Marella Cruises at TUI Partners with HotelFriend to Elevate Cruise Ship Management and Delight Guests


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Cruise ships


United Kingdom

The project launch

September 2021

River Cruises

About Marella Cruises at TUI

Find out how HotelFriend helped Marella Cruises at TUI to achieve enhanced operational efficiency and provide a seamless user experience both online and offline.

The world-famous Marella Cruises at TUI UK offers premium river cruises across Europe's famous waterways, including the Rhine, the Main, the Moselle, the Danube, and the Dutch and Belgian waterways. Their fleet consists of three adult-only passenger ships: Isla, Maya, and Skyla, with a maximum capacity of 155 guests each.

On board their floating hotels, TUI aims to provide outstanding service, excursions, and nightly entertainment while ensuring each guest enjoys ample personal space.

Challenges Faced by Marella Cruises at TUI

Prior to partnering with HotelFriend, Marella Cruises at TUI encountered several major challenges in their daily operations.

Solutions Provided by HotelFriend

HotelFriend offered a customized HotelFriend suite tailored to the requirements of the company. The cloud-based system is capable of a quick check-in of 400+ passengers simultaneously and includes a set of other essential features.

  • HotelFriend PMS tailored to the specifics of the cruise industry

    The system digitized and automated the core processes and documentation, including the Passenger Manifest which contains the names and passport data of all individuals onboard, and Cash Books which enable efficient handling of passenger transactions. This eliminated manual work, reduced errors, and saved valuable time for the crew.

  • Korona POS

    HotelFriend's integration with the Korona POS system facilitates an easy recording of sales information across various departments. This system supports foreign currencies and can run on different devices, including POS terminals, tablets, and PCs, streamlining the sales process.

  • Papagena PayCruise

    The integration with the Papagena PayCruise enables cashless payments in any world currency on board the ship. It helps to reduce and automate the effort involved in registering, checking, and using credit and debit cards on board.

  • Integration with native TUI Navigate app

    The HotelFriend team collaborated with TUI to integrate their Navigate guest app. This integration allowed the company to better manage important guest-related information, and provide a seamless and convenient experience for guests.

TUI Cruises Partners, ship

Passengers could effortlessly plan their activities on and off the ship and leave feedback on their dining and entertainment experiences, and the system would instantly gather all that information for the company.

Results Achieved

With the active use of HotelFriend's comprehensive software, Marella Cruises at TUI continues to deliver exceptional river cruise experiences while maintaining compliance with industry standards and optimizing its operations.

«Your professionalism and commitment to excellence are commendable. It's a pleasure to work with such an innovative partner!»

COO United Rivers / River Advice

Stefan Bloch