Uferdeck Boutique Hotel Bridges the Gap Between Tradition and Tech for Their Guests

Property Type

Boutique hotel


Traben-Trarbach, Germany

The project launch

March 2023

Uferdeck Boutique Hote

About Uferdeck Boutique Hotel

Nestled in the serene town of Traben-Trarbach, Uferdeck Boutique Hotel stands as a hidden treasure along the banks of the enchanting Mosel River. This family-friendly place, boasting 27 cozy rooms, offers an unforgettable experience to all who step through its doors. The on-site "FIRO" Restaurant & Bar beckons guests with promises of sumptuous breakfasts and dinners, featuring a fusion of regional cuisine and exotic flavors.

With its recent renovation, the hotel now boasts an inviting ambiance that attracts those seeking both comfort and luxury. The warm hospitality of hosts, Sonja Rothkopf and Ralf Fischer, adds a personal touch to every guest's stay.

Seeking to elevate their establishment even further, the owners turned to HotelFriend for a software solution that could unify their bookings, reservations, invoices, and restaurant management in a single, streamlined system.

Challenges Faced by Uferdeck Boutique Hotel

Before implementing HotelFriend's solution, Uferdeck Boutique Hotel encountered several challenges.

  • Uferdeck struggled with managing various aspects of their hotel operations efficiently, such as bookings, invoicing, and payments, which were often scattered across different systems.
  • The hotel required integrations with DATEV for accounting and tax data exchange, Gastronovi for restaurant management, and Google Hotels to improve online visibility.
  • The owners wanted more flexibility and customization features in creating invoices, the ability to set different VAT rates for different services, and the ability to export and download DATEV reports.

Solutions Provided by HotelFriend

HotelFriend's Grow suite provided a holistic solution to address these challenges. Here's how HotelFriend helped Uferdeck Boutique Hotel overcome the obstacles mentioned above.

  • Property Management System (PMS). With the introduction of our comprehensive package, the hotel has significantly streamlined its operations related to managing invoices, payments, and booking channels. All reservations are displayed on the Front Desk, providing a clear overview for the hotel staff. Uferdeck Boutique Hotel now has the ability to oversee every department seamlessly through a centralized system.
  • Booking Engine. The hotel has implemented a dedicated Booking Engine, empowering guests to effortlessly book rooms and customize reservations with supplementary services like continental breakfast. All that while facilitating online payment without incurring any extra charges.
  • Channel Manager. Uferdeck Boutique Hotel has gained access to an advanced Channel Manager, facilitating automatic synchronization of pricing and room availability across three pivotal OTA (Online Travel Agency) channels—Booking, HRS, and Expedia.
  • Mobile Concierge. The hotel guests enjoy the convenience of the mobile Concierge for effortless room service orders, eliminating the need to contact the front desk. Moreover, the app empowers guests with a swift self-check-in option. The information submitted through the application is instantly sent to the PMS, allowing guests to promptly access their rooms upon arrival.
Uferdeck Boutique Hotel, room

Integrations Featured

As a part of their software upgrade, the hotel has also harnessed the power of three crucial integrations, each serving a unique purpose.

Results Achieved

HotelFriend's tailored solutions helped Uferdeck Boutique Hotel become a great example of how the right software can elevate a hotel's performance and guest service.

«Remarkable response time from the support team – much appreciated. Everything unfolded just as we had discussed. Thank you once more for the outstanding service!»

General Manager of Uferdeck Boutique Hotel

Sonja Rothkopf