Assign to-do’s - Delegate tasks - Improve efficiency

Task Management Software for staff collaboration

Organize and control hotel workflows. Assign new tasks and be aware of ongoing to-do's of your employees from different departments: front office, restaurant, conference, maintenance, housekeeping, etc.

Manage to-do list

Track issues in the real time

Send reminders

Plan appointments

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Task Management Software for smooth collaboration
Help your team to work as one
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Help your team to work as one

The task management tool is the first thing you need to create an agile team and streamline your hotel’s workflow. Empower your staff to collaborate across various properties and departments.

As a part of the PMS, our solution gives you full control over the operations. Plan what needs to be done, distribute tasks among your colleagues, and let everyone work on an equal footing.

That’s how it works icon

That’s how it works

Assign and schedule tasks for your colleagues from any department, right from your PMS. Set task title, description, date and time, and choose the responsible employee.

Keep your finger on the pulse wherever you are and power a productive team of professionals.

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Create structured workflows and keep everyone in the loop

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change the status of the task in one click

set all the necessary details

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Work together across all departments

If you need to assign a task for a coworker from the front desk or housekeeping department, we have got you covered. Forget about time-consuming meetings and huge email threads – now everyone is on the same page.

Work together across all departments
Automatic task creation from a template
Automate task creation icon

Automate recurring task creation

Create templates for tasks and assign them to a certain employee or the entire department. As soon as the guest books a service, associated tasks will appear on the to-do list. For example, if a guest books a sauna, you can delegate your employees to turn on the sauna on time, remind them to turn it off, and prepare clean towels and other bath accessories. Set the timeframe for each task. Optimize workflow and do not forget a single thing.

Send reminders via email right away icon

Send reminders via email right away

Keep your colleagues up-to-date and notify them about new chores via emails. When creating a task, you only need to tick the checkbox – and the employee will receive an automatic reminder.

Send reminders via email right away
View agenda in the calendar or as a list
View agenda icon

View agenda in the calendar or as a list

Track tasks in the calendar or view them as a comprehensive list. Organize the workflow in a way that suits you best and do not miss a single important thing that needs to be done.

Drag-and-drop icon

Drag-and-drop to create a new task

You can create a task by either clicking on the “Add task” button, or by holding down the mouse button and dragging it to the area near the department. Optimize the task management process to save your precious time.

Drag-and-drop to create a new task

Unleash your team’s potential

Start assigning tasks in a smart way

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Check up on task statuses in real-time
Check up on task statuses icon

Check up on task statuses in real-time

Click on the task to view the necessary details and change the status of the task from “Open” to “Done” or from “Done” to “Reopen”. All the changes will be instantly displayed in the calendar.

What you get

Enhanced teamwork icon

Enhanced teamwork

+ Cloud-based system enables staff to access schedule wherever they are

Eliminate unnecessary phone calls between departments and track the daily progress of each employee.

Convenient task templates icon

Convenient task templates

+ Scalable software that adapts to your needs

The Task templates field offers tasks, automatically created upon receipt of the new order. You can add a sample that suits your specific requirements.

Transparent decision-making icon

Transparent decision-making

+ Staff is kept up-to-date concerning the agenda

Engage your team in active collaboration with comprehensive and transparent task management. Stay plugged in and keep your coworkers informed as well.

Timely task completion icon

Timely task completion

+ Increases your team’s efficiency and productivity

Set deadlines on tasks to ensure that every single operation is handled in time. Help your team to stay focused on what matters most.

Quick navigation

Quick navigation

+ Accessible solution that anyone can use

Our Task Management System offers a number of handy tools to make your life easier. Use such filters as “calendar”, “status”, “employee”, and “departments”.

Assign task to order icon

“Assign task to order” option

+ Teams that deliver a superior customer experience

To add a task to a specific order, you only need to click the "Assign task to order" button and add the number of the order.

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Waldhotel Am Ilsenstein (Ilsenburg/Harz)
Customer about the product

We love the ease of use and that now we can track our staff progress on assigned tasks regardless of the department. It is really effective and keeps everyone in the know of their chores. Also, due to PMS integration, we saved plenty of time as now we don’t have to switch between different systems.

Waldhotel Am Ilsenstein (Ilsenburg/Harz)

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HotelFriend F.A.Q.

HotelFriend F.A.Q.

How to create a task in the module?
To create a new task, click on the “Add task” button, fill in such data as task title and description, date, time, and duration of the task, add a corresponding department and responsible employee. Check out our full step-by-step instructions here.
I accidentally created a task for another department. How can I fix this?
You can easily fix this. To do that, please, open the task and reassign it to the department you need or choose another responsible employee.
Can I set up the tasks to appear automatically?
Yes, you can create several task templates in the service settings. This will help you to automate the process. As soon as you receive an order from a guest, a task is within the settings you specified will be created immediately. Here are our detailed instructions on how to do this.
I don't like that my department is displayed at the bottom of the list of departments in the task module. How can I put it to the top of the list?
You need to click on the department, hold down the mouse button and then drag it up.
I accidentally marked the task as “Done”, how can I reopen it?
To do that, you need to open the task and change the status from “Done” to “Reopen”.
There are a lot of tasks for the departments in the Tasks module and that is a bit confusing. Can I do something to view only my tasks in the module?
Sure! To do this, please use the “Employee” filter and select your name. After that, only your tasks will be displayed in the calendar.
Do you provide support?
Yes. If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact our support team via live chat or email at Our employees will be happy to help you. Basic support is included in any package. Applications are processed within 24 hours on weekdays. To get weekend support, you can purchase a 24/7 support package.
How do I switch from my old system to HotelFriend?
You can export data from the current system and import it into the system, configure the necessary settings with the help of HotelFrind employees.
Does HotelFriend provide limited system access based on employee position?
Yes, Hotelfriend provides the ability to create limited access for employees. For example, you like the Housekeeping module, but you do not want to provide full access to the system to your housekeepers. The accommodation administrator can create access for employees of the housekeeper positions. In this case, housekeepers will have access only to the housekeeping Maintenance module. Similarly, other departments can create limited access for employees.

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