Streamlining Group Bookings and Task Management at Turnerjugendheim Annweiler


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Annweiler, Germany

The project launch

May 2023

Turnerjugendheim Annweiler

About Turnerjugendheim Annweiler

Turnerjugendheim Annweiler is a countryside guesthouse nestled within the Palatinate Forest, mainly catering to active groups, sports enthusiasts, and nature lovers. This guesthouse boasts 37 rooms, two gyms, a fitness room, seminar rooms, outdoor facilities, and a strong commitment to sustainability with their green energy solutions.

The property’s unique location amidst the vast nature park makes it a prime destination for school trips, club gatherings, hiking camps, and various sports activities, from gymnastics and football to paragliding, and mountain biking. The Palatinate Forest is also an ideal base for climbing excursions.

Turnerjugendheim was thriving as a popular destination but faced certain challenges in managing operations in a digital way. In their quest to efficiently manage operations and enhance the booking flow, the owners partnered with HotelFriend.

Challenges Faced by Turnerjugendheim Annweiler

The Turnerjugendheim Annweiler primarily targets corporate clients, schools, companies, and hiking clubs. With an established client base, the guesthouse's focus shifted towards optimizing its booking process for group bookings and enhancing task management for more efficient operations. Specifically, the client needed a solution that allowed them to send detailed Booking Offers to their guests and streamline the confirmation process.

Solutions Provided by HotelFriend

The owners of the guesthouse found the perfect solution to their needs with HotelFriend's Grow Suite, specifically leveraging the Property Management System (PMS), which met their criteria for catering to their existing client base and streamlining group bookings.

  • Group booking efficiency

    Turnerjugendheim Annweiler employs a proactive approach to securing bookings. Instead of relying on third-party platforms, the management sends Booking Offers directly to their clients via email. These offers include comprehensive details, from room types to extra services such as food and gym bookings.

    The clients confirm these reservations through a link provided in the email. This strategy has enabled the guesthouse to have a solid workload planned for the year ahead, with rooms already booked for each month.

  • Customizable task module

    This module allows administrators to create and assign tasks efficiently to themselves and their colleagues. Task distribution among employees is streamlined, ensuring all operations run smoothly.

  • Personalized support

    In addition to the necessary software solutions, HotelFriend provides ongoing individual support, including video calls and comprehensive guidance. This ensures that the client maximizes the benefits of the PMS and continues to thrive in their unique hospitality niche.

Turnerjugendheim Annweiler

Results Achieved

The adoption of HotelFriend's PMS brought about several significant advantages for Turnerjugendheim Annweiler:

«The support team here is nothing short of amazing - super fast and super friendly! They addressed my questions and concerns with such efficiency that it left me genuinely impressed.»

Managing Director of Turnerjugendheim Annweiler

Holger Abel