Enhancing Visibility and Boosting Revenue for Waldhotel Am Ilsestein with HotelFriend

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Ilsenburg (Harz), Germany

The project launch

December 2022

Waldhotel Am Ilsestein

About Waldhotel Am Ilsestein

Waldhotel Am Ilsestein, situated at the heart of the picturesque Harz region in Germany, is a haven for travelers seeking both tranquility and adventure. With a perfect location near the national park, the hotel offers a gateway to over 250 kilometers of hiking trails, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers. This 3-star hotel has 47 rooms equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning, free WiFi, and safes, ensuring guests a comfortable stay.

The hotel takes pride in offering a wide range of experiences, from horseback riding to relaxation in the sauna and Turkish baths, and provides a wealth of extra services. Their onsite international cuisine restaurant offers al fresco dining and light fare. Furthermore, the hotel caters to families with a children's playground, billiards, table tennis, and various activities like hiking and skiing.

In an effort to amplify its service sales and elevate online visibility, Waldhotel Am Ilsestein made a strategic decision to partner with HotelFriend.

Challenges Faced by Waldhotel Am Ilsestein

The owners of the hotel embarked on a journey to modernize its operations and boost its online presence. Their primary sales channels were Booking.com and direct reservations. To enhance direct sales, they needed their own website with an integrated Booking Engine.

Solutions Provided by HotelFriend

With HotelFriend's Grow suite, Waldhotel Am Ilsestein successfully tackled its challenges. The PMS, Channel Manager, and a new website with an integrated Booking Engine revolutionized their day-to-day management and distribution strategies.

Here, HotelFriend went the extra mile to fulfill the hotel's specific needs:

  • Property Management System (PMS). This central hub allowed the hotel to manage reservations, streamline check-in/check-out processes, and optimize housekeeping. The customized housekeeping features gave them the flexibility to arrange rooms in their preferred order, enhancing efficiency.

    Here, HotelFriend went the extra mile to fulfill the hotel's specific needs:

    Housekeeping customization

    HotelFriend enabled the hotel to efficiently manage housekeeping operations by providing tools to move rooms in the desired order, arrange them in decreasing or increasing order, and streamline the cleaning process.

    Room facilities enhancement

    The addition and display of such markings as “facilities for guests with disability”, “bridal suite”, and “pet-friendly room” on the Booking Engine showcased their commitment to guest comfort and satisfaction.
  • A new website with an integrated Booking Engine. HotelFriend's Booking Engine, seamlessly integrated into their new website, presented rooms, services, and special offers in an appealing manner. The online booking and payment system made it convenient for guests to reserve rooms, while also increasing the sales of additional services.
Waldhotel Am Ilsestein, room
  • Channel Manager. Waldhotel Am Ilsestein efficiently managed room availability across various distribution channels. This streamlined approach ensured that their rooms were accessible on platforms like Booking.com, broadening their reach.

Integrations Featured

HotelFriend seamlessly integrated the Property Management System with two essential instruments:

Results Achieved

The hotel's collaboration with HotelFriend produced remarkable results in several areas of their business. Let's explore these achievements in detail:

«The customer service is top-notch, and the system is easy for anyone to use. They offer a lot of integrations and you can pick the ones that fit your hotel's needs. I highly recommend their system to fellow hotel managers»

the Manager at Waldhotel Am Ilsestein

Robert Ebert