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Product updates
September 17, 2021

Product Updates v. 3.59.0: Reworked Orders, Reservation, and Tasks Management Improvements

HotelFriend is introducing a number of new options for orders and orders lists. Further below, we’ll share more details about new features we’ve added, as well as fixes we’ve made.

Hotel Management
September 10, 2021

Virtual hotel: an opportunity for hoteliers to survive in times of crisis

Rather than being limited to the traditional face-to-face relationships, your hotel can become more integrated and connected, while the processes to be optimized and more organized.

Product updates
August 20, 2021

Product Updates v.3.58.0: Communication, Task and Housekeeping modules improvement

Meet new email templates and more opportunities for their customization, export of your data to CSV file in Tasks, improved room rate, and much more...

Hotel Management
July 16, 2021

MICE For Hoteliers: Importance, Challenges And How To Benefit From It

A deeper insight into the MICE industry and its nearest future. How to attract MICE travelers and gain more profit for your hotel? Is this sector still relevant during the pandemic? Let’s look into these and other related questions in more detail.

July 14, 2021

How to choose the right hotel software from reliable vendor. Proven HotelFriend solutions that work

We analyzed the most frequent requests we got and compiled a few HotelFriend solutions that solve urgent hotel problems to help you get clear insights about the challenges they face and expectations they set for the technology product function. We’re sure our insights will ease decision-making and make the software selection process simple for you.

Product updates
July 6, 2021

Product Updates v.3.56.0: Enabled multiple room-locks connection, Guest checking out improved, Front Desk filters redesigned

For the last month, the HotelFriend team has worked hard at developing several exciting updates and improvements to our products. These changes help to simplify invoice creation, streamline Front Desk processes, and enable multiple room-locks connection.

June 15, 2021

Insights into ever-changing guest expectations and updated pandemic standards for hygiene

Product updates
June 8, 2021

Product Updates v.3.55.0: “Paymasters” feature, group reservations, housekeeping improvements

A new “Paymasters” feature for easier billing, added actions for checking-in/out selected group reservations at once, Housekeeping module improvements, and much more - HotelFriend.

Hotel Management
May 20, 2021

Best accounting software solutions for your business

Best accounting software solutions for your business: invoicing and billing, payroll, reporting, bookkeeping - HotelFriend.

Product updates
May 17, 2021

Product Updates v.3.54.0: redesigned invoicing and payments

Meet enhanced design and flow for invoicing and payments, advanced options for reservation management, and even more features in the Tasks module - HotelFriend.