I create an invoice payment, the total cost of the order is automatically displayed.
Yes, you can make a prepayment to the guest's balance. To do this, select the payment to the balance function when making a payment. When you make a payment on the invoice, the system will automatically calculate the amount that is already on the guest's balance, and there will be 2 fields in the payment (prepayment to the balance and payment on the invoice).

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